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Do Newborns Need a Bassinet Stroller?

The newborn bassinet strollers are designed with comfort and safety features, making them best for newborns; therefore, if you don’t have one, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it since your newborn needs it. Why do you need to purchase a bassinet stroller for newborns?

benefits of using bassinet stroller for newborns

Why Do Newborns Need a Bassinet Strollers?

So for us to bring you on board, here are some of the reasons;

A bassinet stroller is the best choice, especially if you want your newborn to fall asleep while on walks. The bassinet stroller’s construction shelters your baby from getting distracted by people walking by, cars, and more hence giving them a good time to sleep.

They provide support since the baby doesn’t have the muscles to sit for an extended time. This means that you won’t be looking for pillows to support keeping your baby in place. Also, the thick, soft, and comfy mattresses absorb the shock while on a walk.

Bassinet strollers are simple to use. You can easily fold and unfold it since you won’t be dealing with many attachments, levers, and straps. Also, they don’t consume many spaces when folded as they can fit in the trunk of your car or the closet.

It is convenient for shopping and long walks. Bassinet strollers are often equipped with storage compartments to store small purchases, thus relieving you from carrying them in your hands. Similarly, they are less bulky; therefore, you can work up to four miles with them.

At What Age Should Newborn Use Stroller Bassinet?

There is no specified age, but you can use it when your newborn is a month old for indoor use, but for outdoor use, your newborn should be 3 months old or when your baby can support his/her back and head.

However, you should note that the type of stroller bassinet dictates the age. Therefore, if the manufacturer has not indicated, then you need to consult a pediatrician.

How Much Does Newborn Stroller Bassinet Cost?

The prices of newborn stroller bassinets vary from one brand to another, depending on how they are designed. Their prices range from $100 to $1000 for the infant. Their prices vary depending on the construction quality, durability, terrain designed for comfort, and safety features. Therefore, don’t be led by their prices only but check on their specifications.

What Brands Produce Stroller Bassinets For Newborns?

If you are not familiar with the best brands producing newborn stroller bassinets, then here are,

Evenflo: It is among the top brands on our list, having majored in several children’s products, including high chairs, stroller bassinets, car seats, and more. What draws our attention is the quality, comfort features, and safety features with which their bassinet strollers for the newborn are built. However, they have varying prices with various constructions, making it best for you to acquire the affordable one.

Baby Jogger’s: As the name suggests, Baby Jogger’s begun its operation with the jogging strollers in 1984. Over some time, they expanded their manufacturing to designing strollers. Similarly, their bassinet strollers feature long-lasting models and great comfort for your newborn, therefore making it one of the best-selling brands in the market.

Uppababy: This brand has secured a great space in the market due to its excellent bassinet strollers. Uppababy has more than three decades in this field, having won the hearts of many people. It features sturdy construction, comfortability, and safety for your newborn, ensuring that this brand is at the top of your list. With various models in the market, prices usually vary hence giving you multiple choices to choose from.

Chicco: This is an Italian brand having more than sixty years of operation. It is a well-known brand associated with different children’s products in most countries across the world. Their bassinet strollers for the newborn feature essential features, including sturdy construction, which makes them durable. Although the bassinet size differs from model to model, they are designed to offer support and comfort, making it suitable for your choice.

How to Use Newborn Stroller Bassinet Safely?

When it comes to the newborn stroller bassinet, the essential consideration is the safety of your newborn. Although it is equipped with safety features, safety use lies in your hands. Therefore, proper usage entails;

• Do not leave your newborn unsupervised while sleeping in the bassinet. You can only leave your baby if the manufacturer has indicated that it is safe for your baby to sleep in.
• If your baby is past six months, you need to stop using it, or if your baby can roll over either stomach to back or back to stomach, you need to change it before you encounter an accident.
• Avoid carrying your newborn bassinet stroller while holding your baby on stairs. You should fold your stroller when having your baby up or down the stairs. You can also ask someone else to help you carry the stroller or the baby while on the stairs.
• Avoid hanging handbags at the handlebar instead, use the storage compartments to keep your things. Hanging them at the handlebar might make your bassinet stroller for your newborn to tip over.
• When folding and unfolding your newborn bassinet stroller, ensure that your baby is far away to avoid hurting your baby. Always do it without a hurry for a safe folding and unfolding without causing any damage.

When Should Newborns Stop Using Stroller Bassinet?

When your newborn hits the age of 5-6 months, then you should stop using it. However, some allow a maximum of 5 months; therefore, it is essential to observe your newborn’s behavior such that if he/she begins to roll from back to stomach or vice versa, then it is time to cease using it.

Can Newborns Sleep in the Stroller Bassinet?

Although the stroller’s bassinet for newborns is designed to offer maximum comfort, you should note that some are best for sleeping while others are not. The manufacturers often indicate whose bassinet is mostly characterized by its large space. But if your bassinet stroller is not favorable for sleeping, then never leave your newborn asleep in the bassinet stroller unsupervised.

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