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How to Choose the Best Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners?

Skating beginners favor cruiser skateboards for their maximum comfort to ride, which saves your time commuting and makes your transportation more fun. So, how to choose the best cruising skateboard for beginners?

In this passage, you will read an ultra-detailed buying guide to choose your first cruiser skateboard. What’s more, you will learn:

  1. Cruiser skateboard VS street skateboard, which one is your best choice?
  2. Is a mini or long cruiser board easier for beginners to learn?
  3. How should starters learn a cruiser skateboard?

Why Is A Cruiser Skateboard Good for Beginners?

choose cruiser board for beginners

A cruiser skateboard is a primary choice for beginners and long-distance riding skaters since the board is easy to control and saves more effort when skating.

Typically, the cruiser skateboard is surfer-board shaped and compact with a wider deck and softer wheels, which allows you to keep balance and ride smoother and faster along the road.

The main reasons that cruisers are popular among beginners are:

  • A long wheelbase is safe and stable for a starter to skate.
  • A surfy truck makes the board easy to push forwards.
  • A medium deck is lightweight to carry around by saving space.
  • A kicktail in the back is good for simple tricks for beginners.
  • Larger and softer wheels respond well on rough roads.

If you are a beginner, you can use cruiser skateboards for short or long-distance transportation, commuting, cruising across the town, and hanging out with friends.

A cruiser skateboard fits both kid and adult beginners as long as you choose the right size and material. But, how should beginners choose a suitable cruiser skateboard?

How to Choose the Best Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners?

The deck size, wheels, curved shape, and materials are all factors to consider when picking a cruiser skateboard. And you will be able to choose the best cruiser skateboard quickly after reading these:

1. Choose a wider and longer deck to keep balance.

The size of the deck influences safety and balance, which is essential for you as a beginner. The wider and longer decks are more friendly for beginners to balance when standing on boards.

An extremely small cruiser compromises stability and comfort, and a narrow cruiser skateboard takes you a long time to get used to it.

  • For adult beginners, the 27” – 30” long and 8” – 8.25” wide is the best cruiser skateboard size, a perfect combination of both portability and good balance.
  • For kid and teenage beginners, the 17” – 22” long and 6”- 6.25” wide is the most suitable size to keep your kids safe.

2. Pick the flat concave for stability.

If you are not an aggressive skater, a cruiser skateboard with a slight or flat concave without a kicktail is easier for you to ride.

Generally, the longer wheelbase (the distance from one axle to the other) is more stable for starters to stand on. And flat boards maximum the wheelbase length.

Therefore, we recommend you choose a flat deck if you pursue regular skating.

Luckily, we’ve found a perfect cruiser skateboard with flat concave for you:

Kryptonics Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners of All Ages

cruiser skatebaord for beginners

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3. Choose a kicktail for tricks.

A cruiser skateboard with a kicktail on the back is more fun and convenient when you want to learn tricks such as pop up and quick turns.

Compared with a flat board, you are able to jump over small rocks and hop a curb by crouching and poping the kicktail. With a kicktail, staters can maneuver it to brake and make a turn.

Therefore, a board with a kicktail is perfect for beginners who like exploring more.

You can choose a cruiser skateboard with one kicktail for easy control and two kicktails for skillful use and performance.

4. Choose softer wheels to smooth ride.

Beginners ride cruiser skateboards at relatively low speed and often transport on roads like pavement, asphalt, and uneven surface roads. Therefore, wheels that absorb shock are ideal for you.

Softer wheels provide better grips on the road when going around the corner and reduce the vibration. They perform better in smooth rides on rough terrains than harder wheels. Therefore, they allow you to skate slowly and comfortably.

The standard durometer range of soft wheels is 78A to 87A, which requires less effort to move forward. 78A and 85A wheels are predominant choices among beginners.

You’d better choose 78A wheels for:

  • Longer distance transportation
  • Skating on sidewalk cracks
  • Controlled ride

Beleev Cruiser Skateboards with 78A High Rebounce PU Wheels

You’d better choose 85A wheels for:

  • Fast riding
  • Riding on the asphalt road surface
  • Skateboard park

SereneLife Waterproof Cruiser Board with 85A Soft Wheels

soft wheels for fast riding

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5. Buy a penny board for kids/teens.

penny board for kids

Penny board is a special type of cruiser skateboard, featured as shorter and narrower, which can be used for cruising as well.

It is designed much smaller than the regular cruiser skateboard, suitable for young beginners. Featured as aesthetic and fashionable with mixed colors, some penny boards are prevalent among girls.

If your kid just starts trying to cruise with a skateboard, he/she will benefit a lot from a penny board, such as:

  • Young beginners can try penny board to get the feel of cruising and skating to arouse passion for sports.
  • It is safer for your children since it reduces the possibility of getting hurt by an overlarge cruiser skateboard.
  • Thanks to the lightweight board, kids can carry a penny board easily when they are tired from skating.
  • The plastic deck without a grip tape protects your kids from grazing keens and ankles.

Of course, if you are a short person or have smaller feet, a penny board fits you as well!

If you are a student and plan to cruise on campus and carry the board around, choose a penny board!

You can even buy a penny board for your lovely dog!

Need a cruiser board to carry in a backpack? Do not miss Restrospec penny board!

Retrospec Quip Lightweight Cruiser Skateboard

mini penny for carrying around

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6. Choose a maple wood deck for sturdiness.

Maple wood is an ideal deck material for beginners since the maple wood is a little bit heavy and sturdy to hold you tightly.

Normally, a maple wood deck matches with a grip tape, which is easy for beginners to stand on without slipping down.

A maple wood deck is usually harder and more rigid than a bamboo deck. Therefore, you should consider it first if you hope your board lasts longer.

Plastic is also available for a cruiser skateboard, but plastic material is primarily seen in a penny cruiser board. If you prefer a super lightweight and portable board, go for a plastic cruiser skateboard.

What Are Cruiser Skateboard Brands Good for Beginners?

According to the feedbacks of users and the primary needs of skaters, we recommend the three best cruiser skateboard brands for beginners.

1. Bleeve

best beginners cruiser skateboard

Bleeve is a well-known cruiser skateboard brand for both beginners and advanced staters. Bleeve boards are medium-sized with wider decks, favored by many younger beginners. You can buy Bleeve board for your 6 or 8-year-old kids!

More designs, more choices. It aims to be compact while strong as a go-to board brand for all-level beginners to skate everywhere.

They produce street skateboards and longboards. Therefore, no matter whether you are an adult, or teen, beginner or skillful skater, Beleev skateboards for beginners will not let you down.

Get a Bleeve pink and blue portable cruiser board now! It is the most hot-selling cruiser so far!

2. Globe Big Blazer

cruiser board brands

Globe big blazer boards are famous among skaters for durable and anti-wear trucks. This brand produces great complete cruiser skateboards for beginners as well.

Globe cruiser skateboards have slight concave, easy for beginners to keep balance when turning or riding a little bit fast.

This brand’s complete cruisers are less flexible and responsive, but they are perfect for inexperienced riders since they leave you more time to react to more solutions.

Besides, this brand stands out for decent components such are large and soft wheels and bearings, which are exactly what beginners need.

Check here to buy the top-rated cruiser skateboard of Globe Big Blazer.

3. Landyachtz Dinghy

longboard cruiser beginner

Landyachtz Dinghy cruiser skateboards are more like surf-cruising skateboards, combining daily riding and fun. Therefore, they are attractive to aggressive beginners.

This brand’s cruisers provide steady cruising with medium speed. And they are a little bit heavy for tricks but good for long-time cruising because they reduce shock when riding on rough roads.

The most distinct feature of the Landyachtz board is its high flexibility. Their cruisers usually have higher trucks and deeper concaves.

Therefore, for beginners who are new to skating but eventually want to be more skillful and challenging, Landyachtz is highly recommended.

Buy the top-rated Landyachtz 28” cruiser board now! This one is popular among both boys and girls for high-quality and smooth bearings!

Cruiser Skateboard VS Regular Skateboard for Beginners, How to Choose?

cruiser skateboard vs skateboard

Both are great for beginners to learn, and it depends on your purpose and preference. However, knowing the differences between them helps you make a clear and correct decision.

The main difference between them exists in deck size, wheels, shape, and the purpose you use them for.

1. Deck size

The first difference between cruiser skateboards and skateboards is the deck size, and cruiser boards have longer and wider deck sizes than skateboards.

Cruiser skateboards:

The short and medium-sized deck is an apparent feature of cruiser skateboards. Typically, cruiser skateboards have a deck size from 25” to 34”. Therefore, many beginners love cruiser boards about how many extra places decks offer to adjust feet positions.

If you are a short person, choose the smaller-sized (shorter than 27”) decks since it is easier to master.

If you are an adult beginner or a big guy, medium-sized (27” –  31”) decks are recommended because such decks offer more space for your feet to prevent falling.

Regular skateboards:

Skateboards have a standard deck size of 31” long and 8” wide, perfect for tricks. Although the deck sizes may differ slightly, they are still relatively longer than cruiser skateboards.

The short deck sizes guarantee skaters to do tricks safely and quickly without hitting legs.

Therefore, if you are new to skating and plan to learn tricks to perform in pools or parks, a regular skateboard is your type.

2. Deck shape

Cruiser skateboards have more deck shape options for beginners than regular skateboards.

Cruiser skateboards:

cruiser deck shapes

Cruiser skateboards have various deck shapes, including a flat deck, kicktail, fishtail, surf-shaped deck, and pintail deck for more fun. Some shapes help you get over obstacles on the road or do basic tricks like kicktail.

Like a speedy ride with more fun? Choose cruiser skateboard!

Regular skateboards:

Skateboards have a popsicle deck shape with raised nose and tail, designed for pop and to switch the skating directions without stumbling. They are mainly for street and bowls skating by kicking the tail or nose.

Love skillful performance? Choose skateboard to be cool!

3. Wheel size:

Both two kinds of boards have soft wheels. However, cruiser skateboards have larger wheels than regular skateboards.

Cruiser skateboards:

The wheel size of cruiser skateboards is 54mm – 61mm, mainly used for transportation and skating around your town.

Larger wheels allow you to traverse rough terrain and small rocks and pebbles and minimize vibration when skating.

Cruiser boards skate faster than skateboards. Therefore, the best cruisers board for beginners need large wheels to increase grip on the ground to control the board.

If you pursue a long-lasting and faster ride, the cruiser skateboards with big sizes are right for you!

Regular skateboards:

The skateboard’s wheels are between 49mm – 53mm, best for tricky turns and tricks. Smaller wheels are not for fast rides on the rough road but are perfect for street skating.

Skateboard wheels are designed smaller for technical skating in a bowl and grinding on rails, and they are more responsive than large wheels.

Besides, smaller wheels are often lightweight, good for you to pop the kick and rotate the deck under your feet.

4. Purpose

Cruiser skateboards and skateboards have different using purposes.

Cruiser skateboards are good for:

  • Traveling a long distance
  • Cruising all round
  • Saving efforts on skating
  • Speedy and smooth ride

Regular skateboards are good for:

  • Traveling a short distance
  • Performing in bowls and pools
  • Exploring more tricks
  • Slower ride

5. So, how to choose for beginners?

  • If you are a beginner who prefers casual cruising or just need a tool for commuting, choose a cruiser skateboard!

You can use it on flat roads and rough roads, including the pavement, rubber roads, asphalt roads across the blocks.

We highly recommend you this cool Santa Cruz Complete Skateboard!

Santa Cruz Lightweight 27.7 inch Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners

cool cruiser board

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  • Choose a skateboard if you prefer technical skating or practice the trick for professional races!

You can use it on flat roads to get a better experience and significant momentum.

You would love this hot-selling durable skateboard!

Geelife Pro Complete Skateboards for Teenagers and Adults


top rated skateboard

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Mini or Long Cruiser Board, How to Choose for Beginners?

should beginners use mini cruiser or long cruiser

The biggest difference between mini and long cruiser boards is size. However, the size can affect the portability and the stability of the board.

1. Mini cruiser boards

Cruiser boards with decks under 22” are considered mini-cruiser boards. With short wheelbases and smaller trucks, adult beginners need a little longer time to master mini cruiser boards since they are more flexible.

Of course, smaller decks are more portable to carry around. Additionally, most mini cruiser boards are made of plastic, therefore, you can put them in your bags everywhere.

2. Who will find the mini cruiser board easy to learn?

You will find mini cruiser boards are easier to learn than a longboard if you are:

  1. Teenager
  2. Small feet
  3. Short people
  4. Kids under 10 years old

The narrower and short decks are neither too large nor too small to fit your feet and height well. We suggest using a mini cruiser board in the alley or flat road.

Get the best beginner cruiser board – Cal Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard to start your journey!

3. Long cruiser boards

In general, longboard deck sizes are above 31”. As for beginners, longboards are more stable than mini cruiser boards.

Longboards have longer wheelbases, larger wheels, and larger trucks, providing stable and fast riding when rolling over crackers and stones. However, they are heavier and inconvenient for you to take on a trip.

If you pay attention to the flex, which refers to the bendy degree of a deck, you will find that a best cruiser longboard for beginners has a flex while the mini cruiser usually is flat.

Therefore, a longboard cruiser beginner will feel more comfortable with it, and the mini cruiser sacrifices a little bit of stability.

4. Who will find the long cruiser board easy to learn?

Cruiser longboards for beginners are easy if you are:

Larger deck sizes support beginners to roll over steadily. Moreover, longboards are more friendly to downhills and carving. Therefore, wide roads are the best place for long cruiser boards to avoid crowds and traffic.

5. So, which one is easy to learn tricks and why?

If you are looking for a cruiser board that is easy to learn tricks, get a medium cruiser board between 25” to 31”!

A mini cruiser leaves no place to rotate, and a longboard needs much effort to do tricks between your legs. However, the medium-sized cruiser is just right!

How Should Beginners Ride a Cruiser Skateboard?

how to ride a cruiser for beginners

Pushing yourself to start rolling and stopping the board are the two most primary things for beginners to learn before getting into advanced tricks.

Steps to start riding

1. Find your stance

First, find a suitable stance to keep balance, goofy or regular.

Goofy stance refers to your left foot standing in the front of the deck and right foot standing on the kicktail. On the contrary, the regular stance refers to putting your right foot on the nose and left foot in the back.

You can try both of them and find the best one you are comfortable with.

2. Push yourself forward

After knowing your stance, put your left/right foot in the front, and put the other foot down on the ground, and keep parallel to the foot on the deck.

Move your body to shift your weight to the leg on the deck. Try to slide the board slowly by pushing your foot gently back to the ground, and then raise your foot behind the board and slide slowly forward.

When you can slide smoothly, try to put both feet on the skateboard simultaneously. Meanwhile, stretch your arms and bend your knees to keep balance.

3. Try to stop the board

When you need to stop the board, switch your weight to the leg in front, and put down your foot in a kicktail to increase the friction to slow down and finally stop the board.

Tips on keeping balance

  • Keep your head up and forward instead of staring at your board when skating.
  • Tighten your truck to make it more stable.
  • Do not wear slippers or high heels.

Extra note

Learn cruiser step by step. Nothing is more important than keeping yourself safe. Do not rush into a complex trick when you can’t control the board, and you can try complicated tricks later when you are skillful.

It is never too old to learn. Age is not an excuse, and many excellent elder skaters inspired us all! You will make it, too as long as you don’t give up and persist in practicing.

Safety Tips on Cruising Skateboard for beginners

safety tips on cruising

Follow these tips to prevent hurt while practicing.

1. Choose safe places to practice.

Beginners should practice skating in places where are fewer people. Otherwise, you have to stop the board every time people walk to you, or if your board is out of control, it may hurt other people.

We suggest practicing in parks, pavement, backyards.

2. Learn basic tricks first.

You can learn basic tricks such as turning and switching stances to control the board. All simple tricks are bases of advanced tricks.

When you lay a solid foundation of basic tricks, you will find the technical tricks are easy for you!

3. Wear protective gear.

Helmet and protective pads are the most effective kits to protect you from damage, so choosing a high-quality helmet is crucial. Check out JBM PVC&PC Skateboard Helmet for a safe ride!

Basic Tricks to Learn on a Cruiser Board for Beginners

Check out these simple tricks for beginners to learn! Easy and fun!

1. Fip on

For beginners, it is the easiest trick to learn. Put your cruiser board upside down, jump on the deck from the side instead of standing on the deck directly.

2. Jump on

Jump off and on the deck while it is still moving. You can push your board forward, take a few steps and jump on it. After rolling a short distance, jump from the board, keep running, and land on deck again.

3. Side

While riding the cruiser board, step your foot on the kicktail a little bit, switch your weight, push the deck with the sole, and reset the weight on the center of the body.

Learn more tricks in this video!


1. Are cruiser skateboards good for doing tricks for beginners?

Yes, you can use a cruiser skateboard to do some basic tricks, but not for complicated tricks like street skateboard does.

2. Is cruiser skateboard good for 6-year-old kid beginners?

Yes, the mini cruiser skateboard and penny board are good for 5 to 12-years-old kids.

3. Can I put a cruiser board in my backpack?

Yes, the regular cruiser board is lightweight and compact to take with.


Choosing the best skateboard cruisers for beginners is not troublesome. Remember to compare the size, wheels, material and know what you buy them for.

After reading this article, you know how to get the right cruiser board now! Get the Flybar Skate Cruiser Board as your first cruiser board and start the exciting skate journey!

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