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Guides on Choosing the Best Skateboard for Dogs to Have Fun

Dogs are smart enough to ride a skateboard and certain breeds are good at skateboard pulling and walking. It will be cool if your lovely buddy gets on a skateboard on the street! So, how do choose the best skateboard for dogs?

Choosing skateboards for Bulldogs, Wiener dogs, and Cattle dogs involves special board features and dog sizes, breeds, and ages. Check this passage to look for a perfect skateboard for small puppies and large dogs.

Can Dog Really Ride a Skateboard?

can dog really ride a skateboard


Dogs love skating, especially bulldogs. They are able to hop on a skateboard and push themselves forward moving with their paws.

Skateboarding dogs go popular online and attract many viewers. Actually, there are some famous dogs stars.

  • Tony Hawks is a famous canine skater who is able to maneuver the board and even turn around.
  • Otto breaks the Guinness World Record as the fastest skateboarding dog.
  • Tilman has been also famous skateboarding dog online that attracts people’s attention.

Some dogs enjoy the attention and they got excited when they feel people are watching them. It will make them happy all day.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Skateboard for Dogs?

what to consider when choosing the skateboard for dogs

Choosing a skateboard for dogs is quite different from getting a board for yourself. Consider the skateboard size, wheels, truck, and also the dog breeds, ages, and fitness level to get the best and perfect skateboard for our dogs.

1. Size

The right skateboard size allows dogs to put their legs and paws comfortably on the skateboard. Otherwise, your dog might get hurt like a sportsman.

Your dog size decides the skateboard size in some way. However, the basic rule is that you’d better choose a skateboard at least 1.5 inches wider than the dog’s resting stance.

2. Wheels

Dogs will not feel fatigued with comfortable wheels. And the dogs can roll smoothly and safely with the right wheels.

Not like the skateboard you use on the street or pools, the bigger and soft wheels are more likely to respond well to the small dogs breed.

3. Lightweight

The lightweight skateboard is a primary choice for most dogs. Your dog normally doesn’t weigh too much, therefore, it will not be tough for them to push and slide.

The dog will feel exhausted after a few minutes when using a heavy skateboard. A lightweight board will not bring your dog’s burden and save effort.

  • Here we suggest the skateboard under 8 pounds for small dogs.

Consider a bamboo skateboard or a wood board with fewer layers, let’s say, 5 piles. Such light board will be durable and lightweight, suitable for puppies. Check this one:

Rude Boyz Lightweight Mini Wooden for Puppy


best lightweight skateboard for dogs

Buy on Amazon

4. Trucks

A tight truck for dog beginners ensures stability and safety. If your dog just starts skating, a flexible truck tilt so much, so dogs could be frightened. Remember to avoid the carving board if your dogs have no skating experience.

If the truck is too flexible or loose, remember to tighten the truck, otherwise, the dogs are prone to lose control and fall. And they might feel too scared to try it again and refuse to stand on the board anymore.

5. Grip tape

grip tape is not necessary for dogs

Grip tape sometimes attracts dogs, and they are more excited and glad to get on a skateboard. Yet it is not essential.

  • If the lovely dog needs extra infractions to maintain stability, you may need a grip tape to increase the traction, allowing the dog to ride safely.
  • If your dog has sensitive paws, the grip tape is not something they need. Use a blank skateboard to avoid infractions.

6. Breed

For some dog breeds such as Pugs, French dogs, Bosten, they are smaller, therefore, you should consider the smaller size and protect them when riding.

As for some bigger dog breeds like English bulldogs, Pit Bulls, and Australian Cattle Dogs, the street skateboard fit them better! And you’d better prepare another skateboard for yourself to ride with them.

Some dogs do not like skateboarding, or they are fearful of the board. They will bark and bite the skateboard out of instinct. But bulldogs are so good at skating and they are confident about it. Other breeds such as sausage dogs can skate as well after training.

7. Dog age & fitness

Younger dogs and elder dogs have different fitness levels and the younger dog is less adequate to complete dog pulling.

And non-athletic dogs can stick to a board for only a couple of minutes. So the beginner-friendly skateboard is the best to help your dogs try on.

If your dogs are at the best age and they love to have fun, they are probably playing the board frequently, and durable skateboards will last longer even if they shred the board.

If the dogs are not so passionate about the skateboard, go for a board that suits you the most is okay, and let them hop on your skateboard or walk them sometime.

8. Color

white dog on colorful skateboard

Color can affect the dog’s nerves, the right color will arouse their excitement, and the wrong color could lead to agitation.

If you want to keep the dogs safe in darkness, or the bright color is attractive to dogs, then choose a colorful skateboard.

  • Does your dog shred the skateboard a lot?

If so, we suggest you buy a plain skateboard, otherwise the skateboard will not look so good.

By the way, the dog color also slightly affects the skateboard color you choose. For example, if you have black dogs, avoid the dark skateboard, otherwise, it is hard to see it clearly in darkness. Choose the brighter color so that you can recognize it at a glance even if they are a little far.

Choose the Best Size Skateboard for Large Dogs and Puppies

The right size will enhance the dog’s skating experience and keep them safe all the time.

Here are the size solutions for large dogs and small dogs.

1. For large dogs

If your dogs belong to a big breed, choose a skateboard over 8.5 inches to provide a wider space for their legs to stand on.

They do not skate like the human who put one leg down to push and leave one foot on it. Larger dogs can not do it, and they are not able to spit the legs or put one foot on the edge as we do.

Therefore, they need a longer and wider board to put four legs on the board at the same time.

Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser 30.5 Inch Skateboard

Wider skateboard for dogs

Buy on Amazon

2. For small dogs

If your dogs are smaller, such as small bulldogs and county dogs, choose a skateboard about 7.5 inches.

If the board is much wider than the distance of the dog’s legs, it will be hard to turn since their legs can barely step aside to make turns.

Besides, if you prepare an overly large and wider skateboard for your puppies, they will feel hard to get off and stand on them in motion.

3. Mini size board or large board size for dogs?

All in all, the mini-size board is suitable for small dogs, but not too tiny, 20 inches will be fine. Measure the distance between dog legs and choose a 1-2 inches wider skateboard.

  • Words for pet owner:

As a pet owner, you need to know that when you take your dog out and skate, and you are responsible for both dogs and the skateboard. It means that you are the one who carry it back home when the dog feels tired.

Therefore, if you buy a skateboard just for the dogs, consider the portability. The smaller size is certainly portable and lightweight than a large one.

And the large dog should choose the skateboard between 8.5 – 10 inches to provide more resting space for paws. And a larger dog benefits from a wide deck to have fun since they are about to jump on the board.

Anyway, most dog breeds will find wider skateboards easier to ride. If your dog breed has slimmer legs such as Terriers, or bulldogs with large shoulders, they would love to jump on the board and occupy larger space.

What Are the Best Skateboards for Different Dog Breeds?

Pick the best skateboard for your dog breeds requires you to know their age, size, and fitness levels of different to order the perfect one.

Here we give some recommendations for some popular dog breeds that are suitable for skating.

1. English Bulldogs

If your dogs is English bulldog or French bulldogs, and they are never skating before, we suggest you choose a wider and shorter skateboard for them to easily control.

Actually, the English dogs are highly trainable and can do whatever you teach them soon. As long as you choose a suitable board for them, it will be a problem for English dogs.

Eggboard Mini SkateboardBoard for Bulldogs 

small size skateboard for dogs

Buy on Amazon

The Engish bulldogs will probably not grow much bigger even when they are elder, therefore they can use this board for a long time.

What is more, English bulldogs are not super energetic to spend a long time on training every day, which means they need a board that is easy to push and ride. Therefore, larger and soft wheels are better for them to maneuver and your dogs are not scared to try it.

Also, it is lightweight for you to carry around when you take your little buddy out. When your dog is tired, you can put it in the package and when ride it home as well.

2. French Bulldogs

The French bulldog is more playful and cheerful than English bulldogs. They would love to practice skateboarding with you as long as you train them regularly.

If your french dog is small-sized and has a high fitness level, they can master the skateboard skills quickly. However, they usually have shorter legs, therefore, you’d better choose a skateboard with lower trucks.

Kryptonics Sturdy Skateboard for French Bulldogs

skateboard for dogs

Buy on Amazon

This skateboard allows your French dogs to shift the weight and jump on freely. The size is perfect for both small and medium-size Bulldogs to stand comfortably, especially for heavier bulldogs.

This skateboard can support you as well, so you can share it with your lovely dogs instead of purchasing another one. The carry handle is convenient to carry when you need to walk dogs at the same time.

3. Sausage Dogs

Sausage dogs also referred to as wiener dogs usually have a longer back than bulldogs, which means they occupy a large space. Therefore, many people would like to choose a regular skateboard and cruiser board for them, which are longer.

Landyachta Dinghy skateboard for Sausage & Wiener dogs

larger skateboard for wiener dogs

Buy on Amazon

The longer skateboard add more fun to dogs to ride and it provides faster speed than a mini skateboard.

Sauage can easily push off the longboard because of their strength, and their slimmer legs need a longer board too.

However, if your sausage dog is a baby dog, consider a smaller skateboard to save effort and prevent injury.

Choose Skateboard Weight & Thickness for Different Dogs Size

The weight and thickness of a skateboard determine if the dogs can push forward by themselves with your help. Choosing the suitable skateboard wight for small and large dogs helps your dogs to persist.

1. When to choose a lightweight skateboard?

  • For smaller dogs to ride:

Some smaller dogs may quit when they feel the skateboard is too heavy and refuse to skate next time, our dogs are only capable to play with it for 10 or 15 minutes, which will disturb your training plans.

If your dog is smaller, remember to choose a lightweight skateboard for less than 7 pounds. They will not find it too hard to push or too light to ride.

  • For larger dogs to pull

Of course, when you are looking for a skateboard for dog pulling, a lightweight skateboard is the primary choice as well!

If the skateboard is heavy, dogs are unable to pull when you stand on the board, and there are potential risks to cause pulled muscle.

Check out this super lightweight skateboard:

Lightweight Arcade Skateboard for Small Dog to Ride and Pull

lightweight skateboard for dogs

Buy on Amazon

  • For Kid to have fun with dogs:

Apart from the dogs, if you have children, they would love to play with dogs, and a lightweight and portable skateboard is a good choice for kids as well. Your kid can ride this skateboard and walk dogs in the park and backyard without burden.

2. When to choose a thick skateboard?

  • For strong and heavy dogs:

If your has large size dogs or they are strong enough to pull skateboard, the thicker skateboard is safer for them, otherwise, dogs feel insure when skating.

Dogs know how to get off the skateboard, but they can not stop and get the board back home. Therefore, the skateboard may hit the curbs, stones, and other obstacles owing to the inertia.

Heavier dogs feel more relaxed on a strong skateboard and such a board will bring them confidence. And do worry they are too weak to ride a thick skateboard.

  • For adults to have fun with dogs:

What’s more, if you would like to ride with your dogs but do not want to buy a specially board for dogs, you can straightly choose a sturdy and thick skateboard to hold more weight.

Globe Big Blazer Skateboard for Heavier Dogs

best skateboard for dogs

Buy on Amazon

This skateboard is wide for larger dogs and study for heavier dogs, perfect for your mutts friend. 7 piles of real maple wood deck ensure the durability and the alloy truck is rust-resistant, both of your dogs and you can use it. (See more about how to choose a skateboard for an adult.)

Match the Best Color to Inspire the Dogs Riding

dog on red skateboard

The right skateboard color will arouse the dog’s interest to learn skating. They will be delighted to get on the board if the color or pattern attracts them.

From another respective, the best color is really helpful to take care of the dog then they play it at night and you can find them quickly even if in darkness.

1. Red skateboard

Some dogs are sensitive to bright colors, and they get excited when seeing red, orange, and yellow colors. Dogs would like to chase the red skateboard and jump on and off. Then the red skateboard will be a gift for them.

Moreover, it is so easy to recognize. When your dogs make friends and join them, or they are gathered to race, a red skateboard is so attractive and you can locate it easily.

You may also see pictures of a dog on a red skateboard. They look so cool and fashionable on the red board. Well, do not rush to make a decision.

If your dogs became aggressive and keep barking when seeing red or another bright color, consider other colors, because red may irritate them.

2. Black skateboard

When your dog resists bright colors, the black skateboard is not a bad choice. And the white dogs also look cool on a black skateboard.

If your dog likes to shred the skateboard, a bright-colored skateboard will look bad. However, it doesn’t matter to black skateboard. Black is always popular color and never outdated.

If you are the owner who likes to keep the low key when teaching and training your dogs on street and do not like too much attention from strangers, a black skateboard is an option.

However, if your dog is black, it will be difficult to find it in darkness.

3. Plain skateboard

If you have not found your favorite skateboard patterns and design, you can get a plain skateboard. And the plain skateboard also looks fine even if the dog shred or the deck collides.

If you feel the plain board is boring, you can add some elements to it, why not customize the appearance according to personal preference?

You can buy a plain skateboard and buy some stickers or paint to make a special skateboard for your dog. For example, you can draw your dog’s portrait on the board, or put a skateboarding dog’s sticker on it.

4. Mixed color skateboard

The colorful skateboard is more funny and aesthetic. If you are not obsessed with certain styles or colors, consider the mixed-color skateboard.

Most dogs prefer lighter colors and they are more willing to play with a beautiful skateboard because the light color attracts their attention than dark colors.

Moremove, some skateboards are equipped with LED colorful wheels, which are fun and eye-catching!

Longboard VS. Skateboard for Dog Pulling and Walking

Skateboarding with your dogs together is a great treat for dogs to keep them happy and healthy. Dog pulling is another sport that both of you can enjoy it!

Having an optimum skateboard for dogs pulling and walking is necessary. The question is, should you choose longboard or skateboard for dogs?

1. Longboard

longboard for dogs

Skating on a longboard for dog pulling is totally feels different from skating on your own. Make sure the longboard you choose is a perfect combination of stability and control.

When you stand on the board and grip a dog’s rope or leash, you are not able to control yourself when dogs pull. Therefore, a longboard can provide you with extra stability and space to adjust your stance.

A longboard is best for you and your dogs to have fun, when:

  • Your dog is large and strong to pull you. Unluckily, smaller or younger dogs are less muscular to pull you.
  • You plan to let your dog to pull you for a longer distance. A longboard is less sturdy and safe when switching directions.
  • Your dogs pull you at the rough surface. The larger and softer wheel absorbs the shock, so it is more comfortable to ride.

For a better dog pulling longboard, we recommend you choose Loaded Boards Poke Bamboo longboard, lightweight for dogs to pull but sturdy for you to skate.

2. Skateboard

choose the skateboard for dogs

Skateboard will not offer high-speed dog pulling, which is nice if you are a beginner and not sure if you can handle the board when the dog pulling you and running.

If your dog is not growing up, we do not courage you to be pulled by puppies, but you can use a skateboard to walk dogs. You can skateboard slowly and use leashes to have fun with them.

Therefore, a skateboard is more suitable for dog walking. But it doesn’t mean you can not use a skateboard for dog pulling.

  • You can use a skateboard for dog pulls when:
  • Your dog pulls you for a short distance.
  • You are not a heavy rider.
  • Dog pulls you on a smooth road for fun instead of a mission.

Remember to check the dog’s neck and paw to make sure they didn’t get hurt.

For the best skateboard for dogs, we recommend Gonex Standard Skateboard, for a smooth ride and easy pushing.

Best Dog Harness for Dog Pullings

best longboard for dog walk

When you need to get pulled by dogs, the right harness can not be neglected. Use the right harness not only to protect your dog’s neck from hurting but also to keep yourself safe.

The standard joring kit includes a harness and a towline. With the suitable harness setup, stress generated when they pull is applied across their shoulders instead of their neck or throat.

Therefore, it’s safer and also much less difficult than lots of various other options readily available on the marketplace.

To get the best harness for dog pulling and walking, we recommend Auroth Tactical Dog Harness for Skateboarding.

The bands will not stress them out, so you will not be stressed when walking the dog on a skateboard.

The harness of durable nylon webbing, with quick-release snap accessories, makes it really easy to place on as well as get rid of. You won’t need to fight to get their front legs out of this harness when skating.

Tips on Dog Pulling longboard and Skateboard

Keep these tips in mind when skateboarding for dog pulling to protect both of you:

  • Tip to keep your safe:

1. Pay attention to the dog’s feelings and cardio pace. Do not exceed half an hour without any break. And do not go excessive long-distance beyond the dog’s ability.

2. Use a harness proper and always keep up with dogs. Push the board if the dog slows down otherwise, the neck and legs may get injured.

3. Watch out for your dog’s paws and avoid the skateboard or longboard wheels rolling over when you ride it fast.

4. Wear a helmet and keens pad to protect yourself. If you do not know which is the best kit, check out JBM helmet.

5. Get your hand off the end of the leash otherwise it might slip and you will fall!

  • Tips on taking care of your dogs after pulling

6. Check the dog’s paws and necks when finishing skating. If you find they get hurt or bruise, remember to take your dog to a veterinarian and take care of him/her.

7. If your dog is exhausted after pulling, let he/she has a good rest. And try next time when your dogs totally recover.

How Do You Teach a Dog to Ride a Skateboard?

Step 1: Comfort your dogs

Your dog might be afraid of the skateboard and bark when seeing it. When it happens, you need to comfort dogs first and eliminate the fears. Try to introduce the skateboard to puppies in a lovely way.

Step 2: Move the skateboard slowly

Put your dog on the skateboard gently, and push the board slowly when dogs can stand on the board steadily.

And do not suddenly switch the direction because the dog could be frightened. Remember to praise and treat your dog does well.

Step 3: Add command 

When the dogs are relaxed and able to move the board, you can try to add a command to lead him or her to get on or off the board.

Step 4: Train dogs regularly

Train your dog regularly and develop a good habit. Be patient to them.

How Do You Ride Skateboard with a Dog?

how should you ride a skateboard with your dog

  • Tips when you skate with a dog

1. Get a wider and large board that is enough for you two to stand on.

2. Buy another skateboard for your dog, and you two can skateboard at the same pace.

3. You can also hold your dog when skating.

4. Skate in a safe and closed place so your dogs can chase you safely.

  • keep balance when skateboarding with a dog

1. Use a harness when you skating and your dog runs along with you.

2. Put your dogs in front of the skateboard, not the back.

3. Tighten your skateboard, so it will not be too flexible and easy to keep balanced.

  • Prevent your dog get hurt

1. Keep an eye on your dog to avoid the paw being hurt by rocks on the ground.

2. Do not push too fast, otherwise, your dog might get hurt when jumping off.

Get yourself a complete skateboard now!

What Are the Best Dog Breeds to Learn Skateboard?

The common features of skateboarding dogs are usually short, small, and short-legged with lower gravity to keep themselves on the board and maximize stability.

Bulldog is the first and best dog breed we think of when mentioning skateboarding dogs. In fact, there are some other dogs breeds that can learn skating after training.

1. Bulldog

bulldog on skateboard

Bulldog is a small stocky canine breed, weighing 40 – 50 pounds, and are presently bred as companion mutts. With a deep and full chest, and muscular shoulders, they’re strong pooches with a lower center of gravity.

With a lower center of gravity, they feel easier to control the weight and keep balance on the skateboard. You can lead and train your dogs for 20 minutes regularly until they can master a skateboard.

The English bulldog is the most popular and ideal dog breed to skateboard, and they love to solicit human attention. It is to say, they enjoy passengers’ attention and complement when riding a skateboard confidently.

2. Beagles


Beagle is even smaller than bulldog with less weight from 18 – 30 pounds, ranging from 13 inches to 15 inches. Such dogs are muscular and solid, ideal breed to be your accompany for outdoor activity such as skateboarding, but they are too small for dogs pulling.

Beagles are cheerful and love your affection, and would love to play with family members. And they need half an hour of exercise, therefore, you can totally teach them to skate.

However, there is one thing to note, they like wandering and roaming. Keep an eye on them when they get off the board to prevent them from running far away.

3. Dachshunds

Dachshunds dog breeds

Dachshunds, also known as Sausage dogs, Wiener dogs, Doxie dogs. They weigh from 9 – 30 pounds with a hard coat and long face. They are also the ideal dog breeds for skateboarding because of small and short with bowed legs.

Dachshunds dogs are very energetic, intelligent, and independent. Features as playful and mischievous, you may need to pay extra time to train them creatively.

Just be patient and consistent, they will be able to skate well once your training works.

4. Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs are super energetic, and they love going outdoors and having fun. Therefore, they need a longer exercise time over 40 minutes per day. As sturdy and solid on feet, they are able to master the skateboard soon.

They need ample opportunities and large time for training and exercises to learn how to skate, but they are not good for indoor dwellings.

As long as you spend more time with them, Cattle dogs thrive and actively learn. Finally, you will be proud of them when you see the result.

5. Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers are also lightweight and stronger for keeping stability on a skateboard. They prefer to explore and wander and would love to skate in larger yards or streets since Terriers are full of energy.

They can not only ride a skateboard but also learn scooters. Therefore, Terrier dog is definitely a good breed for such sports.


1. Who is the fastest dog on the a skateboard?

Tillman is the fastest skating dog and wins the Guinness World Record.

2. Is otto the skateboard board alive?

No, sadly, Otto passed away.

3. Does the Bulldog really skateboard?

Yes, and bulldogs love skating!

4. Can the Churchill dog really skateboard?

Yes. The Churchill bulldogs can skate.

5. Can you longboard with a dog?

Yes, you can. And it is not difficult as long as your dog is trained.

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