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Top 6 Best Foldable Double Stroller Reviews For Twins

If you have twins or a second baby on the way, a double stroller is a big purchase. These are loaded with features that make traveling with two children more comfortable than ever. They roll all the style and function into one impressive package- for two. They are safe, practical, and handle two passengers with the style and ease of one great stroller. These strollers are designed to fold into a compact size for travel and storage convenience.

Moreover, they offer other functions such as storage options, and some even have an MP3 speaker. Foldable double strollers will meet your needs and help you maneuver easily with your two children. They come in a variety of designs, seating styles, and specifications. Here’s more on these impressive units.


How to Choose the Best Foldable Double Stroller?

Foldable double strollers come in a wide range of designs, styles, and specifications. Choosing one may prove to be a little challenging. But you can narrow down your options by considering the following factors.

umbrella fold double stroller

The age gap between your children

If your kids are a year or less apart, rule out the option of sit-and-stand. That is also applicable for the umbrella strollers as they are not designed to accommodate two children of different sizes. For this factor, you have to check the weight limit of the stroller before buying it.

And to maximize your usage, go for those with a maximum capacity of 100 pounds. For those with twins, the sit-and-stand is not a good option. You can go for the umbrella strollers, joggers, tandems, and side-by-side strollers- this depends on your preferences and needs.

How you will be using the stroller

If you plan to haul the stroller up and downstairs and in and out of your car frequently, you need to look for an all-terrain double stroller. These are heavily built and usually too bulky to fit your trunk. Also, this sturdy and easy-to-maneuver option is excellent for use around the neighborhood. If you are in search of a travel stroller, the umbrella strollers are the most ideal.


The safety of your infant should be a priority. Many double strollers feature safety belts to protect the baby from falling. The brakes are also important, mainly when jogging.

Storage space

You need to consider the available storage for your babies, especially twins. You need sufficient storage for all the essentials, snacks, and drinks for your babies.


The size of the double stroller is a consideration if you want better maneuverability and convenience during travels. Narrow strollers are very portable.

Your budget

Foldable double strollers come in a broad spectrum of price points. Generally, the all-terrain options cost more than the umbrella stroller.


Top 6 Best Foldable Double Stroller Reviews

1. Best Umbrella – Delta Children LX Tandem Stroller For Twins

foldable stroller

Why Choose It:

  • Large canopy
  • Reclining seats
  • Two storage bags
  • Lightweight frame
  • Five-point safety harness
  • 360-degree shock absorbing from wheels

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Delta Children Tandem Umbrella Stroller will meet your needs. This stroller features a large canopy that works to offer protection against the sun, sudden rain, or wind. Moreover, it can conveniently recline to offer your children maximum comfort. Also, this double stroller can fold for storage convenience. It comes with a five-point harness system with shoulder pads for your children’s safety and comfort. Moreover, this stroller is fitted with 360-degree shock absorbing front wheels that ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

On top of that, this double stroller comes with two large hanging bags that provide storage for your baby’s essentials. Furthermore, there is a parent cup holder for your drinks, enhancing convenience. This double stroller is ideal for families on the go with the lightweight frame and compact umbrella fold. You can easily explore this stroller as it fits through the standard 30-inch doors. These strollers are available in a range of fun and stylish color options.


  • The wheels ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • The large canopy provides the ultimate protection against the sun, rain, or wind.
  • This stroller allows easy storage and travels with the lightweight frame and compact umbrella fold.
  • Offers storage options with the two large storage bags and parent cup holder
  • It offers optimal comfort and safety to your child.


  • The handle is not adjustable


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2. Best with Adjustable Backrest – BABY JOY Double Baby Stroller

compact double stroller

Why Choose It:

  • Safety wheels
  • Storage basket
  • Folded sunshade
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Solid frame and safe fabric
  • Adjustable backrest, footrest, and push handle

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BABY JOY Double baby stroller was designed with your children in mind. This stroller comes with a 5-point harness that is ideal for the ultimate protection of the baby. The straps are suitably wider to increase the area of contact with the baby to prevent strangling. It comes with a large storage basket that is convenient for storing baby items. The mesh material used is lightweight and breathable.

Also, the push handles are conveniently adjustable to suit different heights of mothers. The universal front wheels are shockproof and flexible for a smooth ride.

Besides that, this double stroller has a unique design with two seats in front and back for your two babies. The rear wheels are designed to link to the brake with one step. The backrest is adjustable for the baby’s comfort and suits a sleeping posture. Also, the footrest is adjustable to accommodate your growing baby. This stroller is fitted with a folded sunshade for protection against the sun.


  • This stroller is fully adjustable for convenience.
  • Offers storage options with the large storage basket
  • This stroller has a sturdy construction for long-lasting use.
  • It ensures the baby’s safety with the harness system and safety wheels.


  • It does not have a cup holder.


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3. Best Compact – Delta Children City Street Stroller

foldable strollers for twin

Why Choose It:

  • 3-point safety harness
  • Two hanging storage bags
  • Parent cup holder with attachments
  • Shock-absorbing wheels
  • Lightweight frame

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Satisfaction is guaranteed with the Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller. This stroller features canopies that protect against the elements. Also, the 3-point safety harness ensures the child’s safety as well. This stroller is ideal for everyday use and travel thanks to the lightweight frame and umbrella fold. The front wheels have a 360-degree swivel design that enhances a smooth ride. Moreover, this stroller comes with plenty of storage options with the hanging storage bags for your child’s essentials and a parent cup holder with two attachment points.

Another thing is, this stroller can easily fit through a standard 30-inch door to give you an easy time. This stroller makes traveling with your two children a breeze. The wheels can be unlocked for easy maneuverability and locked for enhanced stability on bumpy surfaces. This stroller has a non-toxic finish that is safe for your little ones. The durable sport color finish makes the stroller sturdy and stylish.


  • This stroller offers optimal safety and comfort with the safety harness and canopy.
  • This stroller is ideal for travel with the umbrella fold and lightweight frame.
  • It has high performance with shock-absorbing wheels.
  • Offers plenty of storage options


  • It does not recline.


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4. Best For Dolls – Olivia’s Little World Baby Doll Twin Jogging Stroller

double foldable stroller

Why Choose It:

  • Adjustable handle
  • Foldable twin jogging stroller
  • Retractable canopy
  • Buckle up function
  • Linen washable
  • Storage basket

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Olivia’s Little World Baby Doll Twin jogging stroller is an excellent product for the price. This stroller is the perfect accessory for your children’s dolls. It allows them to bring two of their dolls for a ride anywhere. Also, this stroller has a great design with polka dots that is appealing to their eyes. It features a storage space that accommodates all the dolls’ belongings. Moreover, the thick buckles secure the baby dolls in place during the ride. The handles are conveniently adjustable to accommodate various children heights.

What’s more, this baby doll stroller features safety locks that ensure the stroller does not fold onto the little ones’ hands whenever they are using the stroller. The bassinet provides the option of shielding the dolls from the sun or leave it open. This stroller also offers a changing station for your baby dolls with functional components. The high chair on the changing station is well decorated and is suitable for quick feeding. This stroller is foldable for storage convenience.


  • This stroller ensures your child’s safety with the safety lock.
  • It allows the little ones to take out their dolls for a ride.
  • It features a storage basket for the dolls’ belongings.
  • The handle is adjustable to suit various user heights.
  • It can fold for storage convenience.


  • The dolls are not included.


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5. Best For Jogging – Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

foldable stroller for jogging

Why Choose It:

  • MP3 speakers
  • Large storage basket
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • Locking front swivel wheels
  • Convenient parent tray

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Baby Trend Navigator double jogger stroller will exceed your expectations. It is well designed to offer both safety and comfort to your little ones. This stroller features a multi-position reclining seat that ensures your child is comfortable. The 5-point safety harness offers maximum safety to your babies while on the move. Moreover, this jogger stroller features two individual ratcheted canopies that provide shade and protection against sun, rain, or wind. It also features two front swivel wheels with a lockable function to keep the stroller steady when you are jogging.

Additionally, this double jogger stroller comes with two trays with cup holders for your drinks and snacks. Also, it is fitted with MP3 plug-in speakers so you can enjoy your music outside. There is also a large storage basket that accommodates the baby’s essential and keeps them within reach. This stroller enables quick and easy fold with a carry handle.


  • It ensures the baby’s safety with a safety harness.
  • Accommodates two baby trend infant car seats
  • You and your baby can enjoy music with the MP3 speakers.
  • It offers plenty of storage with a large basket and two trays.
  • This stroller offers excellent comfort with the multi-position reclining seat.


  • The car seats are sold separately.


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6. Best with 5-point Harness – Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

double stroller for jogging use

Why Choose It:

  • 5-point safety harness
  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • Lightweight composite wheels
  • Convenient parent tray
  • Large storage basket
  • Ratcheting canopy

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Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger is great for outdoor use. This stroller features multiple-positions reclining seats that can be individually adjusted to keep each child comfortable. Also, the tires have a quick release design making it suitable for storage and travel. Moreover, this stroller features locking front swivel wheels that ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. It comes with lightweight composite wheels and a ratcheting canopy with a window to protect your young ones against the elements.

Another thing is, this double jogger comes with a 5-point safety harness that ensures your child’s safety. It is also fitted with a convenient parent tray with cup holders to keep your drinks and snacks within reach. There is also a covered storage compartment and a large storage basket for all your baby’s essentials. The stroller can be folded conveniently into a compact unit for storage.


  • It offers plenty of storage options.
  • It can fold into a compact unit for storage.
  • It is lightweight yet has a sturdy construction.
  • This stroller features a canopy for safety and protection.
  • The stroller offers maximum comfort with the reclining seat.


  • Handles are not adjustable.


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Do You Need a Foldable Double Stroller?

best foldable double stroller

Foldable double strollers are a significant investment. They help you to move quickly with your two children in tow. Double strollers are a good idea for parents of multiples. For those who already have a single stroller, there are a few options to explore.

Stroller boards

Some strollers offer a ride-along board option for the older siblings and can be attached to the back of the stroller base. Also, there are universal boards that are compatible with most of the stroller brands.


Baby carrier

This is not a standard option and will not work for twins. You can have one of your children in the baby carrier with the older one in the single stroller.


What Are the Best Types of the Foldable Double Stroller?

Side by side stroller

These strollers are designed to have your kids sitting next to each other. They are easier to move around corners and can also fit most trunks. Also, if you have older kids, you can spare them squabbling who sits in the back. These strollers’ seats have the same amount of space between them and the same amenities like cup holders, legroom, recline, and weight limit.

In general, they are easy to fold and easy to turn and maneuver. Some parents like the idea of having their kids interact with each other. Most of these strollers are ideal for twins. The drawback of this type of stroller is that it is harder for them to get through doors and narrow aisles.

In-line stroller

In-line or tandem strollers have one child sitting behind the other. Some are designed with a frame that allows you to snap two infant car seats in place. These strollers are also easy to maneuver in the narrow store aisles and doors and have more configurations. For the tandems with snap-in car seats, it is easy for you to move the kids from the car to the stroller.

The drawback of these strollers is that it is harder for them to maneuver around corners, and they do not fit in the smaller trunks. With infant car seats, your children may outgrow them soon as they have a capacity of 30 pounds. Also, as your kids get older, they may start protesting about sitting in the back. Moreover, the seats do not have the same amenities- one may offer more legroom, and the other seat may recline.

A Convertible or modular stroller

This stroller allows you to switch from a single to a double stroller or a double to a sit-and-stand. This allows you to get maximum usage of your stroller. They are, however, heavy and bulky. Most of the convertible strollers are in-line, but you can find a few side-by-side convertibles. These strollers grow with your family. However, they are on the expensive side, and not all are ideal for twins.

Umbrella folds the double stroller.

If you do not often need the stroller, this is a great option. They are lightweight and easily fold up for storage and travel. They are not well suited for everyday use. Also, they cannot typically accommodate a newborn.


Best Brands of Foldable Double Stroller

Baby joy

Baby Joy brand has been in the industry for a long while. The products always have the safety and comfort of your children in mind. Moreover, they have high-quality construction and serve their purposes. This brand manufactures a wide range of baby strollers from single strollers, foldable strollers, double strollers, and so on. You are sure to find one that perfectly meets your needs. Also, you enjoy great conveniences and extra functions from some of the products.


Costway brand is a renowned brand when it comes to baby products. It has over ten years of operation and has continued to exceed the customers’ expectations. This brand produces premium products at budget-friendly prices. The baby strollers, in particular, are well built to offer extended service use. Some of the products offer great conveniences, such as folding into compact sizes for easy storage and travel. This company prides itself on serving its customers and developing a diverse range of products.



Foldable double strollers are an excellent choice for families on the go with two young ones. They offer great convenience as they can fold into a compact size. Also, they are well designed with your children’s safety and comfort in mind. These come in a wide range of styles to choose from.

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