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Get These Affordable But Quality Bassinet Strollers to Save 20% Costs

A stroller with a bassinet is a crucial essential for babies from when they are infants up to toddler age. They are convenient when carrying the baby outdoor since they provide a comfortable space for the baby to either sit or sleep. However, you don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a quality stroller with a bassinet.

There are still quality brands that retail at around 200 dollars. Just make sure the stroller you buy has all the necessary features like safety design, a strong frame to fit your baby, and it is comfortable for you and your little one. If you are looking for a quality affordable bassinet stroller for your baby, here are our top five options and how to choose the best.

Top Picks:

The One with Large Storage Bag: INFANS 2 in 1 Baby Stroller Bassinet Pram

“Large mesh storage bag under the bassinet stroller allows you to place all baby stuffs in without extra bags.” (Check Reviews)

Two in One Design With Car Seat Combo: Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller

“This can be a super cost-effective choice, with one price, you get two products, one for baby stroller and one for car seat.” (Check Reviews)

A Good Gift For Your Girls: KOOKAMUNGA KIDS Deluxe Bassinet Doll Pram 

“Bring your girl a cute doll pram to let her experience the fun of taking care of baby doll.” (Check Reviews)


Best Affordable Bassinet Stroller Reviews

1. INFANS 2 in 1 Baby Stroller Bassinet Pram

baby bassinet strollers

If you need a stroller that your baby can use in multiple ways, without spending too much money to acquire, Infans has this amazing stroller model made just for you. The stroller is adjustable to form a bassinet if your baby wants to take a nap and has great paddings for support.

Special features

• Adjustable canopy with peek design

This stroller’s canopy adjusts in three different positions to make sure the baby has comfortable shade even when you adjust the seat. Also, the canopy has a peek window that makes it easy to check on the baby while still pushing the stroller.

• Swivel wheels with activated brakes

The front wheels on this stroller rotate at 360 degrees for efficient turning, and it also has activated brakes so you can control its speed.

• Thick padding and safety features

This stroller is safe for a newborn since thick padding provides reliable support to the infants. You can adjust the angles of the seat to make sure the baby has a comfortable resting position.


• This is safe for newborns
• The wheels are strong to move even on rough roads
• The stroller is foldable to a small size for easy transporting
• The stroller has harnesses to secure the baby


• This stroller is a bit flimsy, especially when folding

2. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller

affordable strollers for travel

Show me a quality multifunctional baby’s stroller with a bassinet that costs you less than 200 dollars, and I will show you this amazing model from the baby Jogger brand. Besides, the double stroller is recommendable for jogging and has two seats to fit two babies.

Special features

• Multiple uses

The stroller is adjustable, so you can create a bassinet for your baby to rest or nap on. The seat is removable, so you can use it as a car seat when traveling with your baby.

• Three rubber tires

You can comfortably run with your babies even on rough roads without compromising their safety since the wheels are made with rubber materials that can easily maneuver on multiple terrains.

• Safety measures

The stroller seat has five harnesses that secure the baby firmly so that you can focus on your walk. The front wheels are lockable to control the stroller’s speed.


• The stroller has excellent padding to accommodate newborns
• The handle has an ergonomic style for a comfortable grip
• The tires are strong to walk in different areas
• This stroller is light for easy portability.


• This stroller does not balance well, especially if you run with it on uneven areas

3. KOOKAMUNGA KIDS Deluxe Bassinet Doll Pram

affordable doll strollers for girls

Are you looking for a gift for a little girl who loves to play with dolls? This stroller will be a good choice. The stroller looks just like a real baby stroller.

Special features

• Removable bassinet

This stroller’s bassinet is removable for convenient loading of the doll and other toys by your little girl.

• Large carriage space

If your baby wants to tag the stroller when going outdoors, she can carry her doll essentials with the diaper bag and the basket located underneath the stroller.

• Versatile

This stroller is suitable for indoors and outdoors, especially when the baby is playing with her mates.

• Large bassinet

This stroller’s bassinet is large to accommodate a doll of up to 18 inches long


• Your baby can play with the stroller both indoor and outdoor
• It is light for portability
• The bassinet is removable
• Has an ergonomic handle for the comfort of the baby


• The bassinet cannot be adjusted, which makes it is impossible to set it in different positions.

4. INFANS Baby Stroller for Newborn

baby strollers with affordable price

This stroller from Infans is made with quality materials plus safety features to safeguard your baby. The best part is that you don’t need to break your account to purchase this stroller as it retails for less than 150 dollars.

Special features

• Adjustable stroller seat

This stroller seat is adjustable so you can form a bassinet for the baby to sleep. The seat can adjust at different angles to accommodate different ages and sizes of babies.

• Features zippered foot cover

This part is equipped to shield the baby from external weather climates like extreme cold and wind. The cover is also removable to allow airflow during the hot seasons.

• Adjustable canopy with mosquito net

The canopy adjusts at three different angles to secure the baby from cold and sunlight. The canopy is also equipped with a mosquito net to secure the baby from pests.


• This stroller with a bassinet option is suitable for newborns since it can convert to a bassinet
• The stroller has quality aluminum construction
• The stroller is foldable to small size for easy transporting
• The stroller has five-point securing straps.


• This stroller with bassinet feels quite delicate and requires gentle handling as it can easily break, especially when converting it to a bassinet.


Is An Affordable Bassinet Stroller Worth Buying?

Yes! As mentioned, the affordable bassinet strollers are equipped with similar features found on the expensive models. This means that; these bassinet strollers are made with safety mechanisms and features that safeguard your baby while outdoors. The strollers are crafted with quality material and frames to accommodate kids of varying weights and ages. As long the stroller you choose has all these necessary features, then you will be good to go.

How to Choose the Best Affordable Bassinet Stroller?

• Your needs

The first thing you need to think about is how long you want to use the stroller. Do you need a stroller that your baby can grow with or a stroller they can use while small before upgrading? This is because the bassinet strollers are made with varying age and weight limits. Some have a weak structure such that they can only carry a newborn to a baby who is around 1 year. Such strollers are not too strong to withstand high weights.

But for people who need a stroller that their baby can grow with up to the age of 3 years, make sure the stroller will accommodate your child. In this case, choose a stroller that can carry a weight of up to 50 pounds.

• The accessories available

Do you need a stroller that can accommodate your baby essentials, or are you okay tagging an extra bag to your trip? The majority of the strollers with bassinet are designed with a basket at the base for carrying the baby essentials.

So, if you need a stroller that can fit multiple items, ensure the basket is large. The other accessory you need to check out is the tray and drink holder. If you need a stroller to use when working out, choose a model with a cup holder to keep your drinks.

• The weight

How heavy is the stroller? Is it foldable for convenient storage in the car to carry when traveling? This is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the stroller. A foldable stroller that is light makes transportation easy and comfortable for all.

Features of Affordable Bassinet Strollers


This is probably of the first features to look out for when buying a stroller. The harnesses are crucial to ensure the baby does not wobble on the bassinet or the stroller seat. The majority of the bassinet strollers are equipped with five harnesses to ensure the baby is comfortable and firmly secured.


The comfort of your baby, especially when sleeping, should be paramount. The best affordable bassinet strollers are made with thick paddings that provide a comfortable bed for the baby to have enough cushioning when sleeping.

Lockable wheels

Any stroller’s wheels should be lockable to ensure the stroller does not move when you park it.

Have canopy

A canopy is a crucial part of the stroller that ensures the baby has enough shade, whether when seated or sleeping on the bassinet. The majority of strollers with bassinet are made with adjustable canopies.

Light and foldable

A good and convenient stroller with a bassinet should be light in weight for simplicity when shifting it around, and it should also be foldable to save storage space.


1. What are the Best Brands on Producing Affordable Bassinet Stroller?


This brand is well known for manufacturing high quality and strong bassinet strollers that accommodate different ages of kids up to toddler. Some models are equipped with removable seats that you can also use as car seats.

Graco Modes

Apart from the strong frames and safety features the Graco bassinets stroller have, they also have various storage spaces, including drink holders for parents.

Bugaboo Fox

These strollers are crafted with pure luxuries design that fit both babies and parents. They are suitable for various terrains since the wheels are strong to move on different surfaces.

2. How to Use an Affordable Bassinet Stroller Safely?

• Always stay close to your babies while on the move, and if you are parking the stroller, ensure to lock the wheels.
• Always make sure the babies are buckled on the stroller when moving.
• If the stroller has brakes, make use of the brakes every time you notice the stroller moving fast.
• Always make sure the babies essentials are well packed in the basket to avoid losing them, especially when you walk in bumpy areas.

3. What to Avoid on Getting an Affordable Bassinet Stroller?

• Avoid a stroller that does not have enough padding as it will cost the comfort of your baby.
• Avoid a stroller that does not have a comfortable canopy.
• A weak structure will not last you for long.
• Choose a stroller that is foldable for convenient carrying.


These are the best bassinet strollers that are quite reliable yet affordable. The strollers are equipped with multiple accessories and features to accommodate even newborns. The strollers are made with adjustable mechanisms that allow one to use them as seats or bassinets for the baby to rest on.

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