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Helmond, June 18, 2013 The streets of the city are about to get a little more exciting! Quinny is developing a fun and innovative new mobility concept; the longboard stroller. It’s a completely new and spectacular way to cruise through the city with your kid. And it’s environmentally friendly as well!

The Quinny is all about pushing limits. Mobility challenges that parents face every day are a burden. To tackle these challenges, the longboard stroller takes a different approach to urban mobility. It gives the experience and freedom of riding a longboard and allows parents to travel faster than with a regular stroller to explore more of the city together with their kids.

Innovation, creating new mobility solutions for parents, is in Quinny’s DNA, but ideas like this don’t come along every day. The concept came to fruition after a worldwide consumer research study on urban parenting done by Quinny last year. The results showed that for many parents living in urban areas the distance they travel in the city is reduced after they have children.

“We want to get input from consumers and specialists as early in the design process as possible. Their input is incredibly valuable for our product development” – Mark Schrooten, innovation director Quinny

To make sure we optimized the expertise in both creating premium strollers and longboard building, Quinny teamed-up with Studio Peter van Riet to further improve the first concepts. Together they shaped the Quinny into a consumer friendly longboard stroller; a product with the potential to become a hit on streets all over the world.

“I have never used a longboard before but was able to ride it right away and my little one was loving it!“ – Mother testing the Quinny longboard stroller

Right now, Quinny is further developing the prototype of the longboard stroller. Quinny and Studio Peter van Riet want to evolve its design together with longboarding parents and experts over the next few months. Quinny stresses that they first want to fully test the concept to ensure the safety for parents and children and that there are still hurdles to overcome before the concept can be taken into production.


People who would like to get involved in the development of the concept are welcome to visit the longboard stroller Facebook page or


Note to the editor / not for publication:

About Quinny

Quinny makes seamless mobility solutions for parents in their urban habitat, so they have the ultimate freedom to ‘walk your way.’ Parents that love the city, its energy and everything it has to offer. They believe in adding true value so we create functional products to overcome urban obstacles – the small challenges that parents face every day while they are on the move. They’re dedicated to creating beautiful products that can grow together with the development of each child; to have the ideal solution for the present, with an eye to the future.

The Quinny longboard stroller is just one of the concepts that shows how Quinny is constantly pushing the limits of how parents face their mobility challenges every day. Over the years Quinny has brought different strollers to the market as the Buzz, Zapp, Zapp Xtra, Moodd and Yezz that were revolutionary in design, material and consumer usage.

Quinny is a premium brand of Dorel Industries (TSX: DII.B; DII.A).

About Studio Peter van Riet

Studio Peter Van Riet is a design agency, seated in Antwerp, Belgium. Peter Van Riet is the creative mind behind this hybrid design studio, which collaborates closely with talented specialists from various sectors. This dynamic platform for creativity, coupled with a unique ‘vision on creation’, is oriented for a wide variety of services, ranging from product design to company design.

Peter is a Belgian designer, product developer and entrepreneur who has worked for various brands and has won national and international prizes.