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All About Longboard Stroller – Buying Guides and Safety Tips

If you love skating them, I bet you must have heard about the longboard stroller. This is an excellent stroller for parents who are great at skating since it allows you to have some outdoor fun with your child. Meaning, it has a stroller, and a long skating board attached. I would recommend this type of stroller for parents who want an easy and funny item to travel with their kids for shorter distances. It is easy to move around on multiple pavements and to park too.

Do you plan on acquiring a good longboard stroller for your child, and you don’t know where to start? You are in the right place! In this article, we will discuss the crucial details about the longboard strollers and what you need to know about it, including the benefits.


What is a Longboard Stroller?

how to pick longboard stroller

A longboard stroller is a kid’s stroller attached to a longboard. The longboard stroller looks just like the longboard used in skating, only that it comes with an attached stroller to accommodate a kid. The longboard strollers are customized for kids, which means that the safety measures and parts are incorporated when manufacturing the item.

The longboard stroller comes with safety parts like the harnesses to secure the baby firmly to the item while on the move, while others have a handlebar running across the stroller. It has a larger skating board surface essential for enabling the parent or the kid’s guardian to attain the right balance when propelling it. The longboard strollers are pretty much safe to use since they are equipped with a handbrake on the handle.

Thus, a parent can easily control the stroller’s speed while still on the move, especially in sloppy areas. They are crafted with wide wheels for easy maneuvering on multiple regions.


Who Needs the Longboard Stroller the Most?

quinny longboard stroller kaufen

A skater parent

If skating is your profession or you love doing it, this stroller is crafted for you. You don’t need to miss out on the things that make you happy when looking after your kid, plus you get to tag your baby along. The longboard stroller looks just like the longboard only that it has more safety features and is easy to use. So, you can comfortably skate around the neighborhood when training while still strolling your baby as well.

Who don’t want to use a stroller

Walking with a stroller while pushing it can be tiring and tedious, especially if your kid is bigger and heavier. However, the longboard stroller is designed to make mobility easier while strolling the child. The longboard stroller is super quick to maneuver around with since they have four wide wheels, and besides, they function just like the regular skating longboards. So, if you want to take your baby to the park near you, the longboard will make the journey more comfortable and faster.

For short errands with baby

Sometimes we get urgent errands to run, which don’t necessarily need a car. Also, you may be traveling to a place that has issues with car parking lots, and this where this great stroller comes in. You can dash for the errands with your baby since the longboard moves at high speed when you give it a push with your feet.

The stroller is foldable for easy carrying when you get to the place, and when it comes to parking, you don’t need to worry about hustling for an area to keep it. The longboard stroller does not take up huge spaces.



What Can I Use a Longboard Stroller for?

longboard stroller attachment

For strolling the kid

The longboard strollers are the ultimate and the best option for parents who don’t want to push a stroller when taking their baby for a walk. The longboard stroller is more fun and easy to propel since it moves just like the skating board. It is easy to move on various surfaces, as the longboard has wide and large wheels. Also, your kid will enjoy a ride on it.

Take your baby to the park.

If the park is located near you, then you don’t need to use your car to take your child to have fun. The longboard stroller moves pretty much fast, such that you don’t need to burn your car feel to take your child for some fun time in the park.

For short trips with your child

Do you need to pick up bread from the store, and you don’t have anyone to leave your 3-year-old child with? Well, if you have a longboard stroller, then you don’t need to struggle tagging your child to the grocery stores. Besides, it saves your time since you get to the store faster than when you carry the baby with a regular stroller.


Benefits of Longboard Stroller

The stroller is fun

One thing you and your child will love from the longboard stroller, especially if they are older, is massive fun. The feeling of skating around the town and having a good view of the surrounding is something that your kid will enjoy. If you love longboard skating, this stroller ensures you can take good care of your child without forgetting about your dream or fun activity.

Saves movements time

When you compare the longboard stroller with the standard stroller in terms of movements, the longboard strollers are super- fast in movements. The strollers move at high speed, ensuring you get to your destination fast. The stroller has brakes so that you can control the movements in sloppy areas.


Where a standard stroller will not easily maneuver around, rest assured the longboard stroller will. The stroller has extensive and wide wheels equipped to make sure the stroller can efficiently move on multiple surfaces without getting stuck. Also, you don’t need to use body energy to push your baby when strolling him/her is a plus.

Are safe

The longboard stroller is designed with safety measures to make sure the child is secure from falls. The longboard strollers have fasteners that secure the baby firmly to the seat so you can focus on the road. The fasteners ensure the baby stays in one place for their safety and for the parent to attain the right balance when moving.

Cheap means of transport

No fueling or parking money is needed when you use the longboard stroller. The longboard strollers require one to manually propel them when moving on the road or different areas. Also, the stroller is foldable if you don’t have a place to park it when you visit a given premise, and they don’t take up considerable space to park.


How to Pick the Best Longboard Stroller

quinny longboard stroller for sale

The size

When seated, the comfort of your child is crucial since it determines how settled they will be when you are propelling the longboard stroller. Although the longboard strollers are crafted in varying sizes, the child’s size determines the choice of a longboard stroller to buy.

For example, a 9-month-old baby will need a small stroller that he/she can fit comfortably and have padding for their comfort. So, check out the size of the stroller when buying it.

The weight limit

The longboard stroller is recommendable for kids from the age of 9 months to around four years. However, these strollers have weight limits that they can accommodate. If you are buying a stroller that your kid can use for a long time, check out the strollers’ weight limit and compare it with your kid’s weight to choose the best model.

Safety features

The safety of your child, especially when moving on, sloppy areas should be watched. Some of the safety features to look out for when choosing the longboard strollers are the fasteners and brakes. Ensure the stroller’s brakes are working well to control the speed when moving in dangerous areas. Ensure the buckles are adjustable so your child can get the perfect fit.

The design

The longboard strollers are crafted in different styles where some have reclined mode, and others feature a seat design. The age of your child mainly determines the choice. For example, a kid with an age limit of 9 months to 2 years may need a reclined stroller with a handlebar for support and comfort when moving.

On the other hand, a toddler from the age of 3 years can use a stroller with a seat since, at such age, kids are adventures and can comfortably support their back when seated.


Longboard Stroller Price

Currently, longboard strollers are not standard in most parts of the world. Besides, these strollers have not been fully embraced since they lack a few safety parts necessary for any baby stroller. Therefore, they are a bit expensive since they retail from 500 dollars and above.


Different Types of Longboard Strollers for Various Needs

guides of longboard stroller

Longboard strollers with handlebar

This type of longboard stroller is designed with a handlebar running across the baby’s seat. This type of stroller is designed to improve your child’s safety, especially if the child is younger than three years. It provides a holding surface for the baby while on the move, and it also prevents the baby from leaning forward when the longboard stroller is moving. With this type of stroller, you don’t need to worry about your baby falling off the stroller as they are fully secured.

Longboard stroller without a handlebar

These types of longboard strollers are only made with the fasteners that secure the child to the seat. They are ideal for older kids who can maintain stability on the stroller when the longboard is on the move. However, such longboard strollers are recommendable for kids older than two years.


How to Use the Longboard Stroller Safely

First off, you need to learn how to operate a longboard before you even use the longboard stroller with your child. Although this type of stroller is all fun and easy to maneuver to different areas, it works just like the longboard. Thus, if you have never ridden a skating board or longboard before, you need to familiarize yourself with the item first without putting your child on it.

When training, choose to ride in areas that challenge your skills to better your control and movements. Therefore, avoid exercise in smooth areas such as pavements and roads.


How to Use Its Safety with a Child?

using longboard stroller

Always make sure to rid the longboard stroller in areas with gentle slopes so that you can control the speed. Besides, the strollers do not have a canopy, and high speed may expose your baby too cold.
Avoid uneven and wet areas when riding it with your baby, as you may lose control and end up endangering your child.
It is essential to learn how to use the brakes while on the move for safety. Do not wait until the longboard stroller falls so you can stop. If you notice you are wobbling or tilting on one side, use the brakes to stop it. Also, it is crucial to note that the brakes on this type of stroller are quite strong. So, do t gently to avoid instant stops as you may scare the baby.

Even if you are good at skateboarding, avoid performing tricks with a longboard stroller. Keep in mind that you are carrying a baby, and you would not want to put him/her in danger. The longboard strollers are also not as flexible as the standard longboards for skating, so be on the lookout.


At What Age Can a Baby Stay Safely in a Longboard Stroller?

The longboard strollers are recommendable for kids from the age of 9months to 3 1/2 to 4 years, depending on the weight limit. The longboard strollers have a large seat with fasteners where they sit while the parent propels the stroller.

Kids younger than nine months should not be carried on this longboard stroller since it is not safe for them. For example, the stroller does not recline, does not have a canopy and enough padding.

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Longboard strollers are fun and convenient for both kids and adults. The longboard strollers have safety features to ensure the kid is secure on the stroller while on the move. The strollers are foldable for easy storage and carrying to move it. Understand what to look out for when buying the stroller for your child regarding safety and comfort. So, use the above buying guide to help you choose the right longboard stroller for your child.


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