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Top 5 Best Lightweight Bassinet Stroller Reviews

Are you expecting a baby soon, and you need a convenient stroller that you can travel with? A lightweight bassinet stroller is a great choice to consider. Lightweight bassinet strollers are made with multiple functionalities, which means you can use it for more than one service.

The baby equipment is used as napping surfaces for babies, strollers where the baby can sit while taking him/her for a walk and others are useful as car seats. So, to make your buying process easy, here are our top 5 best lightweight bassinet strollers and how to pick the best for your kid.


When Do You Need A Lightweight Bassinet Stroller?

bassinet stroller combo

When going for long strolls

If you are taking your baby for a long stroll and you feel she/he may need to take a nap while on the road, a lightweight bassinet stroller is the best choice. These strollers are made with convertible forms such that you can adjust it from a stroller to a napping bassinet for your little one. The lightweight strollers are equipped with safety parts like a canopy and mosquito net to secure your baby from pests while outdoors.

When traveling

The bassinet strollers are made in a foldable form for convenience when traveling with it. So, whether you want to take your baby for a picnic or you want a stroller that you can tag when going for a trip, these are the perfect choices. The fact that you can fold the bassinet stroller to a much compact size makes transportation convenient even with limited spaces in the car.

When carrying an infant

The bassinet strollers are suitable for small babies who are unable to support their back while seated. This is because you can convert it to a bassinet to carry your baby while sleeping. Also, the seats are well padded with cushions to support the baby well and firmly. Besides, they have fasteners to ensure the babies are comfortable even when sleeping as you roll the stroller.


Top 5 Best Lightweight Bassinet Stroller Reviews

1. Best Pram and Stroller Combo – INFANS Baby Bassinet Stroller with Adjustable Backrest

comfortable lightweight bassinet strollers for napping


  • Has multiple safety parts and a removable canopy
  • Has multiple storage spaces, including a cup holder
  • Quite stable to move on various terrains
  • Has five harnesses to secure the baby on the stroller


  • Kids can only use this stroller up to the age of 3 years

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The comfort of your baby while outdoors is fully taken care of with this amazing bassinet stroller. It serves as a baby stroller or a bassinet in case your baby wants to sleep. The quality material construction guarantees its stability, and your newborn will grow with it.

Special features

Adjustable backrest

The backrest of this bassinet stroller adjusts in different angles to accommodate different sizes, ages of the baby; and ensure your child is sitting or lying at a comfortable angle.

Durable wheels and shock absorbent springs

This bassinet stroller is meant for different surfaces, including rocky areas since it has safety parts that secure your baby. The wheels are strong and wide to maneuver on various surfaces easily. Plus, it has shock-absorbent strings on frames that secure your baby from bumpy effects.

Multifunctional baby equipment

This stroller acts as a little bassinet for your baby to sleep, and it is also great to use a stroller. It is equipped with a net that protects the baby from mosquitoes and a pillow to ensure the baby is fully comfortable while sleeping.


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2. Best Bassinet Stroller with Car Seat Combo – Graco Modes 3-in-1 Bassinet Travel System

best lightweight bassinet strollers


  • This bassinet stroller is quite strong to carry a weight of 50 pounds
  • The seat of the stroller has excellent padding to ensure your baby is fully comfortable
  • Comes with parent holding trays that can accommodate two cups
  • The wheels swivel at 360 degrees and can lock as well


  • Not suitable for terrains

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This is a three-bassinet stroller that you can use as a stroller, bassinet, or detach and use it as a car seat. The bassinet stroller has the quality and heavy-duty construction such that it can hold a baby with a weight of up to 50 pounds.

Special features

Adjustable seat

If your baby wants to take a nap while on the move, all you need to do is recline the seat, and you will be good to go. The top section has a canopy to secure your baby from external elements.

Easy to operate

The removable seat section has a strong single strap that easily attaches to multiple models of car seats.

Has harnesses

The seat has two strong padded harnesses that keep the baby secured on the seat while on the move


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3. Best Lightweight – INFANS 2 in 1 Baby Stroller with Large Storage Basket

lightweight umbrella strollers combo


  • Has a large basket for keeping the baby’s essentials
  • The canopy is adjustable in three positions to allow ample shielding
  • Has five harness points
  • The wheels swivel for smooth maneuvering


  • The cup holder tray for parents on this bassinet stroller is not suitable for holding heavy drinks

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Do you need a versatile stroller that your baby can use during the hot seasons or windy times? This bassinet stroller is a good choice. The stroller has an adjustable canopy essential for providing good shade to your little one. The canopy has a visual window to allow natural light and ensure your baby can see the exterior.

Special features

Ergonomic handle

This bassinet stroller has an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable angle and height for easy pulling and pushing the stroller while on the road.

360 degrees swivel and lockable wheels

Turning this stroller is smooth since the wheels swivel at 360 degrees. The back wheels are lockable to hold the bassinet stroller in a position when you park it.

Has a removable foot cover

The foot cover helps to secure the baby from wind and cold during the winter seasons. However, note that you can remove it during the summer seasons to allow fresh airflow around the seat.


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4. Best Convertible – BABY JOY 2-in-1 Baby Stroller with Foldable Design 

lightweight foldable strollers


  • Comes with an additional diaper bag
  • The equipped paddings provide commendable comfort to your baby
  • The canopy adjusts in three positions to provide enough shade
  • Light in weight for easy traveling with


  • This bassinet stroller may not work for taller kids

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If you need a convenient bassinet stroller that you can travel with, this is a great choice for infants and toddlers. This bassinet stroller folds to a much compact size for convenience when parking to carry in the car.

Special features

Features multiple safety features

The bassinet stroller has multiple safety features: rain cover, five harnesses, foot cover, mosquito net, and cushion pad. This proves that your baby can use this bassinet stroller throughout the year.

Durable and heavy-duty material construction

The frame of this bassinet stroller is made of aluminum material that guarantees stability and durability so that you can use it with a baby weighing up to 33 pounds. The wheels have rubber materials for smooth maneuvering on multiple surfaces.

Adjustable design

The backrest and canopy of this bassinet stroller are adjustable to accommodate different sitting and sleeping positions.


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5. Best For Travel – Pivot Modular Lightweight Bassinet Stroller Travel System with Car Seat 

best lightweight bassinet combo


  • Very versatile
  • Easy to maintain since you can wash the seat pad
  • Has a large baby storage basket
  • Quite light for portability


  • Not suitable for rough roads

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This is another 3 1 bassinet stroller worth investing in as you can use it in three different ways. This stroller is good to use as a sleeping bassinet, a car seat, and a baby stroller.

Special features

Multiple safety features

This bassinet stroller has multiple paddings that provide a comfortable cushioning surface for your baby. It also has harnesses to ensure the baby does not fall off if he/she leans on the stroller.

Washable seat pad

In case your baby spills on the seat, or even it gets dirty, you can always remove it for cleaning. Furthermore, the seat pad is washable with a machine washer for efficiency and fast cleaning.

Strong frame structure

The frame of this bassinet stroller is made of stainless steel materials and can hold a baby with a weight of up to 38 pounds.


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How to Pick the Best Lightweight Bassinet Stroller?

pick the best bassinet and stroller combo

Consider the age of your baby

The first thing you need to consider is the age and weight of your baby. How long do you want the baby to use the bassinet stroller? Since these strollers are made with different features to accommodate various weights and ages of babies, as a parent, it is crucial to make sure that the bassinet stroller that you choose will serve you and your baby.

If you need a bassinet stroller that your child can grow with, choose a model that adjusts in multiple angles, and has a high weight capacity. Some strollers are made with a strong structure to hold a baby with weights of up to 50 pounds.

Foldable vs. unfoldable

The other crucial factor worth considering is if the stroller can fold or not. Not all the lightweight bassinet strollers can be folded to compact sizes. If you have a small car, make sure the stroller you choose folds to a much smaller size for convenient storage in your car when traveling. If you opt for a foldable bassinet stroller, make sure it is easy to fold with one hand.

The use

Although most bassinet strollers are crafted in 2 in 1 design, some are crafted to offer 3 services. The 3 in 1 bassinet strollers are made to be used in three forms as a stroller, a bassinet, and you can also disassemble it to use a car seat.

Consider your storage needs.

It is crucial to make sure that the bassinets stroller you choose will provide enough space to carry your baby’s necessities and yours. These bassinet strollers are made with multiple storage spaces, including drinks holding trays for the baby and parents. If you need a stroller that can accommodate multiple baby items, check out the storage basket to make sure it will fit all the items intended to be carried.

The material construction

Stability, durability, and safety are three key features that determine the safety of your little one. Choose a bassinet stroller that has strong material construction to accommodate your baby. Ensure the wheels of the stroller are stable for smooth moving on various terrains.


What Can You Use A Lightweight Bassinet Stroller For?

  • For strolling your baby around the neighborhood
  • Your baby can sleep on the bassinet while outdoors or in the house
  • For carrying your babies essentials such as diapers, blanket, and food when strolling out


How to Use A Lightweight Bassinet Stroller Safely?

  • Make sure to check if the bassinet stroller is working before putting your baby on it.
  • Do not leave with your baby before he/ she is strapped on the bassinet stroller, especially if you are using it in the form of a seat.
  • For the comfort of your little one, recline the seat until you form the most comfortable sitting position.
  • Never leave the bassinet stroller parked without locking the wheels to prevent it from moving when you are not keen.
  • Don’t leave the stroller to roll without holding it with your hands as it can easily miss the path, hence, end up causing an accident.



These are great and reliable lightweight bassinet strollers that you can use in multiple ways. You don’t necessarily need to carry different baby items when traveling since you can use these bassinets as strollers, beds, and resting surfaces.

They have safety features and parts to secure your little one and storage spaces that incorporate parents’ essentials like drinks.

So, get a stroller bassinet that you find convenient for your newborn or the oncoming buddle of joy from these options.


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