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How to Open A Foldable Stroller?

Some strollers are foldable to aid mainly with the transportation and the storage thereof. Before you may use them, you have to open them. That requires you to know how to open a foldable stroller. We care for the kinds of efforts you expend to have your way.

That is why we have dedicated the entire length and breadth of these discussions to just that. For one, there are two main kinds of foldable strollers. These are the single and the double strollers respectively. We take a look at their finest details in the two-part series below.

guides on opening a foldable stroller

How to Open A Foldable Stroller?

There are two main kinds of strollers. These are the single and the double strollers respectively. How you may open the foldable stroller largely depends on these two types. We offer in-depth explanations to them in the proceeding segments of the discussions:

A. Single Stroller

The single stroller is so-called because it contains only one compartment wherein an occupant is placed. In many cases, it is exclusively used to ferry one child per unit time. This lightweight stroller is by far the simplest to make use of and to subsequently unfold.

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Position the stroller appropriately

Start out by placing or positioning the stroller appropriately. To do this, place it atop a flat surface in such a way as to position the wheels at the bottom whereas the handles facing upwards. It is only in this position that the item will be relatively simpler to engage going forward.

Step II: Press the two buttons

Now move ahead to press the two buttons that exist on the outside of the sidebars of the handles. Then, proceed to pull up the handlebars until you hear some clicking sounds. It is these sounds that signal that you have indeed managed the feat. Keep pulling till you hear the sound.

Step III: Release the side latches

The time has now come for you to release the side latches. You will locate these right at the center of the sides of the strollers. They serve to keep the stroller together in such a manner as not to snap open in the process of carrying the item.

Step IV: Open the stroller wide

You now have to open the stroller wide. In order that you may do this, you should hold onto the handlebar using one of your hands. At the same time, put your other hand on the baby tray. Then, push your hands outwards in the opposing directions until you get to hear a snap sound.

Step V: Go for it!

The stroller should now be ready for use. If it does not open wide, we ask you to attempt any two or more of the above steps. You may seek expert support in case the stroller fails to open even after you implement the procedures we have delineated above diligently.


B. Double Stroller

The double stroller on the other hand is so-called because it has sufficient spaces for two occupants at a time. It also doubles up as being slightly complicated to handle than your typical average single stroller. Subsequently, we have seen it wise now to treat it specially.

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Position the stroller appropriately

Start out the entire process by positioning the stroller appropriately. Patch it atop a flat surface in such a way as to place the wheels at the bottom with the handles facing upwards. It is this position that makes the item subsequently easier to handle and engage on the whole.

Step II: Eliminate the safety strap from the storage latch

In this second step, you should eliminate the safety strap from the storage latch. You will find this latch right at the top of the stroller and in between the handlebars. Be cautious and gentle while undertaking this procedure. Any failures on your part may have far-reaching implications.

Step III: Open the stroller

Open the stroller now by pressing the oval-shaped button that exists on the handlebars. Be slow, meticulous, and cautious when tackling this role. Rushing the process or handling it recklessly may only serve to ruin your overall experiences. Take care that you do not pose any further damages as well.

Step IV: Pull the handlebar

With the stroller triggered to open, you should as well pull the handlebar. This demands that you press down on the front seat while at the same time pulling up on the other handlebars. Do these two until such a time that you hear a ‘snap’ sound.

Step V: You are ready to go!

You are now ready to go! The stroller should now be ready for your eventual usage. As is the case above, you may have to redo a couple of the steps and the procedures above till you get it right. By the same token, you should also consider seeking further support and help if you just cannot open yours still.

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PS: Kindly note that the models of these foldable strollers differ considerably from one brand to another one. The procedures we have identified and delineated above may hence not hold true for all the strollers you have in place. What does that imply?

You really need to peruse your manufacturer’s manual to ascertain the correct procedures that your compact stroller might have to be opened with. If you are stuck along the way, you may have to consult some trained experts who have already attempted the exercise beforehand for further support. Otherwise, never attempt it if you are not really sure of yourself.


We have done the much we can to belabor the subject of how to open a foldable stroller. It is now our hope that you have received the inspiration you badly need to start out well. What more favor could we do to you? Are there any gray areas that may need clarification? Kindly speak up to us…

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