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The 5 Newly Updated Best Stroller Bassinet Car Seat Combo Reviews

Are you preparing for your oncoming baby, and you need to shop for the baby’s necessities without straining your budget? I would recommend you get a stroller bassinet car seat combo.

This is a 3 in 1 stroller that comes with a bassinet and a car seat. The stroller features convertible form, so you can either change it to form a bassinet or detach the seat and use it in your car.

These strollers are crafted just like the standard strollers, only that they have extra features. They are made with lightweight styles and foldable forms to fit the parents who may need to travel with them. Below is our review of the top five best strollers bassinet car seat combo, but first…..


Why Consider a Stroller Bassinet Car Seat Combo?

best stroller bassinet combo

To save cost

With this type of stroller, you will end up saving a lot of bucks since you don’t need to buy a bassinet and a car seat separately. The stroller comes attached to these two extra parts. All you have to do is make sure that you choose the stroller that suits your baby’s weight and age.

To save storage space.

Another benefit of this type of stroller is that it saves a lot of space, especially when traveling. If you are using the car seat, you can comfortably and easily collapse the stroller to fit in the car boot for later use. Also, it eliminates the need to carry a variety of baby accessories when traveling.


Best Stroller Bassinet with Car Seat Combo Reviews:

1. Best with Reclining Seat – Graco Modes Stroller Bassinet Car Seat Combo For Travel with Multiple Riding Options

car seat stroller with bassinet


  • This bassinet stroller is quite strong to carry a weight of 50 pounds
  • The seat of the stroller has excellent padding
  • Comes with parent holding trays that can accommodate two cups
  • The wheels swivel at 360 degrees and can lock as well


  •  Not suitable for rocky roads

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A baby stroller you can use for more than one service is always a win and economical to most parents. This is a three-bassinet stroller combo that you can use as a stroller, bassinet, or detach and use it as a car seat. The stroller with bassinet option has the quality and heavy-duty construction such that it can hold a baby with a weight of up to 50 pounds.

Adjustable seat

If your baby wants to take a nap while on the move, all you need to do is recline the seat to form a bassinet. The top section has a canopy to secure your baby from external elements.

Easy to operate

The removable seat section has a strong single strap that easily attaches to multiple models of car seats.

Has 2 harnesses

The seat has two strong padded harnesses that keep the baby secured on the seat while on the move.


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2. Best Easy Transfer – Pivot Modular Travel System with Multiple Handy System

incline stroller with car seat combo


  • This is a versatile baby stroller
  • The seat pad is removable for cleaning
  • The stroller has a large baby storage basket under
  • The stroller is quite light for portability


  • A bit expensive

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This is another 3 in 1 bassinet stroller car seat combo worth investing in as you can use it in three different ways. This stroller is good to use as a sleeping bassinet, a car seat, and a baby stroller. The unique design plus quality materials construction ensures your baby is comfortable and safe regardless of how you use it.

Multiple safety features

This bassinet stroller has multiple paddings that provide a comfortable cushioning surface for your baby. It also has harness straps to ensure the baby does not fall off if he/she leans on the stroller.

Washable seat pad

In case your baby spills on the seat, you can always remove the padding for cleaning. The seat pad is washable with a machine washer for efficiency and fast cleaning.

Strong frame structure

The frame of this bassinet stroller is made of stainless steel materials and can hold a baby with a weight of up to 38.5 pounds. Also, note that the stroller car seat combo’s seat has padding to make sure your baby has enough support.


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3. Best Safe – Safety 1st Smooth Ride Umbrella Stroller Car Seat Combo with Impact Protection System


  • The stroller comes with a warranty
  • It has a strong frame that supports 50 pounds
  • This stroller is safe for the newborn since it has both neck and back support
  • Fitting the seat to the stroller and car seat takes a few minutes


  • The car seat of this stroller is smaller in width if you compare it with the standard models. Hence, it may not fit large kids.

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One feature that stands out about this bassinet, stroller, and car seat combo is the baby serving tray equipped in the front area. So, your baby can comfortably access his or her drink to sip while still on the go.

Has QuickClick technology

The QuickClick technology ensures you have an easy time moving the seat from the car and fit it into the stroller without distracting your baby when asleep. The technology automatically adheres to the latch equipped on the stroller.

Has an oversized canopy with flip-up visual

This stroller is comfortable to use with toddlers since the large canopy guarantees your baby’s security while sleeping or seated. The canopy has a visual window to ensure the baby is getting good natural light when covered.

Five-point harnesses

This feature makes this a good stroller bassinet and car seat combo for toddlers since the harnesses ensure the child does not move from the seat.


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4. Best Convertible – BABY JOY 2 in 1 Reclining Lightweight Stroller Bassinet with Adjustable Canopy

umbrella strollers with car seat combo


  • This bassinet stroller comes with an additional diaper bag
  • The equipped paddings provide commendable comfort to your baby
  • The canopy adjusts in three positions to provide enough shade
  • The stroller is light in weight for easy traveling with


  • This bassinet stroller may not work for taller kids considering it holds a baby with a weight of 33 pounds

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If you are looking for a perfect gift for new parents, I suggest you buy them this combo baby equipment. You can use it as a car seat, stroller, and adjust to form a bassinet. On top of that, the package comes with a diaper bag as a bonus. I would also recommend this stroller bassinet and car seat combo for parents who need lightweight baby equipment to travel with since it is quite portable and folds to a compact size.

Features multiple safety features

The bassinet stroller has multiple safety features: a rain cover, five harnesses, a foot cover, mosquito net, and a cushion pad. This proves that your baby can use this bassinet stroller throughout the year.

Has heavy-duty and safe materials

This stroller’s frame structure is made of strong aluminum material that ensures the stability and support of your baby. It also has great padding essential for cushioning, plus breathable materials that allow free flow of air.

Adjustable design

The backrest and canopy of this bassinet stroller are adjustable to accommodate different sitting and sleeping positions.


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5. Best Multi-functional – Summer Myria Modular Travel System with One Hand Transfer 

compact strollers with car seat combo


  • This stroller is quite light in weight
  • The stroller can carry babies with a weight of up to 35 pounds
  • The seat is comfortable
  • The stroller accommodates the baby in multiple sitting positions.


  • This stroller is expensive.

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This baby stroller may cost more than other models that we have reviewed above, but its quality and features will serve you and your baby for a long time. Traveling with a stroller has been made easier since it only weighs about 8 pounds. The advanced padding and other comfortable features provide total comfort to your little one.

Multifunctional design

This stroller is designed with up to 6 different modes of using it. The seat adjusts to multiple angles and positions to accommodate the baby in varying sleeping or sitting positions. The seat is also removable so that you can use it as a car seat.

Large canopy with peekaboo window

This stroller’s extra-large canopy covers a large area to secure your baby from the harsh UV rays. It also has a visual window so you can take a peek to check on your baby while still moving.

Great padding

This stroller has two padded straps that secure the baby to the seat, and the seat also has excellent and thick padding for comfort.


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How to Choose the Best Stroller Bassinet Car Seat Combo?

The weight and age limit

All strollers are designed with a weight limit capacity that they can hold. Some strollers recommend kids weighing from 3 to 50 pounds, while others may limit the weight down to 30 pounds. It is crucial to check the weight limit and compare it with your baby’s to choose the best fit for your little one.

Some strollers are also recommendable for kids age 6 months and above, while others are safe for newborns. Note that the strollers for newborns require extra safety features to protect their fragile bodies. Therefore, check the weight and age limit of the stroller combo before buying one.


These strollers retail at different prices, determined by the features, brand, weight capacity, and design. A stroller with advanced features costs more than the standard models depending on the available features and design. But a good stroller with bassinet and car seat costs from a100 dollars and above. So, even if you are shopping on a budget, choose the stroller wisely to ensure your child’s quality and safety.

Easy to use

A good stroller combo should be easy to use. This means that; it should be easy to detach the stroller’s seat to equip on the car seat and back again. Also, the stroller should not take long or a lot of effort to fold when parking.


Types of Baby Strollers with Car Seat Combo

stroller bassinet combo


These are some of the most versatile baby strollers on the market. Although these stroller types have three wheels, most brands are made with wide wheels plus rubber tires that can easily maneuver on multiple roads. These strollers are also versatile since you can use them when jogging and doing other physical activities.



These are the most stable baby strollers since they are well balanced on all sides. The majority of four-wheel strollers are light in weight and foldable to compact sizes, making them the best traveling choices.



What sets the jogging strollers apart from other types is the design. Considering you will be running on various terrains, these strollers are equipped with more padding to comfort your baby while on the move. They also have advanced safety features like harnesses that ensure the baby does not swivel around the seat as you jog. The wheels have brakes to control the speed of the strollers while on the move.



Although traditionally these strollers are made for parents with twins, you can also get this type of stroller even if you have one child for carrying your baby essentials. The double strollers are equipped with two seats attached to one stroller to accommodate two babies. These strollers are crafted with heavy-duty materials that support the weights of two kids, and the wheels are wide and strong for smooth maneuvering the stroller around.


How to Use the Stroller Bassinet Car Seat Combo Safely?

  • Ensure the stroller is compatible with the age and weight of your baby first
  • Make sure to check if the stroller is working before putting your baby on it
  • Do not leave with your baby before he/ she is strapped on the bassinet stroller, especially if you are using it in the form of a seat
  • Always make sure the seat is well clipped on the stroller latch before putting your baby on it.
  • For the comfort of your little one, recline the seat until you form the most comfortable sitting position
  • Not unless you have parked the stroller, always hold on to it as it can easily roll away without you noticing, which is quite dangerous to the baby.



These are the top best durable three in one stroller for both infants and toddlers. These strollers are made with safety mechanisms and materials to provide comfort and safety for your baby. You can use the strollers in three different ways makes them great for parents shopping on a budget. You don’t need to buy a bassinet or a car seat separately as the stroller has all these parts.

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