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Top 5 Best Lightweight City Stroller Reviews of 2022

Life in the city can be a little hectic especially for mothers with babies. Even with the best baby carrier, it might not take you long before you start looking for the best lightweight city stroller for your kid.

For the loving and caring mum, here is everything you need to know about city strollers including the 5 best to help you get the best for your little angel.


Lightweight City Stroller vs. Normal Stroller

There are different types of baby strollers but the most popular are lightweight city strollers and normal strollers. Let us take a rundown of each of these to help you get a good idea so you can make informed decisions when buying.

best compact lightweight city strollers

Lightweight city stroller

A lightweight city stroller is particularly useful for mothers living in the city. This is perhaps due to their convenience in terms of maneuverability in the crowded city and lightweight.

Most of these accessories come in handy when your baby begins to move about and sit up properly. Besides, as kids grow, the best lightweight city stroller allows them to explore the surroundings as you stroll.

However, since lightweight city strollers are meant for smooth terrain characteristic of the city, they may not be suitable on rough surfaces.


Normal stroller

Normal strollers have always been popular and have seen tremendous improvements from traditional designs. Today, it is not a surprise to find a normal convertible stroller.

The advantage of normal strollers over lightweight city strollers is their versatility on rough surfaces. Besides most modern normal strollers come with great features. Some are foldable while others can be reversed so the kid can either face you or ahead.

Plus they have a basket under the seat where you can keep baby accessories.

Today, both of these strollers come with some means to fasten your kid for safety.


Best Lightweight City Stroller Reviews

Finding the best lightweight city stroller can be challenging with hundreds of brands already in the market. However, we have made it easier for you. In this review, we present the 5 best lightweight city strollers mothers are more than proud to push.

1. Best For Jogging – Baby Lightweight City Mini GT2 Stroller with One-Hand Fold

best city strollers for jogging


  • You can adjust the handlebars
  • Excellent hand brakes
  • Beautifully design canopy protects the baby from elements of weather
  • Durable rubber tires
  • The seat has a soft cushion covered by durable fabric


  • Some people think it is expensive

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If you are looking for the best lightweight city stroller, the baby jogger city mini GT2 is the world’s top on the list. This is the kind of stroller that gives you all the convenience of bringing up your baby in the city. Made in a combination of excellent features, the stroller is comfy and safe. That is why mothers prefer it over others as they can rely on it from the beginning to the end.

One thing you have to consider when buying a lightweight stroller is the weight capacity. However, you don’t have to worry about that with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller. The stroller comfortably supports a striking 65 pounds far more than any baby can weigh. Besides, its 5 point harness keeps your child safe and intact.

Unlike ordinary strollers, the Baby Jogger City Mini, GT2 Stroller folds itself once lifted. Besides, it is easy to push it with a single hand. This is perhaps the best car compatible stroller which means you can drive to the city and then stroll the sidewalks as you go about your business.


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2. Best For Twins – Baby Jogger City Select LUX Double Stroller For All-terrains

double stroller with lightweight design


  • Easily folds to a smaller size
  • Robust wheel suspension
  • Has an automatic locking system
  • You can adjust handlebars to different heights


  • It is not suitable for babies below six month

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Depending on your needs as a mother, you may prefer a double stroller. That is why our list of the best lightweight city strollers features the baby jogger city select LUX double stroller. In the category of double strollers, this is perhaps the best you can buy. For mothers with twins, this is truly a godsend.

The baby jogger city select LUX double stroller has incredible features for all the luxury you would wish for. Not many strollers offer you the benefit of reversing the seats such that the baby can either face you or ahead or even the two babies facing each other. And while most lightweight city strollers can’t manage rough terrain, this one has features that allow you to maneuver any kind of terrain with ease.

With two babies comes a lot of baggage to carry. That is one reason you should consider buying the baby jogger select LUX double stroller. The stroller is fitted with baskets under the seats and pockets behind them for all your baby necessities. The impressive design boasts efficient seat adjustability to allow you to change the resting positions of your babies once in a while. Besides, the luxuriously designed canopies and metal framework gives it a touch of style and class.


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3. Best with Reclining Seat – gb Pockit+ All-City Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller

lightweight city strollers


  • Excellent designs suit the city
  • Front swivel wheels allow easy maneuvering
  • Breathable seat material offers maximum ventilation
  • Suited to a variety of terrains


  • Not favorable for a baby who can’t hold up their necks

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If you are looking for the best lightweight city stroller that is versatile and affordable, the gb pockit+all city is an excellent choice. As much as it is cost-friendly, this stroller is packed with impressive features that guarantee you convenience in the hustle and bustle of city life. Something you may not find with many other brands, once you fold this stroller, anyone might mistake it for a handbag.

If you have a car, the pockit+All City easily fits onto car seats which is great especially for single mothers. Surprisingly, this is one of the few that you can take with you on a vacation abroad. The perfect design and simplicity of use make this a favorite among mothers across the US. Designed with tough yet snuggly harnesses, you have the confidence in the safety of your baby.

Some mothers buy a stroller without considering its features and end up complaining that it is not comfortable enough. However, the pockit+all city stroller has a highly flexible seat so you can tilt it at different angles for maximum comfort. Add to the soft cushion on the seats and you are sure that your child has the best from you.


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4. Best with Car Seat Combo – Baby Jogger City Select Travel System Baby Stroller

two in one lightweight city stroller and car seat combo


  • The footwell can be adjusted to several positions
  • Durable wheels suited to all terrains
  • The canopy can be extended or retracted
  • Folds into a perfect shape easy to carry


  • It is expensive for some people

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Another perfect high-end baby stroller is the baby jogger city select travel system that is an incredible piece of engineering. If we had considered price as the only determinant factor for the best lightweight city stroller, this would easily have taken the first position. However, if you can afford this accessory, it’s the best thing you could ever dream about.

The baby jogger city travel system boasts some of the best features combining convenience, luxury, and durability. You can imagine all sorts of positions and outlooks you can get with a stroller that has a stunning 16 possible configurations. This is the perfect choice for babies’ days old due to its seat adjustability and comfort.

If you have two kids perhaps a year apart, this stroller features a double seat which is foldable in case only one baby is on board. Besides, it has fantastic handlebars that you can adjust to suit different heights. It is a highly foldable stroller and easily fits on car seats whenever you are driving. And to allow you to bond with your child and still let the child explore the world around you, you can reverse the seat to face you or ahead.


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5. Best For Travel – Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Compact Lightweight Baby Stroller

lightweight city strollers


  • Perfectly positioned hand brakes
  • Light for easy carrying
  • Classic design
  • Wheel suspensions for added comfort during rides


  • The under-seat basket is not very spacious

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Last on the best lightweight city stroller is the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Compact Travel Lightweight Baby Stroller. Designed for the urban mom, this stroller has all that your baby needs from a stroller at a cost-friendly price. It has a simple design packed with modest features for maximum comfort and ease of moving about.

The good thing with this stroller is that it will serve the needs of your infant and still come in handy as the baby grows up. This is because you can transform this stroller into five completely different configurations to suit all your child’s needs. Besides, the baby jogger tour LUX has an impressive foldable canopy to protect your baby from sunburn and winds.

If there is a stroller easier to use, not one can rival the baby jogger city tour LUX. You just fold it with one arm and it automatically locks. The fact that you can carry it like a bag makes it one of the most popular strollers in the US. Furthermore, there is nowhere you would go with it as it is engineered to withstand all-terrain.


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What Is A Lightweight City Stroller?

lightweight city stroller for small babies

A lightweight city stroller is an accessory that makes it easier to carry your baby, especially when walking around in the city. It is specially designed with superb features to ensure easy movement in crowded and narrow spaces such as sidewalks. If you are expecting a baby, this is one of the things you will find helpful as you cannot always have your baby in your arms.

However, lightweight city strollers are many and varied in terms of design and features. Some are foldable, have reversible seats, can carry more than one baby, the list of features is endless. Like all other products, these strollers also differ in prices but there is always one that suits your budget. But the most common feature is that they are light to make it easy to carry. Besides, you can straddle a lightweight city stroller on your car seat as most come with this feature.


How to Choose the Best Lightweight City Stroller?

If you are looking for the best lightweight city stroller, there are aspects you must consider to ensure you get good value for your money. Unfortunately, most people just look at the outward appearance without giving much thought to the specifications. To be on the safe side here is how to choose a lightweight city-friendly stroller.


Check whether the brand is certified to ensure you buy a standard safe and durable stroller for your baby. Apart from certification, it is important to check for features available for the stroller of your choice before making a purchase. You want to buy a stroller that will fit your baby and not just impress other people.


Check the condition of the wheels as some brands get damaged long before your toddler begins to crawl making it useless in the city. The best city-friendly stroller should have swivel front wheels for maximum maneuverability. If you are not careful, you will buy a stroller without suspensions resulting in shocks on your baby.

Braking system

The stroller should also have an efficient braking system to keep the stroller steady when not in motion. Additionally, a city-friendly stroller should have a reversible seat so the child can face you or the world whenever appropriate. The adjustability of the handlebars is another important feature to check when buying a stroller.


How to Use the Lightweight City Stroller Safely?

As much as might be having the best lightweight city stroller, if you are not cautious, even the worst could happen to your kid. Before you even start using one for the first time, you need to know the safety precaution to take with this piece of convenience. Here is how to use a lightweight city stroller safely.


  • Never leave your baby in the stroller alone. It is normal for humans to make simple assumptions but you never know what could happen when you are just a few yards away. Lightweight city strollers come with baby toys to keep your baby engaged. However, you should always ensure they are properly fastened.
  • Before going for a stroll, you should always ensure the stroller buckles are properly fixed. This is especially critical when you have to apply the brakes as it prevents your baby from toppling over. Besides, avoid hanging your luggage on the stroller handles. They are light and could fall sideways under the weight. Additionally, ensure your baby is not close to the stroller as you fold to avoid injuring their little fingers.



Bringing up your baby with the best lightweight city strollers is perhaps the best gift for your newborn. Unfortunately, most mothers, especially first-timers fall prey to substandard strollers that never last a few months. However, you can now rest assured that buying any of the above will guarantee you confidence and convenience. It all depends on your preference and how much you are dedicating to your baby.

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