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Top 6 Best Strollers with Bassinet Option Reviews for 2022

Baby strollers come in varying styles, but if you need a super comfortable stroller for your baby, consider the model with a bassinet option. The strollers that are crafted with bassinet provide a space for your baby or babies to sleep and, at the same time, sit. These strollers are crafted with quality paddings that provide excellent cushioning to your baby so that they can sleep peacefully.

The strollers with bassinet options have weight capacity limits. So, if you need a stroller that your baby may grow for a while with, choose a stroller that has a strong structure to hold heavyweights of up to 50 pounds or more. Here is our choice of the five best strollers with bassinets.


Who Needs the Best Strollers with Bassinet Option?

bassinet strollers for napping

For infants

Newborns cannot sit for long hours considering their bones are still fragile; hence, a stroller with a bassinet is a great choice since you can extend the seat to form a sleeping place for the little one. The stroller with bassinet is made with excellent paddings that provide a cushioning surface for your baby.


Newborns are not recommended to use a regular stroller as their bodies are quite fragile; hence cannot sit for long hours on the stroller. The strollers with bassinet are crafted with advanced features and materials that ensure that even the newborn can either sit or sleep on the stroller when carrying them on outdoors.


Best Strollers With Bassinet Option Review

1. Best Strollers with Bassinet Option For Napping – INFANS 2 in 1 Baby Stroller with Adjustable Canopy

bassinet stroller combo


  • Suitable for newborns since it has Safety features
  • The wheels are strong to move on different road types
  • Foldable to small size for easy transporting
  • Five-point securing straps.


  • Not suitable for tough terrains


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If you need a baby stroller that your baby can use in multiple methods and grow with, Infans has this amazing stroller model made just for you. The stroller is adjustable to form a bassinet if your baby wants to take a nap.

3-position adjustable canopy

The canopy of this stroller adjusts in three positions, so you can extend it to the most comfortable angle for your baby to get enough shade. Hence, your baby will still get full body cover from high UV rays even when you convert it to a bassinet.

Safe wheels

This stroller’s front wheels rotate at 360 degrees for easy turning while moving it, and the rear wheels are lockable to prevent it from rolling when you park it.

Features a flexible foot cover

The foot cover is fitted at the base of the seat, and it is useful for protecting the baby from cold and wind by insulating the feet. However, you can remove the foot cover during sunny days to allow breathability.

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2. Best For Twins – Pivot Xpand Modular Baby Stroller with 4 Modes

best strollers with bassinet option


  • Quality materials
  • Accommodate a car seat
  • Large storage basket at the base
  • Adjusts in four different positions


  • Quite expensive


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I love this stroller because it has a large basket at the base essential for carrying the baby’s things. Thus, you don’t need to carry multiple baby bags when taking your baby out.

Heavy-duty material construction

This stroller is crafted with heavy-duty materials such that you can use it to carry a toddler weighing up to 55 pounds

4 use mode

This is a versatile stroller that you can use in four different modes. This feature ensures your baby has enough comfort, whether seated on sleeping.

Compact and foldable

This stroller is easy and comfortable to travel with since it is foldable to a compact size. The stroller weighs less than 20 pounds, so carrying it around is quite easy.

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3. Best with Car Seat Combo – Graco Modes Bassinet Travel System 

best baby strollers with bassinet combo


  • Folds in small size for convenient storage
  • Adjusts in different modes to ensure the baby is comfortable
  • Has great paddings to ensure the baby has enough support
  • Has five-point harnesses to secure the baby


  • Not suitable for rocky surfaces


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With this Graco stroller, you don’t need to buy a car seat since it is detachable to use the seat as a car seat. It is an economical stroller and convenient for parents who often travel with their babies.

Easy convertible mode

If your baby wants to nap or is tired of sitting for too long, you can easily connect the seat to form a bassinet. The canopy of the stroller is also adjustable to ensure the baby has enough shade.

Has a visual window

You don’t need to stop the stroller to check on your baby as you can do so while on the move. The canopy has a visual window for peeking on the baby.

Multiple storage spaces

The stroller has a large basket beneath for keeping the baby essential such as food and diapers. The top area has a tray with two cup holders to accommodate the parent’s drinks.

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4. Best with 12 Riding Options – Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller For Twins

baby strollers bassinets


  • Has multiple harnesses to hold the baby on the seat
  • Accommodates two babies in multiple modes
  • Easy to clean
  • Features various storage baskets for food and baby clothes


  • A bit large for travel use


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If you don’t want to go through the hustle of converting the seat into a bassinet, I would recommend this stroller model for you. The stroller comes attached with both the bassinet and seat; hence, you just need to change your baby to the most comfortable place to sit or sleep. Also, the stroller has a standing bench where your toddler can stand as you push the stroller.

Strong frame structure

The stroller is perfect for infants and toddlers since it can hold high weights. The stroller’s rear seat accommodates a baby weighing 40 pounds while the standing space holds a baby with a weight of 50 pounds.

12 riding selection

This stroller converts into 12 different modes, and it has multiple seating and standing sections to accommodate two kids. Thus, it is definitely a good choice for moms with two kids of varying ages.

Easy to maintain

The seats of this stroller are made with polyester and cotton materials, which are easy to clean. You can remove the top padding to clean with a machine washer and soap.

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5. Best Lightweight – Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller with Tandem Seating

best stroller with bassinet options for twins


  • Comfortable to walk in crowds
  • Reclines to form different seating modes
  • Has quality material construction
  • The wheels are lockable


  • The stroller is quite heavy to carry


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If you are looking for a good gift for a parent who had twins, this is a good choice for a stroller to buy them. The thing that I love about this stroller is that it does not occupy a large space on the road. Thus, you can comfortably push your babies on the road with multiple people.

Large storage space

This stroller is designed to accommodate two kids; hence, the large storage basket underneath. You can efficiently fit all your baby essentials on the basket when traveling.

Lockable swivel front wheels

The front wheels swivel at 360 degrees for easy turning when moving the stroller in different directions. They are also lockable to hold the stroller when parked.

Two reclining seats

The seats of the stroller are reclinable to provide comfortable sleeping angles for your babies. Each seat has a canopy to secure the children from the UV rays.

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6. Best Foldable – Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Toddler & Baby Stroller with Bassinet Option

tandem strollers with bassinet option


  • Stable crafting
  • Comfortable to push on different areas
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable for the comfort and safety of your kids


  • Not suitable for jogging


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This is another quality stroller that can carry two kids. The stroller is made with quality materials to accommodate babies weighing up to 40 pounds. Note that the stroller may need some assembling, but the process is not hard to crack.

Multiple seat options

The stroller seats adjust in seven sitting positions such that you can set the babies to sit facing back to back, forward, and next to each other.

Features saddle friendly brakes.

This stroller’s wheels are equipped with saddle friendly brakes for easy controlling its movement, especially when walking in sloppy areas.

The contoured and ergonomic handlebar

This stroller’s handle has an ergonomic style and is contoured to provide a comfortable holding position when pushing your baby.


The stroller has great padding on the seat to provide comfortable sitting areas for your babies.

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Benefits of Strollers with Bassinet Option

They are cozy

These strollers are crafted to make sure the baby is super cozy and comfortable throughout. The strollers have heavy paddings that provide a great cushion bed to ensure the baby is comfortable sleeping. These strollers can be converted to bassinet ensures the baby does not strain their back by sitting down throughout the trip.


The strollers with bassinet are safe for babies since they are made with various harnesses points that secure the baby firmly on the seat or bassinet. Hence, you can push them on multiple surfaces without the baby falling or feeling uneasy.


How to Choose Best Strollers with Bassinet Options?

the strollers with bassinet options for babies

Consider the structure

A stroller that can be used for more than one style should be made with quality materials construction to withstand the baby in multiple positions. So, choose a stroller that has quality material crafting. Nonetheless, check out the weight that the stroller can hold to make sure it will fit your baby.

The safety features

Whether sitting or sleeping on the stroller, the safety of your baby should be paramount when buying the stroller. Therefore, make sure the stroller has multiple harnesses to strap the baby to the seat firmly. If you need a stroller that you can push on multiple surfaces, ensure it has brakes, so you can efficiently control the stroller’s speed on sloppy surfaces.

The type

Do you need a stroller that accommodates one baby or two babies? If you need a stroller for two babies, ensure it has double seats to accommodate the two kids.


When Do You Need A Double Stroller with A Bassinet Option?

When you have two kids

If you are expecting twins or two kids that may need to be carried while outdoors, the double stroller with bassinet is a great choice for a stroller. These strollers are made with two seats to accommodate two kids. They are equipped with all safety features and are also strong to accommodate kids of varying weights. However, check the weight the double stroller with a bassinet can hold before buying it to make sure it will suit your little ones.


Strollers with Bassinet Option vs. Standard Stroller


If you compare the stroller with the bassinet and the normal ones regarding comfort, the bassinet’s strollers are more comfortable. These strollers are made with extra padding to ensure the baby has enough support while sleeping or seated. The baby also does not need to strain their backs by sitting for so long on the seat. On the other side, the normal strollers are crafted in standard seat form, which may be uncomfortable for some infants.

Age limit

The strollers with bassinet are recommendable for all ages, including for newborns since they have thick paddings and can recline to a bed to provide enough support to the baby. But the standard strollers cannot adjust to bedform; hence, they are not recommendable for newborns.



A stroller that has an option of the bassinet is always a great choice for parents with infants. The strollers provide total comfort for your baby because they can either sleep or sit while outdoors. Just choose the best stroller with a bassinet option for your baby or babies from these six options. Some are crafted to fit two babies as they come with two seats.

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