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How to Choose the Best Skateboard for Adult Beginners

Skating is not only teenage activity but also suitable for adults of all ages. You will defiantly enjoy and gain a lot of benefits from a skateboard no matter you are 30’s, 40’s, or older.

There is nothing to be awarded of and you are not alone. The problem is how to choose the best skateboard for adult beginners?

We’ve offered you guides and solutions on buying your first skateboard to make a quick and straightforward decision. Keep reading to get the right skateboard!

What Are the Best Types of Skateboard for Adult Beginners?

You may wonder what kind of skateboard is best for beginners adults? Well, street skateboards, park skateboard, and cruiser skateboards are all available for adults to learn.

However, there are slight differences between their setups. Compare these differences and choose the best kind of skateboard according to your preference.

1. Street skateboards

best skateboard for adult beginner

Street skateboards are mainly used for creative technical skating on the street, jumping over ramps, staircases, trash bins and benches, grinding on handrails and benches, etc.

Street skateboards are featured as:

  • Relatively narrower decks between 7.75″ to 8.25″
  • 87A to 99A softer and 50mm to 52mm smaller wheels
  • Lighter setup

A street skateboard is the best kind of board for adult beginners if you prefer skating over street obstacles and meanwhile maintaining the speed.

Hikole Street Tricks Skateboard for Adult Beginner

best skateboard for adult beginners

What do others say?

“Perfect board and very study! Good for kicking the board up from the ground easily”

“It runs so smoothly that I can not feel any shock!”

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Go for a park skateboard instead of a street skateboard if you prefer learning complex tricks of twists and turns in the air.

2. Park skateboards

types of skateboard

Surprisingly, you may find that there are both skating transitions and bowls in a skatepark. Yes, park skateboards are adopted to gain momentum to turn and flip in the air and grind over the coping.

Park skateboards are featured as:

  • Wider decks between 8.25″ to 9″
  • 99A to 101A harder and 52mm to 56mm larger wheels
  • Heavier setup

A park skateboard is right for you when you pursue exciting and skillful performance. Even if you are a beginner, you can still enjoy skating in the park by learning simple moves.

Magneto SUV 8.5″ Park Skateboards for Adult

park skateboard for adult beginners

What do others say?

“Nice for pools! And it is suitable for transitions as well!”

“Sturdy and stable enough for me! Wider deck is great for my shoes size, perfect!”

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However, we suggest you choose a cruiser skateboard instead of a park skateboard when you need a skateboard to cruise around and commute for a long distance.

3. Cruiser skateboards

best cruiser skateboard

Cruiser skateboards are popular among beginners since such boards allow you to ride everywhere smoothly and faster. It is the best kind of skateboard as an alternative way of transportation.

Cruiser skateboards are featured as:

  • Larger deck between 8.0” to 8.5” wide and 27” to 31” long
  • 78A to 87A softer and 54mm to 65mm large wheels
  • Heavier setup

Cruiser skateboards are suitable for adult beginners who need rather a skateboard to travel on all terrains and prefer a higher speed and smoother ride than a skateboard for tricks.

Sakar Tony Hawk Cruiser Skateboard

wide cruiser skateboard for adult

What do others say?

“Good for beginners! And it is really cool!”

“Easy to push and the deck is thick, definitely safe for big guys like me!”

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Choose the other two types of skateboard above if you plan to learn advanced skills. See more about how to choose the cruiser skateboard for beginners.

After knowing the most suitable skateboard, how should you find the best skateboard size for beginners adults?

What Is the Best Size Skateboard for Beginners Adults?

The best size of the skateboard maximizes the skating experience and promotes your performance. You can choose the standard or customize the skateboard if you would like to make sure it fits the most for everything.

1. What is the standard skateboard size for adults?

For skateboarding, the standard skateboard for most adult beginners is 8.25″ long and 31″ wide skateboard.

As for cruiser, there is no standard size since the deck size varies from 27 inches to 31 inches long and 7.25 inches to 8.75 inches wide.

We suggest you choose the board with 27 inches long and 8.5 inches wide cruiser skateboard if you are an adult beginner. Such a board will not go wrong and is suitable for most beginners.

2. Why is a mini/narrow skateboard not recommended for adults beginners?

why a mini skateboard not good for beginenrs

As a beginner, stability and balance are the most factors to consider when choosing the first skateboard.

However, the mini or extremely narrow deck is hard for beginners to control and balance when riding. It takes you a long time to advance, and you can choose a mini skateboard when you are more experienced.

  • It leaves tiny space for both feet standing on it and takes more effort to switch your weight and adjust the stance.

A mini or extreme skateboard is not bad for kid or teenager skaters but not the best for adult beginners. Well, not for now.

3. Why the deck width matters the most for beginners?

how to choose the skateboard deck

The deck width influences stability, which is foremost for adult beginners. Normally, a wider deck is stable and reduces the possibility of injuries than a narrow deck.

And as a beginner, we highly recommend you get a skateboard with a wide deck of 8.25″ above.

With such a skateboard, you probably will not learn how to do complex tricks soon, but it aims to keep a great balance for skating. Of course, you can choose the 8.0″ deck later when you are advanced.

The length is not the primary factor affecting performance, especially for a regular skateboard. Simply, a short skateboard is for kids, if you really need a longer skateboard.

Well, if you are still not sure about the standard deck size, how about customizing your own deck width size?

3. How to decide the suitable deck width?

The deck width should not be too small or too large for your feet. A suitable deck width helps you challenge ollie, kickflip, and other skills. Consider your foot size and height.

Customize your skateboard width size according to shoe size:

  • If you are an adult beginner with small feet with a shoe size from 5 to 6, choose the 8.0″ wide skateboard.
  • If your shoe size is medium-large from 7 to 8.5, choose the 8.25″ wide skateboard.
  • If you have a large shoe size over 9, choose a skateboard wider than 8. 375″ inches. And choose 8.5″ or wider if your shoe size is over 10.

Choose the suitable skateboard width size according to your height:

  • If you are 160cm – 175cm tall, choose the 8.0″ deck size, easy to control.
  • If you are taller than 180cm, the 8.25″ or above is good for you to jump down gaps and curbs.
  • If you are 185cm or above, try a skateboard wider than 8.5″, great for steady transportations.

4. What truck size should you match with your deck size?

  • 8.0” – 8.25” deck width are better matched with 5.5” truck.
  • 8.25” – 8.5” deck width are better matched with 5.75” truck.
  • 8.5” and above deck width are better matched with 6.0” truck.

5. What is a good size skateboard for adults then?

Still can’t make up your mind what is the best size for an adult beginner? Here are some size solutions for different purposes and preferences:

How to Choose the Best Skateboard for Adult Beginners?

There are just basic elements to compare for an adult beginner, including truck, concave, wheels, bearing, and materials. Read the following guides and choose the best one.

1. Get a complete skateboard to learn on

The complete skateboard is the pre-built board with an installed deck, truck, wheels, and other hardware, and it saves your time and energy assembling every part.

As a beginner, an overall complete skateboard for beginners will meet majorities’ requirements. Although it is a basic skateboard, it doesn’t compromise stability and quality. You can use a pre-assembled skateboard for skating and tricks at an affordable price, so why not?

Don’t know which one to choose? The WiiASHAM skateboard is the popular one!

WiiSHAM Skateboards 31 inches Complete Skateboards

best skateboard for adults to learn on

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If you would like a professional skateboard or value the skateboard components. Note the following parts:

2. Choose the right truck to match your deck

The skateboard trucks usually are mounted onto the underside of the skateboard. The right truck is an important factor to consider because the size, material, and height have an impact on stability, durability, and performance.

You may find aluminum and alloy truck are both available. Well, to make it clear, here is the comparison between these two materials.


Aluminum truck:

Aluminum is the most commonly seen material for skateboard trucks. The aluminum truck is lightweight, rust, and corrosion-resistant. More importantly, it offers a better riding experience for grinding well as a beginner.

  • To put it simply, choose an aluminum truck if you prefer a lightweight skateboard.

WhiteFang Lightweight Skateboards with Aluminum Truck

light skateboard for begniner

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For most beginners, it is a good choice. However, if you are a thin and lightweight person, the aluminum might be too light for you, not weighing you down. You may feel insecure when standing on it.  If so, consider the steel truck.

Steel truck:

Steel truck is heavier, stronger, and lasts longer, but it will weigh your deck down. Therefore, a steel truck is another option for beginners who need a durable truck. If you would like a super stable truck, go for a steel truck.

  • Normally, it also costs you less than an aluminum truck.

Truck height:

high and low truck how to choose

High truck:
Hight truck refers to the truck between 50mm – 53mm high for a wide cruiser skateboard.

Choose a high truck if you prefer a flexible skateboard to make responsive turns. They are less stable for beginners to keep balance, but good for aggressive adult beginners planning to learn more skills.

Medium and low truck:

The medium and low truck is typically under 50cm, good for street and park skating.

Low trucks provide extra stability for certain moves, such as flip tricks. Therefore, it is highly recommended to adult starters who are completely new to skating.

3. Choose the mellow concave to keep balance

The mellow concave is an ideal choice for beginners, and this design offers a moderate kicktail degree that’s neither too flat nor too steep.

This design allows a board easy to control and flick without sticking to your feet. When skating on the street, you can put one of your feet down and keep pushing yourself forward.

The mellow concave leave extra space for your feet to change the stance. Therefore, it is easier to keep balance.

Moreover, the mellow concave is be used for both street and park skating and maintaining stability while doing tricks.

Don’t miss this skateboard with mellow concave!

METROLLER Skateboards with Mellow Concave

best starter skateboard for adults

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4. Pick the right wheels for tricks

The right wheel softness improves the skating experience. Soft wheels are great for street boards that need lots of grips to roll over rocks and pebbles easily.

The medium-soft wheels handle cruising, longboards, hills, and rough surfaces and reduce the shock whing skating on uneven roads.

  • If beginners prefer street skating for tricks, choose 96A – 99A soft wheels。

They offer moderate speed and grip. Great for beginners skating ramps, pools, and other smooth surfaces.

  • If you buy a skateboard for cursing, Choose 78A – 87A wheels.

They allow you to cruise around for a longer distance and save effort.

5. Go for bearings with ABEC 5 or above

There are eight bearings on a board, two bearings on each wheel, mainly used for rolling smoothly and improving the skating speed.

ABEC scales are usually adopted for rating the quality of bearings. The ABEC scale ranges from 1 to 9, primary quality and low price to higher quality and higher price.

The low ABEC rate means less precise and slower speed. The high ABEC rate means the bearings perform better in speed and smooth riding, but they are more expensive.

For adult beginners, the bearings with ABEC 5 or above rate is a nice choice for your first skateboard. They are the norm in daily skating, and they are affordable, meanwhile ensuring smooth riding.

6. Choose the optimum maple wood layers

Maple wood material and piles make the maple wood deck more rigid to support more weight. However, the piles or layers also have an impact on the load-bearing. The thin deck is prone to be fragile, but the over-thick deck tends to be heavy.

If you’re a lightweight person, choose the 5 – 7 layers wood deck, because it is the moderate thickness. It supports you well and reduces the weight for taking it with you around.

For a heavy rider who weighs over 220lbs, you’d better choose the 7 – 9 layer wood. It is more safe and durable for regular skating or practicing tricks. (Read more about choosing the longboard for heavy riders.)

7. How much should beginners spend

The skateboards for adult beginners cost you $50 – $80, which is the average price. They are common boards designed for most beginners to learn skating and simple tricks.

Although they are not as best as professionals, they are enough for you to practice and catch the feel of skating.

  • FlyFlash Skateboard is totally decent for you. It is cost-effective and easy to learn and costs you less than $50.

If you would like to go pro, choose a professional skateboard with a higher price, they are usually adopted premium components and are good for the official race.

8. Other accessories

As for other accessories, standard bushings and riser pads are okay for adult beginners to pivot smoothly.
Most skateboards come with bushings and riser pads, but if you need several as replacements.
Just pick a pair of 1/8″ shock pads and softer polyurethane bushings.

Other Choice of Best Starter Skateboard for Adults

best types of skateboard

Wanna try something new and interesting? Electric skateboard and longboard are easier and safer for adult beginners, which also add more fun to your skating!

1. Electric skateboard:

The electric skateboard is an upgraded skateboard type controlled by a remote. It is similar to the regular skateboard, but it is powered by a motor.

Therefore, you do need to push the ground to skate forward, turn on the throttle and you can start skating. It is effortless for your to travel on almost all terrains at a faster speed.

For beginners, it is super easy to learn how to control a skateboard even you have never skated before. Well, for some people who have no great sense of balance and coordination, you just try more a couple of times, you can master it as well!

You would love this electric skateboard for faster speed and extra mile!

WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard For Long Distance

WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard

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2. Longboard

Apart from electric skateboards, the longboard skateboards are also popular among adult starers. Longboards are much longer than regular skateboards with a longer deck over 35 inches.

However, longboards are easier for beginners to learn since they provide more stability with a longer wheelbase and larger wheels.

You can use a longboard to cruise, dance, and downhill across the town, community, and alley, etc. If you are not passionate about complicated tricks, a longboard skateboard is a great choice for you.

Check out this longboard for dance and cruising around!

White Wave Longboard for Both Beginners and Pros

longboard for beginners

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Suggestions for Beginners Adults to Skate to Keep Safe

For adult beginners, protecting yourself safe is crucial. Follow these tips to avoid injury.

1. Wear the protective gear

wear skateaboard helmet

The protective gear is the most effective and direct way to protect your keens and hands and head from bruise and injury.

If you’re brand-new to skating or simply coming back after many years, you certainly need to wear safety skate gear while you get on it. Knee pads, arm joint pads, wrist guards, and also a helmet are required.

Pads and helmets can relieve your injury, and with the protective gear, you feel more comfortable and brave to explore your skating adventure.

Breathable and adjustable pad straps are great for various knee girths. Check out JBM Adult Knee, Elbow & Wrist Pads 3 in 1 Protective Gear.

2. Wear proper clothes and shoes

vans skateboatd shoes

Beginners should note that the proper clothes and shoes you wear are super helpful for finding your best feeling. Fashion is not the only thing you should care about.

Pick a comfortable t-shirt and pants, which shouldn’t be too tight, otherwise, it handers turning and learning tricks.

Skateboard shoes are made to increase the friction between the grip tape and feet.  As for adult beginners, a pair of wear-assistant and cost-effective shoes is necessary.

Vans skateboard shoes are famous among skaters for high quality and affordable price. Meanwhile, they are fashionable!

Try out Vans Unisex-Adult for Men and Women.

It Is Never Too Old to Learn Skating

Remember, age is not a problem, and do not feel awkward when practicing skating with teenagers. No matter you are 40, 50, or even 60 years old, you will always find accompany. You can learn to skate at all ages!

There is a lot of elder skater who is excellent and you can be one of them. Just protect yourself and stick to it. It may take you a long time before you see the progress but it is all worths it!

If your goal is that ride a skateboard, then there is nothing to worry about. It should be easy for you. As long as you handled it well and love the feeling of skating, perhaps you want to learn more truck. Well, don’t push yourself too hard until you are ready for this! And you can even buy your dogs a skateboard and have fun!


Is it hard to learn to skateboard for beginners adult?

It is not hard to learn as long as you practice it a lot!

Can I learn skateboard at 30?

Yes, sure. You can learn skateboard are any age.

Can you learn skateboard at 40?

Of course, again, it is never too late to learn.

Is 250lbs too heavy for a skateboard?

Choose a maple wood with an 8 or 9 layers deck that will be fine for you.

Is 300lbs too heavy for a skateboard?

Get a maple wood deck with 9 piles that can hold your weight.


After reading this article, you will find it is easy to choose a skateboard for adult beginners. As long as you choose the right deck size, truck, and wheels, you can quickly get your first skateboard.

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