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How to Choose the Best Complete Skateboard for Beginners?

Skateboarding is an exciting activity that develops your balance. For starters, a complete skateboard is a nice choice to learn skating. However, as a beginner, it is confusing to choose your first skateboard.

Do not worry, you will know how to choose the best complete board after reading this article. In this passage, you will learn:

  • How to choose the best complete skateboard?
  • How to protect yourself when skating?
  • Frequently asked question of complete skateboard for starters
  • How to learn basic tricks for beginners?

What Is A Complete Skateboard?

what is the complete board

A complete skateboard, also known as a pre-built skateboard, is simply a skateboard sold as a whole instead of parts. It includes one deck, two trucks, four wheels, grip tape, and other necessary built-in hardware.

Complete skateboards are popular among starters since such boards are easy and safe for beginners to learn. Whether you are a youth beginner, an adult beginner, or a heavy rider, the pre-built board is worth buying.

Completes boards save your time and money since you don’t need to collect and assemble each part of it. Therefore, you can put all your energy into the tutorial of skills.

If you are a beginner, we highly recommend a complete skateboard. Well, the question is how should you choose your first complete skateboard?

How to Choose the Best Complete Skateboard for Beginners?

what to consider when buying a new skateboard

To get a great pre-built skateboard, you need to consider some basic and crucial elements including the purpose, deck, truck, concave, wheels, grip tape, and budget.

Know your purpose

  • If you need a skateboard for the street, skatepark, bowling, stairs, a board with two kick tails is the best choice.

Why: Such a type of board is easy to flip faster, which is featured with narrow decks and softer wheels, and medium concave.

To keep you safe when skating on street, choose a solid and sturdy complete skateboard!

Metroller skateboard is the best for heavy riders with a max carrying weight up to 220 pounds!

METROLLER Easy to Control Skateboards for Beginners 

best street skateboard for beginners

No assembly required

Master new tricks

Durable and stable

Buy on Amazon

Why: Such a cruiser board allows you to ride smoother and faster on both flat and rough roads.

Want to carry your board around? Choose a lightweight cruiser board!

Magneto’s go-to cruiser board is portable and allows you to skate everywhere smoothly.

Magneto Mini and Strong Cruiser Skateboard for All Beginners 

the mini cruiser board for beginner

Super portable

Fashion graphics

Smooth ride

Buy on Amazon

  • If you are looking for a board for children as a gift, the mini penny skateboard is a nice choice.

Why: Such a mini board is super lightweight and portable, perfect for the youth beginner and people who have smaller feet sizes.

Looking for a fashionable and portable board? Choose a penny board for your kid!

Rimable skateboard is smaller and easy to master for kids and youth to hang out with friends.

RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard for Children Beginners 

penny board

Max load weight 198lbs

Plastic anti-slipping deck

Perfect size for teens

Buy on Amazon

Choose the right deck size

The size of the deck influence the space your feet can stand and flexibility to do tricks.

First, to decide the length:

  • For kids under 140cm, choose the deck length of 28”.
  • For teenagers between 140cm – 150cm, a deck of 28” – 31” or above is the best choice.
  • For height between 150cm – 170cm, choose the deck size of 31.5” to 31. 875”.
  • If you are a tall person over 175cm, we recommend you choose the deck size of 32” or longer.

Second, to decide the width:

  • For kids with shoe sizes of 3 or smaller, choose the micro width size of 6.5” – 6.75”.
  • For kids with shoe sizes of 4 or 5, choose the mini width size of 7.0”.
  • If your shoe size is 7 or 8, choose the middle size of 7.5” – 7.6”.
  • If you have a larger shoe size over 9 or 10, choose the full size of 8.0″.
  • If your feet size is larger than 10, choose the deck width size of 8.125′ 8.5′‘.

Read more to choose a mini skateboard for your dogs!

Choose the maple wood deck

The most ideal deck material for beginners is Canadian maple wood, featured as safe, durable, and anti-wear. In addition, maple wood makes it easy to pop and grind on rails and ramps if you want to improve your skillet later.

For starters, you can choose the 7, 8, or 9 piles of a wood deck. However, remember more the piles, the heavier and more durable the deck is.

  • If you prefer a lightweight board, choose a 7-layer wood deck.

Pick the WhiteFang skateboard to try some basic tricks for beginners!

WhiteFang Lightweight 7-layer Maple Wood Skateboard 

durable skateboard

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  • If you prefer durability and stability, go for a 9-layer wood skateboard.

Pick the Gonex skateboard, which is anti-shock and offers a powerful grip during skating!

Gonex Skateboard with 9-Layer Maple Deck for All Level Beginners 

durable skateboard

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Choose the low/medium deck concave

what is the concave

The deck concave refers to the degree of the arc surface of the deck, and the right concave improves your skating performance.

The deck concaves are divided into three levels:  low concave, medium concave, and high concave.

  • If you value stability and balance when skating, choose a low and medium deck, which is stable for beginners.
  • If you want to turn the board more easily, choose a high concave, which is more flexible.

Therefore, if you want a board to keep a good balance as a starter, don’t miss this one!

METROLLER Easy to Learn Skateboards for Beginners

low concave skateboard

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Choose the low/medium truck height

The low and medium trucks are the best truck heights for beginners who want to learn simple and basic moves first.

  • If you want to teach yourself skateboarding, choose the low truck height (46mm – 49mm), which is stable and sturdy. To match the low truck, we recommend a 50mm – 53mm wheel size for beginners to ride board slowly.
  • If you want to learn some tricks or skate in bowls and jump off the stairs, choose the medium truck height (50mm – 53mm), which is easy to control the board. To match the medium truck, we recommend a 53mm – 56mm wheel size to practice tricks in the park.
  • If you prefer an exciting skating experience like carving and exploring more tricks, choose the high truck height (53.2mm – to 58mm), which is more flexible and skating faster. To match the high truck, we recommend a 58mm – 60mm wheel size for high speed and longboard.

Compare the shapes and durometer of the wheel


The shape of the wheel determines the speed and terrain you can skate on.

Normally, the beginners are skating the board slower. And safety always comes first. Therefore, the smaller rounded edge wheels are best for beginners to skate on flat roads. And it provides extra stability.

Longing for your first try? Get the METROLLER skateboard with round wheels to start learning!

rounded wheels for skateboard

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You can also choose the larger sharp edge wheels when you are ready for skillful performance and high-speed cruising. Sharper wheels has a better grip on the ground to push the board further and faster.

Excited for more fun? Do not miss this Beleev cruiser skateboard with sharp edges!

sharp edge wheels

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It is important for starters to choose the right durometer to ride on different roads.

Simply, the 78A to 87A wheels are super softer wheels, better for smooth rides and flips. 95A to 99A wheels are medium soft, best for street skaters. The 100A or above wheels are hard wheels with the least grip, suitable for fast speed and asphalt road.

For beginners, you should choose the 88A to 95A wheels for both safety and simple tricks.

Pick a cool grip tape to show your attitude

When you skate in the park, a cool grip tape under your feet always catches others’ attention. What is more, you will feel nice when getting the same grip tape pattern as the celebrities’ tape.

A pretty and cool tape not only helps in increasing friction for easy ollie but also shows your attitude and personability.

 Estimate your budget

The average price range of the complete skateboards with basic settings is from $40 – $70.

As a beginner, we recommend you go for a skateboard at an average price, and you can upgrade your board afterwards.

Need a board at the best price? You definitely would like Beleev’s complete skateboard!

The Beleev board is a decent complete skateboard that saves you money and performances well for beginners.

Check it out now!

The average price range of professional complete skateboards is above $100.

When you are skillful and need a board to improve your tricks,  go for such a kind of board.

If you want to buy a supreme board,  you can’t miss Magneto’s complete skateboard!

The megneto skateboard is versatile and best for riding over all terrain.

Buy it now!

Extra Tips on Buying the Best Complete Skateboard

Here are two factors to keep in mind to make sure you can get the best skateboard.

  • Buying a skateboard from professional stores.

You’d better get a board from a professional skateboard store, or order a board from the official board shop online. In this way, the skateboard you buy is more likely to last longer.

We do not suggest you buy a skateboard from a toy store. Such a board is just a toy for kids to arouse their passion for sports.

  • Putting quality and comfort first.

For beginners, you might be confused if you should choose a board that looks pretty or a board that is not super cool but durable.

Remember, you should consider the settings and comfort first to ensure a good skating experience. Then you can consider the pattern.

How Will You Benefit From a Complete Skateboard as a Beginner?

best complete skateboard for beginners

The complete board is an economical choice for beginners, and an all-around skateboard is good enough for some basic tricks and skills such as turning, rolling, and shove-it. You will benefit a lot from a complete board.

  • Cost you less

As a beginner, a complete skateboard is enough for you to learn for now. You can invest in a superior custom board when you need a professional board for complex tricks.

  • Save your time

The complete skateboard is pre-built, therefore you don’t need extra time to assemble it. It saves much time on using various tools to install a skateboard.

  • Control it easily

Controlling a skateboard is crucial for a starter to keep riding further and safer. A complete skateboard is easy to control and keep balance.

Luckily, WhiteFang skateboard is famous for being easy to control and practice!

 WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners 

light skateboard for begniner


Buy on Amazon

When Should Starters Choose Complete or Assembled Board?

complete skateboard vs complete skateboard

The assembled board is not pre-set board, it comes with separate parts and you need to assemble them all together by yourself.

Choose an assembled skateboard, if you:

  • Like customized skateboard
  • Need to improve your skills
  • Are an advanced and pro skater
  • Prefer flexible skateboard
  • Budget is large

Choose a complete skateboard, if you:

  • Want to save money and energy on assembling
  • Teach yourself learning
  • Are a beginner and have never skate before
  • Prefer stable board

As a beginner, we suggest you buy a complete board for the first board. You can explore with an assembled board later. By the way, you are allowed to replace a single component if you buy a complete skateboard when you have special needs.

How Should You Protect Yourself From Injury When Skating?

As a beginner, you should know some tips to protect yourself from injury before you start skating. Follow these rules:


Before skating, stretch your body to relax your muscles and increase the body temperature to avoid sudden high-intensity exercise resulting in muscle strain. The warm-up time is recommended for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Before skating

Stretch can increase the fitness and relaxation of the body muscles and ligaments. Stretch also reduce the possibility of muscle stretching or cramps caused by muscle stiffness and tension during exercise.

  • After skating

Do not forget to stretch when you finish skating and practicing, which helps muscles discharge acid and relieves swelling after exercise.

Protect your bones

The way to fall down the board has an impact on your body, especially for beginners. Two methods to protect your bones:

  • Jump off

If you find yourself losing control of the board, just jump off from board as soon as possible to avoid damage.

  • Roll on the ground

When you fall forward, you can roll around a few laps and do not support the ground with your hands.

Wear protection pads and helmets

In fact, protective kits are the best tools to prevent you from major injuries.

  • Pad for hands, elbow, and knees

Using the keen guards can decrease the incidence possibility and severity of bruises and fractures. You can just wear them over your clothes.

To keep your kids safe and sound when skating, choose Bosoner pads!

This type of pad allows the body to hold the right position while riding, offering maximum protection to your kid!

the protect pads for kids

For adult beginners, choose a pad with thickened pad. Don’t miss Geonex pads made of 600D high-density oxford cloth to protect your wrist and keens.

wrist keens pad

  • Helmet

A helmet is able to protect your head and relieve your injury. Also, you feel safer and braver to explore their riding adventure without worries.

You should choose a helmet that is both solid and breathable to reduce sweating.

Now here is a hamlet that reaches this standard! Try JMB helmet for both teens and adults!

It is suitable for many outdoor and indoor sports with all sizes and colors

  • Shoes

sneaker for skateboard

A pair of suitable shoes is also a weapon for beginners to learn tricks more easily. The best skateboard shoes should be anti-wear and protect your feet from brush burn.

The vans shoes are the most popular skateboard shoe among both young skaters. They are featured in both fashion and quality. Check it now.

Shop This One

Other Collected Questions About Skateboard for Starters

There are frequents asked questions:

  • What’s the first trick to learn on a skateboard?

In the beginning,  you can learn how to turn, slow down and stop it. Then you can improve your skills by learning kick turn and ollie.

  • What is the easiest skateboard for beginners?

For beginners, double kick and cruiser are both pretty easy to learn. If you practice it a lot and never give up, everything is easy for you to learn.

  • Is 30 too old to start skateboarding?

It is never too old to skate. As long as you can stick to it and protect yourself from severe injuries.

  • What are the top brands for beginners?

Meketec, Enjoi, Merkapa and Beleev are all good skateboards brands for beginners

How to Prolong Your Complete Skateboard Life?

tips to take care of skateboard

In general, a skateboard can last from 3 months to 1 year. It can last longer if you take good care of it.

To prolong a skateboard’s life, you should remember:

  • Prevent it from water and rains
  • Do not skate it in the puddle
  • Replace the grip tape when it peels off
  • Do not grind too harshly on rails

There are also some maintenance tips to make it clean and durable:

  • First, check the nuts and kingpin.

Remember to check out if the nuts and kingpin are loose. If so, tighten them with the tools to prevent sudden breaks.

  • Second, clean bearings.

Take out the bearings and see if there are too much dirt and mud in them. And sometimes you may find small cocks in your wheels. We suggest you clean your bearings with brushes, which will not leave scratch.

  • Third, use lubrication.

To skate more smoothly, drop the bearing lube and spin the bearings to make sure it penetrates to each part.

A good lubricant can make the wheels spin faster!

Recommendation: Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant

  • Fourth, change the grip tapes.

Sometimes the grip tape might peel off caused friction. Remember to replace a new one for a better experience.

How to Start Skating for Beginners?

Check out this video to start beginners! You can add this page to favorites for later learning!


To sum up, the complete is an economical choice for beginners. Following the tips in this article, you are able to choose an excellent skateboard now.

To sum up, if you want a lightweight and stable board to learn on, Beleev Skateboards is a decent board for you. Now get your first skateboard and start skating!

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