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How to Choose the Best Longboard for Heavy Riders and Big Guy?

Longboarding is the best sport combining styling, fun, and mobility, great for both adults and teenagers. Some people are afraid that overweight riders can’t ride a longboard, but it is not true. No matter you are a heavy rider or a big guy, you can skate longboard and benefit a lot from it.

Read this article to choose the best longboard for heavy riders to start an interesting journey. You will also learn:

  1. How to Choose the Best Longboard for Heavy Riders?
  2. How to Keep Fit by Longboarding?
  3. How Should Heavy Rider Skate?

What Is the Longboard Maximum Weight Limit?

long boards for heavy riders

It depends. The maximum weight limit capacity can be influenced by the materials, piles, and quality of the deck.

Basically, the sturdy maple wood, bamboo, and fiber combination material hold more weight over 200 lbs, and such materials guarantee flexibility at the same time.

Don’t worry, you can find the best longboard to withstand your weight.

  • If you are 250 lbs, go for 8 layers of the deck, which is more durable and bearing more weight than a thinner longboard.

And if you are overweight than 300 lbs, consider the 9 layers maple wood material deck, which might be a little heavier, but it offers a higher weight limit.

What Will Heavy Riders Benefit From Longboarding?

heavy rider longboard

Longboarding is really a good sport for anyone no matter you have or don’t have experience. If you are overweight, the longboard definite is fun and conducive to keeping fit.

Longboarding has countless positive effects on your body.

1. keep healthy

Cruising around on a longboard is an effective outdoor activity that improves the cardiovascular system and promotes lungs functions and stamina, which makes your heart stronger.

If you are overweight, cardio is important and necessary exercise to increase the heart rate, which you will find in longboarding. Therefore, longboarding helps you keep healthy and stay fit.

2. Be more confident

Sometimes, you may feel insure, but when you get on the board, you gain more confidence when others admire your skills.

Longboarding provides you an opportunity to show yourself and you will receive positive interaction reciprocally. And you gain self-satisfaction when you learn new tricks, which is positive feedback.

3. Lose weight

Longboarding is able to burn 250 and 450 calories an hour on average. The total calories it burns vary from the different types of longboard you use and the intensity you ride it.

However, compared to some indoor activities, longboarding is a cool and entertaining sport to help you lose weight and keep fit.

4. Strengthen the muscle

pros of longboard for big guy

When you cruise on a longboard, you need to push the board continuously, therefore, it helps in strengthening the leg muscles.

Moreover, longboarding requires tricks like sliding, curving and kicking, etc, which strengthens your abs and core muscles.

Riding and practicing the longboard regularly to keep the good habit and routine to get a better result!

5. Improve your sleep

If you are bothered by terrible sleep quality, try out the longboarding! It not only refreshes your mind and relieves the stress, but it also enhances your sleep at night.

Your body movement helps the blood circulation of your body and relax you from work. You will see the difference when you skate for a period of time. It is an effective sports activity for people who have insomnia.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Longboard for Heavier Riders

Before you buy a longboard for heavy riders, check out the following factors:

1. Weight limit

Checking out the longboard limit is crucial because you do not expect your new board to crack or break down soon.

To get a longboard with a higher weight capacity,  make sure you get the thicker decks with more piles and durable deck materials such as fiberglass and bamboo or sturdy maple wood.

Avoid using plastic material, which is more suitable for smaller riders.

2. Deck

choose the best deck for longboard

Besides the weight capacity, the right longboard decks for heavy riders are more durable and contribute to easy and labor-saving riding.

The stronger material such as maple and fiberglass hybrid deck is more suitable for big and adult riders and such decks are a little heavier and stiff.

3. Trucks

The aluminum and steel alloy struck are the best choices for heavy skaters since such materials tend to be more durable, strong, and wear-resistant. It bears more load than other materials although might be a little heavier.

The plastic truck may break down suddenly when you cruise and surf on your longboard.

4. Wheels

Never neglect the wheels if you are overweight since it is related to your safety. The right and best longboard wheels for heavy riders offers optimum speed and larger momentum for a smooth ride.

Secondly, it is recommended to use medium-sized wheels for heavy riding longboards. The reason is that your weight is enough to maintain a better grip and stable riding.

The wheels that are not too soft nor too hard are ideal for big riders. Otherwise, the wheels will be unstable caused by wight or uncomfortable for being too hard.

  • Therefore, wheels with a rating of 78A-80A and a diameter of 70-75 mm are suitable for larger men.

5. Bearings

bearing of longboard for heavy riders

For a heavy rider, the high-quality steel bearings stand out for anti-wear and smooth-rolling to prevent a bumpy ride when skating.

For big guys, we recommend the bearings with a higher ABEC 7 above ratings, which guarantee better lubes.

6. Bushings

Skateboard truck bushings are the rubbery rings that fit around the authority on your skateboard trucks.

Typically made from polyurethane, the bushings aid in permitting your board to transform as well as pivot efficiently.

For heavy riders, the bushings should not be too soft or too hard. The right bushings are crucial because the soft ones may lead to risks and instability, and hard ones can not protect the truck and your joints.

7. Wheelbase

To put it simply, The wheelbase is the distance between two center points of truck holes. Speaking of the wheelbase, fat people or tall people should choose relatively long bases.

Shorter bases make it hard to maneuver the longboard flexibly whilst long bases protect against the motorcyclists from standing near the trucks, which is the strongest point of the board.

This board is able to hold 300lbs and very sturdy for any kick or slides. The wheels allow you to roll over gravel patches so you don’t need to worry about snapping down.

Many professional riders and overweight skaters find it smooth and comfortable to cruise and turn, great for both beginners and intermediates.

8. Concave

The shallow concave optimizes the longboarding. The arched camber is featured as refined kick tails, offering extra convenience under your foot.

The deeper concave implies the higher rigidity. Even you are running over bumps, you will just locate a little shake of your body and can obtain the balance shortly quickly.

9. Shape

You may see many shapes options for longboards such as surfing shape, two kick tails, flat and upward curves,  pintail shape and etc.

Among various shapes of a longboard, the flat and upward curve board are the best for heavy riders because they offer better control.

Pick Solid Longboard Trucks for Safety

The most two common truck mounting styles are top-mounted and drop though trucks, which indicates the way that the truck is attached.

1. Top-mounted trucks

  • The biggest advantage of top-mounted trucks is that they are more responsive.

A top mount layout, featuring trucks bolted below the deck, enables you to put your foot and also weight directly over the front truck. This provides you additional take advantage of over the vehicle, causing better responsiveness as well as faster, tighter turns.

They usually have flexible wheelbases that make them more flexible and ideal for many riding designs. And such a layout is perfect for the big guy who pursues flexibility.

However, here is one thing to point out. The trucks are bolted below the deck, higher off the ground contrasted to a drop-through, making them less steady.

This top-mounted truck longboard is amazing!

Quest QT-NSC44C Top-mounted Cruiser Longboard

top mounted longboard

Buy on Amazon

You can take this board down some hills without issues. And it is totally fine for heavy riders of 250 lbs or above. It is simple but offers a strong deck for freeriding and commuting.

Other big boy buyers say that it surf-shaped deck allows them to ride faster than a regular longboard and it actually lightweight than you expected.

2. Drop through trucks

  • The main feature of the drop-through truck is that they are lower and more stable.

Considering that they’re reduced to the ground, drop-through trucks are easier to push on as well as make great beginner boards.

Drop-through trucks are usually cutout shapes with high wheel clearance. But, if you choose a drop-through board, your feet can’t be fully placed over the board. So such boards are less utilized than on a top-mounted board.

This suggests that extra lean is needed to turn. Therefore, drop-through decks aren’t as solid as top-mounted as a result of the cutout truck holes that damage the structural resistance.

Therefore, the suggestions are:

  • If you are a heavy rider who prefers flexibility and a solid truck or pursue advanced tricks, go for a top-mounted longboard.
  • If you are a big guy who values stability the most, you can try dropping through longboard for regular cruising.

Check out the drop through longboard that is wider and easier to learn for you:

APOLLO Drop Through Longboard Skateboards

drop through longboard for heavy riders

Buy on Amazon

The LED light wheels allow you to skate in the darkness and it looks really amazing on the street. It is easy to push at a great speed, also great for overweight beginners.

This longboard is combined with surfskate adapters for swooping and carving. The drop-down ensures safety when you make turns and when wid deck gives enough space for your large shoe size.

Except for the mounting style, you should also consider the tightness of the truck.

You can choose a loose and tight truck according to your needs. But as for heavy riders here is the thumb rule is that the tight truck is more suitable for daily longboarding.

3. Loose truck

The trucks ought to be as loosened as you really feel comfortable when you’re first starting. Once you fit with your board, loosen your trucks up a little.

It will certainly compel heavy riders to understand your equilibrium. It additionally enables you to make a quick reaction in case of an emergency.

4. Tight Truck

Tight trucks won’t permit quick and sharp turns or slide as a loose truck can do.

However, the tight truck is friendly for heavy riders because your weight makes it easier to turn compared to other people.

But remember, don’t tighten your trucks too much! If the trucks are too tight, you won’t be able to carve. Practice on some smooth slopes first with vehicles as loose as you can tolerate.

Choose Right Bushings If You are Bigger Rider

best bushings for longboard

If you are a bigger rider, consider the best bushings’ softness and shape to accommodate your weight.

Like what we’ve talked about above, the medium-soft bushings are ideal for heavy riders, but they may slightly change when it comes to different bigger riders.

Softer bushings are more suitable for big riders who prefer carving and cruising. And the harder and stiffer bushing is best if you use the longboard for downhill to maintain the stability.

Bushings have different shapes and the most popular one is cone barrel bushings. However, comparing differently and knowing the pros and differences between them helps you find the perfect one for your weight and riding style.

What are the different types of bushings that are good for heavy riders?

types of bushings for longboard

  • Cone barrel bushings

Cone barrel bushings are also referred to as regular bushings, allowing you to turn and kick the longboard easily. Such shaped bushings are often adopted for a longboard.

Cone barrel-shaped bushings can match with most trucks, therefore they are most popular for both skateboard and longboard to do tricks.

  • Double barrel bushings

According to some experienced skaters, this combo is the best for stiff trucks, and double barrels tend to snap back in place faster than a single cone barrel.

Anyways, if you prefer a double barrel, we recommend harder upper bushing and softer lower soft bushing for more stability.

  • Double cone bushings

The Double cone bushing is the best option for downhill and freeride. Such bushings are stiffer than other shapes that we mentioned above and able to control the speed.

Therefore, for heavy riders who like speedy riding and downhill riding, you can choose double cone-shaped bushings. The heavy riders normally have larger inertia to ride fast, therefore these bushings are safer than single barrel bushings.

  • Barrel stepped bearings

Like the double cone barrel bushings, barrel stepped bushings provide extra stability and resistance for sharp turns for downhill longboarding.

The distinctive feature of such barrel bushings is that it offers lots of renounces.

It is not recommended for street or pool skateboards but is good for longboards. And it is also a nice choice for big riders to control the speed.

Get High Rating Bearings for Longevity

get the strong bearing for longboard

ABEC, the abbreviation of Annular Bearing Engineers Committee, the skateboard and longboard bearing tolerance rating.

The ABEC ratings are from 1 to 9, and the difference between them mainly focuses on smoothness, noise, tolerances, and other areas for your skating experience.

For heavy riders can choose AEBC 7 – 9 bearings with a higher tolerance. The higher rating ABEC bearing performs better on smooth riding and balanced speed and control.

If you are overweight, high rating bearings will be perfect because these bearings have fewer frictions and they allow easy rolling.

When to upgrade your bearings?

The bearings will wear and tear after a long time of use, especially for heavy riders. When these happen, you need to upgrade your bearings:

  1. When there is a humming or squeaking noise when the longboard is rolling.
  2. When there are wheel wobbles when you stand on the deck.
  3. When the wheels no longer roll smoothly.
  4. When the bearings get broken.

Choose Strongest Deck For Heavy Riders to Keep Safe

what is the strongest longboard deck

When talking about the strongest deck, the materials and the piles are the two primary factors to take into consideration.

You have known that the sturdy maple wood deck or the fiberglass bamboo are the most durable deck material that holds more weight. Then how many layers should you choose for different people?

The 8-ply decks are recommended to overweight riders more than 250 lbs, big riders, and strong skaters.

Buy on Amazon

The 9-ply decks are safer for the big guys of 300 lbs or heavier.

The more piles and layers of the deck, the more durable and stronger the decks are. They would be heavier and thicker as well.

Buy on Amazon

The right deck size provides better support for the big guy and 42” longboard and 10” wide skateboard is a great option.

Moreover, the deck shape also matters, heavy riders will find the flat and upward curve deck are easier to control.

Right Wheels for Overall Balance and Smooth Ride

Larger riders can provide that force for adequate grip and smooth skating. The wheels that are attached to the board ought to be hard and skater.

1. Materials

Additionally, the wheel hold should not be excessive that it can make the riding unpredictable.

Wheels made of polyurethane can meet the most requirement of heavy riders. Compared with synthetic rubber, polyurethane is the better wheels materials for big riders since these wheels are wear-resistance.

2. Size

Wheels size has an impact on skating as well. For heavy riders, the ideal diameter size for the heavy rider is between 70 mm to 75 mm.

They maintain a better grip and have a large surface on the ground to make comfortable riding when cruising, carving, and turning around the corner.

Another thing you will check is the durometer, which is a measurement of picking the solidity of wheels.

  • 78 A to 87 A wheels are soft and balanced and are fine for people under 220 lbs. These kinds of wheels are best for grip and can withstand cracks and also rock.
  • 88 A to 90 A set wheels are great for people under 250 lbs, ensuring a suitable grip and also much better for cruising.
  • And people who are around 300 lbs can consider 90A wheels for a safer ride.

Check this longboard with the optimum wheel softness.

Black Longboards for Cruising & Carving 

best wheels of longboard

Buy on Amazon

This is high-quality longboard that can last longer without replace the wheels and truck. More cost-effective and durable to use for heavy riders.

For beginners, it is definately a great choice since it offer comfortable ride for being flexible. Besides, it handles carving very well at moderate speed.

What Longboard Size Should Bigger Riders Choose for Height and Weight?

For heavy riders, big guys, and tall people, we suggest you buy a longboard with a longer deck. Make sure the deck is not too smaller or short for you since the mini longboard is not easy to maneuver.

And as for height, you can choose a higher setup board to avoid the wheel bite, which usually happens when a heavy rider tilts the board to make turns.

1. Tall riders to choose 6.5” longer deck

If you are a tall rider more than 6.5”, your weight center is higher than people who are shorter, and it will be easier to maneuver the longboard under your feet.

And if you are taller than average people, we recommend you choose the 40” – 60” longboard for cruising and the 40” – 46” for freestyle longboard.

2. Heavy adults (men and women) to choose 9” wider board

If you are a heavy men or women rider over 220 lbs, you’d better choose a wider deck between 9” to 11”.

Such a longboard allows you to see the board under your feet and increase the force surface for comfortable riding.

3. Heavy teenager to choose 41” board

If you are a heavy teenager, the 33” to 36” longboard could be better. But it is not the best all the time, if you are a tall and strong teenager, consider the 40” – 46” longboard.

Also, you can measure your feet size, and subtract 1 – 2 inches, and this is the best longboard size for you.

  • Buy Xapwell 41 Inch Longboard For Teenagers

Buy on Amazon

4. Big guy to choose 42” longboard

Are you a big rider? Normally, the big riders have larger shoe sizes and heights. You can consider a 42” or even longer board to leave more space for your body to do trick.

Avoid using a mini longboard since a smaller longboard will be complicated to control for big guys. Here we have a recommendation for you!

  • Buy Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

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What Types of Longboard Are Good for Heavy Riders?

1. Freeride longboard

Downhill longboards are similar to those surfers who frequently ride snowboarders that as to shred unridden, high rugged powdery hills. They are all pursuing live intense minutes.

Freeriding longboard concentrated on making turns and also technical, innovative slides, which require a longboard base.

The heavy rider will feel it easier to control the board than people who are less light when the board is rolling fast. You can try it on the wide road or mountain track.

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Freeride Longboard

free ride longboard for big guy

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This board ensures the ride range of mobility and keep the perfect balance between flexibility and stability. The wider deck offers the more foot placement for big guys.

It is sturdy but still lightweight for you to pop it up from the ground, and you will barely feel bumps when rolling on the ground.

2. Cruising longboard

Cruising typically refers to riding a longboard in a kicked-back and fluid means, gradually riding down a road or through city roads, wandering around for satisfaction, or to obtain from one area to one more.

Cruising boards are usually featured as larger wheels and moderate speed. They are normally stable and easy to keep balanced.

Therefore, if you are a heavy rider who is a beginner, the cruising longboard is more interesting and easy to get on.

Follow these tips to mast a cruiser longboard:

1. The major strategies you require are to push the board smoothly and break the board with your feet, and lean for wide turns.

2. You lean forward to balance your weight onto your front leg, dropping your rear foot to the ground for kicking.

3. When cruising on your longboard, make sure your shoulders are externally rotated to avoid back issues over time.

Take this cruising longboard home and start skating now!

Retrospec Zed Cruiser Longboard for Big Guy

best cruising longboard

Buy on Amazon

A bro of 264lbs highly praised it that this board performs awesome and looks pretty cool. The deck shape reduces the friction and it rolls faster and smoother.

Even you are new to skateboarding, you can still handle it and maintain the larger momentum to keep riding without too many push and effort.

Check the best cruiser skateboard for beginners.

3. Electric longboard

If you enjoy fast speed, then electric longboards are the best option for you. Electric longboards are a problem-free choice for daily commuting or simply cruising around the streets.

And it is quite durable and bears more weight owing to its materials. It is more comfortable to stand on and easy to move without pushing it by your foot.

Compared to a regular longboard, it is more labor-saving and can be used on all terrains. You can take it everywhere you want.

JKING Electric Skateboard Electric Longboard

electric longboard for fat people

Buy on Amazon

You can enjoy this board with your lovely dogs! It is really fun and cool that you standing on the board and taking your puppy with you. And you can ride in the rain and it works fine!

It reaches 18-23mph no matter you are 160 lbs or 200 lbs, fast and safe.  You can ride on the campus and on the street, passing cars and crowds. Therefore, it is a great cruiser board for heavy riders.

What Much Weight Can Longboards Hold?

The mini longboard has a lower weight limit up to around 150 lbs, which is more suitable for younger skaters.

Skateboard bears more weight up to 220 lbs and the cruising longboard commonly holds big riders around 250 lbs.

If you are looking for a longboard skateboard for heavy riders with a higher weight limit that can bear 300 lbs or above.

How to Lose Weight By Longboarding?

Following these tips to keep a good habit and burn more calories to lose weight.

1. Try more movement.

Burn calories by keeping your heartbeat up and remaining at a fast pace. While pushing the longboard, swift it between left and best foot to develop stamina.

2. Add longboarding into your daily routine.

Instead of riding it to work, spend extra time to plan a much longer course that permits you to extend the longboarding time.

3. Try uphill longboarding.

Steep inclines give an extreme exercise challenge that can get you sweating as well as shedding more calories, as well as strengthening muscle mass.

4.  Getting outdoors on a longboard.

It is an enjoyable as well as the very easy way to participate in more normal exercise and also melt even more calories than continuing to be inactive.

How Should Heavy Rider Learn Longboard?

1. Figure out your stance

There are two stances which are goofy and regular. Goofy means your left foot put on the front of the board, and the regular stance means the right foot is placed in the front deck.

Both are okay and find the best stance you are comfortable with. You can step on the staircase and the foot you step out will be the foot you place in the back of the longboard.

2. Push yourself slowly

Place your back foot down on the ground, and you can just simply move the board forward by pushing off the foot. When the longboard starts moving, you can put your back foot on the deck.

 3. Stop the longboard

You can put your back foot down on the ground to break to stop the board slowly. Another way is to put your back foot on the tail as you drag it, which is an advanced method.


Can a fat person ride a longboard?

Yes, of course. Longboarding won’t be hard to learn for fat people.

Do longboards have a weight limit?

Most longboards can hold the 200lbs to 250 lbs, and some longboards can bear more.

Can overweight people ride longboards?

Yes, as long as you find the best longboard with a larger weight limit.

How much weight can a longboard skateboard hold?

Normally, the max weight a longboard can hold is 300 lbs.

Can a fat guy longboard?

Sure, get a longboard that can hold your weight and start now.

How big is too big for a longboard?

Well, it depends on your height and weight. Do not worry, you can always find the longboard that fit you.

Can you lose weight from longboarding?

Yes, check out the methods we talked about above.

Can dogs use longboards?

Yes, and you can use the skateboard for your dogs.

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