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The 6 Best Double Stroller with Bassinet Reviews For Twins Travel Use

Double strollers with bassinet are a great choice of strollers for parents who have two kids. These strollers are safe and comfortable to carry two babies while going out or when going for strolls. The seats are ergonomically designed with two seats in a row to accommodate two kids without compromising the space.

This means that the double strollers with bassinet do not take up much space on the road, making it easy to maneuver around the crowds. These strollers are made just like the normal strollers with safety features and comfort. The best part is that you can adjust the seat for form bassinet for your kids to sleep on.


What is a Double Stroller with Bassinet For?

The double strollers with bassinet are useful for carrying two kids. These strollers are equipped with two seats to ensure each child has a comfortable space to sit on without squeezing each other. The good thing with these strollers is that they are safe for different ages of babies, including newborns, as the seats are convertible to bassinet so they can lie to rest the backs.

side by side double stroller with bassinet design

Best Double Stroller with Bassinet Reviews

1. Best Lightweight – Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller with Tandem Seating

double umbrella strollers with bassinet



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  • Comfortable to push on crowds
  • Comfortable for your babies
  • Quality materials construction
  • Extra-large storage space


  • The stroller is quite heavy

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From the design to the available features, this double stroller is crafted to accommodate two kids without compromising their safety and comfort. The strollers’ seats are well padded to provide a good and safe cushion for your little ones. You can also adjust the seats to form a bassinet, so your babies can take a nap.

Easy to fold

Folding to store or pack the stroller in the car takes a few seconds. There is no bending needed to fold this stroller, making it possible to fold even with one hand.

Super comfortable

The stroller seats are equipped with long canopies to ensure your kids have a great shield from the UV rays. The seats adjust to varying angles so your baby can get a comfortable resting space. Nonetheless, each seat has a footrest essential for holding the baby’s feet to prevent them from hanging, which can be quite uncomfortable.

Lockable and swivel wheel

Turning this stroller even with your kids on board is easy as the front wheels easily rotate so you can change the directions. Also, the stroller’s rear wheels can be locked to secure the stroller in one place when you park it.


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2. Best with Car Seat Combo – Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Easy Fold Toddler Baby Double Stroller with Bassinet

2 in 1 double stroller with bassinet


  • Safe for infants
  • Safe and comfortable for your babies
  • Has a large storage basket below to fit multiple items
  • The canopies are adjustable


  • Removing and putting back the car seats on this stroller is not easy


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This is one of the most versatile double baby strollers you will find on the market. Other than using the stroller seats as bassinets, you can also detach them and use them in your car. So, you don’t necessarily need to buy car seats as long you have this quality stroller.

Multiple riding forms

The comfort of your babies is fully guaranteed with this stroller from Baby Trend N’ stand. First off, the stroller seats can recline to different angles, so your baby can sit or lie comfortably. The rear area has a stepping section for kids to stand on to relax and stretch.

Activated foot brake

Controlling this stroller’s speed when pushing on different areas or parking is easy since it has activated foot brakes. The brakes also help to hold the stroller in one place when you park it.

Multiple compatibilities

This stroller is crafted with large dimensions such that you can equip two car seats on both front and back sections of the stroller. Note that you can only use the stroller with the Baby Trend Infant car seats.


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3. Best For Compact Space – Besrey Double Buggy Pushchair Pram Twin Stroller  

compact double stroller reviews


  • The rear seat can be used as a bassinet
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • The wheels swivel for easy maneuvering and turning the stroller
  • The handle has brakes to control the speed of the stroller


  • The storage basket underneath is small and may not fit multiple babies essentials


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Apart from the heavy-duty material construction of this double stroller, it comes with an additional rain cover to secure the babies from the rain if it rains while outdoors. The stroller has quality materials crafting, which are backed up with a year warranty.

Weather resistance canopies

The stroller canopies are crafted in a large style to secure your little ones from harsh outdoor climates like high UV rays. Also, one is given an extra rain cover to secure the babies if it rains while outdoors.

5 adjustable harnesses

This double stroller’s seats have five-point harnesses to ensure the baby is firmly held on the seat while seated or sleeping. Also, the harnesses are adjustable to accommodate your babies as they grow.

Multifunctional seats

The stroller’s back seat can be collapsed to form a bassinet if one of your babies wants to take a nap. The front seat is also adjustable to make sure the baby is comfortable and not strained on the back.


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4. Best For Travel – Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller with Compact Shape

large double strollers with bassinet option


  • Has excellent padding to accommodate newborns
  • The handle has an ergonomic style for a comfortable grip when pushing it
  • The tires are strong to walk in different areas
  • This stroller is light for easy portability.


  • This stroller does not have ample storage space, which can be quite limiting since you have to carry multiple bags.


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This stroller is crafted for outdoors; hence, the quality material construction. This stroller’s canopies are stretchable to ensure the babies have enough shade from the high UV rays without restraining the kids’ visibility.


This stroller is perfect for traveling since it folds to a light and compact size for convenient packing. This means that you can easily pack the stroller in the boot to use when outdoors.


Unlike other standard strollers that keep the babies’ legs dangling, this stroll has a unique footrest that keeps the babies’ feet up such that they can comfortably stretch them for comfort.

Heavy-duty frames

If you need a stroller that your twins can use up to the toddler stage, this stroller is a win. Each seat on the stroller holds a kid weighing up to 33 pounds.


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5. Best 3 in 1 Combo – Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Toddler & Baby Stroller

tandem lightweight double stroller


  • Controlling the movements of this stroller is easy and comfortable
  • The stroller is light in weight
  • Assembling the stroller is easy
  • The wheels are smooth to move on various surfaces


  • The opening of the underneath basket is quite small, making it difficult to access the baby items.


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Although this double stroller may cost a little more than some of the reviewed models, it has the quality and great features convenient for both parents and the kids. The stroller is quite comfortable to carry infants.

7 seat adjustable modes

The seats are meant to be configured to different sitting positions and angles comfortable for both kids and the parent. You can adjust the seats for the kids to sit facing your side, facing each other, or back to back.

Lightweight frame

Carrying this stroller to move is easy since it only weighs 34 pounds. The structure frame is made of lightweight aluminum materials, but it can carry babies weighing up to 40 pounds.

Quality wheels with safety features

The wheels of this stroller are equipped with a suspension that facilitates smooth moments. They are equipped with sandle friendly brakes for convenient controlling the stroller while on the move. Still, the wheels have rubber coating for smooth maneuvering on various terrains.


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6. Best with Removable Tray – Graco Ready 2Grow LX Double Stroller with Bassinet

double bassinet stroller for travel


  • Assembling this stroller is easy
  • The rear seat can be converted to a bassinet in case you want your babies to take a nap
  • The stroller is made with high-quality materials
  • It is foldable for easy carrying and storing


  • This stroller weighs 33 pounds, which is quite bulky to move.


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One feature design that stands out on this double baby stroller is the large and multiple storage options. The stroller is equipped with a large underneath basket essential for holding multiple baby accessories. The front seat has a tray holder with two cups for keeping your babies’ milk or water for easy access.

Easy to maintain the seat

If your baby soils or spills on the seats, you can always remove the seat pads to clean. The seats are made with pure polyester and cotton materials that are easy to clean using a machine washer.

Easy to carry

The stroller is foldable for convenient carrying when traveling with it. Besides, it is also crafted with a lightweight frame that facilitates portability.

Strong frame structure

Although this stroller is crafted with a lightweight, portable frame, it is quite strong and durable such that you can carry babies with a weight of up to 40 pounds.


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Why Picking a Double Stroller with a Bassinet?

double stroller with bassinet option

The strollers that have the bassinet options are super convenient and comfortable for kids. This is because the strollers’ seats are convertible to bassinet so the baby can lie and take a nap to relax their backs. Also, the strollers with bassinet are multifunctional since some can be used as a car seat, considering they have great paddings and are equipped with harnesses.


How to Pick the Best Double Stroller with a Bassinet?

The weight capacitycompact double stroller with bassinet design

This should probably be the first feature to check out when buying the stroller with bassinets. If you are buying a stroller for twins or a model that your babies can grow with, it is crucial to make sure that the stroller you choose has the right structure to accommodate their weight. The double strollers with bassinet are made to accommodate varying weight capacities ranging from 30 to 50 pounds or more. So, compare the weight of your babies to find the right brand for them.

Your needs

If you are looking for a double stroller that you can use outdoors, make sure it has sturdy and quality materials to accommodate various terrains. If you need a stroller to jog while still looking after your babies, ensure the stroller can accommodate these activities.

The weight

Do you need a stroller that you can travel with? Make sure to choose a stroller that is light in weight and foldable for easy packing in the car. The double strollers with bassinets may be a bit bulky than the standard models since they are meant to carry more than one child, but make sure they are comfortable for your child.


Different Types of Double Stroller with Bassinet

Tandem double stroller

This is a flexible stroller that allows one to attach multiple baby accessories such as a bassinet and car seat. The tandem double stroller models have latches for easy attaching the bassinet and the car seat.

Side by side double stroller

These are the type of strollers whereby the babies’ seats are equipped next to each other. These strollers are quite common for twins since they are convenient when monitoring the babies while on the move. However, the strollers are not suitable to use in the congested area since they take up huge space of the path.

Sit and stand double stroller.

This is the type of stroller where the babies’ seats are equipped on a row. They are meant to accommodate two kids, whereby one baby sits above the other one. These strollers are space saver double strollers since they don’t take up much space on the road.


How to Use the Double Stroller with Bassinet Safely?


Always stay close to your babies while on the move, and if you are parking the stroller, ensure to lock the wheels
Always make sure the babies are buckled on the stroller when moving
If the stroller has brakes, make use of the brakes every time you notice the stroller moving fast
Always make sure the babies essential are well packed in the basket to avoid losing them, especially when you walk in bumpy areas



These are the best double strollers for parents who have two kids or twins. The strollers are convertible to bassinets so your babies can relax while outdoors. These double strollers are made with heavy-duty materials, with varying weight capacities to accommodate different babies’ ages. If you need a stroller that you can use while doing physical activities such as jogging outdoors, make sure to choose a model designed for such.

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