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Top 8 Best Lightweight All Terrain Stroller Reviews of 2022

The best lightweight all terrain stroller is an excellent choice for parents who enjoy the outdoors since they can technically carry and use the stroller wherever they go. These strollers are designed in a foldable form for easy packing in the car and ensure convenience when moving them around and they made with strong wheels and tires that can move on multiple roads.

Then which are the best lightweight all-terrain strollers?

Here we listed the 8 best lightweight strollers designed for all terrains, along with safety use tips and guides.


Why Do You Need a Lightweight All-terrain Stroller?

compact all terrian lightweight strollers

Versatility in use

The lightweight all-terrain strollers are perfect for taking the baby for a stroller and for jogging as well. The stroller has air-filled wheels that are strong to absorb shock when moving at different speeds and on different surfaces. So, your baby will still be comfortable while ensuring you have an easy time jogging.

Offer adventures

With an all terrains lightweight stroller, there is no place you cannot visit if you love adventures. First off, this stroller is light so moving it to use is quite convenient. Also, the vast and air-filled wheels can pretty much work on roads and off roads.

Are portable

The majority of lightweight all terrains strollers are foldable for easy packing in the car to carry when going with your baby. So, you can travel with the stroller outdoors.


Best Lightweight All-terrain Stroller Reviews

1. Best Compact – gb Pockit+ All-Terrain Lightweight Stroller For Travel 

lightweight strollers for all terrain


  • The stroller can carry high weights
  • The harnesses are padded for support
  • The seat of the stroller recline to varying angles
  • Padded handles


  • The canopy of this stroller is not large and does not adjust to give enough shade.

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A stroller that does not limit you when walking on different terrains is the best choice if you like taking your baby out for strolls. This stroller from gb Pockit Plus is a reliable model that your baby can grow with. The fact that the seat reclines at varying angles guarantee your baby will be comfortable when walking on rough roads. The stroller is also safe and comfortable to travel with since it is foldable.

On top of that, the stroller is light in weight for portability. For summer days, it equips with a large canopy made with quality UPF50+ sun material to secure your little one from harsh outdoor sunlight. Besides having strong wheels that can swiftly move on different surfaces, the front wheels swivel for smooth turning the stroller on different angles.


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2. Best For Jogging – Baby Trend Expedition All Terrain Stroller with Large Storage Bag and Canopy

lightweight umbrella strollers for all terrains


  • The front wheels swivel for smooth movements
  • Has bicycle-like wheels for smooth moving on different roads
  • Comes with two trays, one for the kid and another for the parent
  • The canopy is adjustable for ample shade


  • A bit heavy

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If you want to go back to work out and you still need to watch over your baby, you can consider this stroller. It has a strong frame and wide wheels that allow you to go jogging on all terrains with your baby. Nonetheless, the seat and entire structure have padding to provide a comfortable cushion for your baby.

The parent and the baby’s comfort is fully guaranteed since this stroller comes with padded handles and a glass holder. Therefore, you can carry drinks to sip while on the move as you stroll or jog with your baby.


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3. Best Foldable – Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Infant Stroller In Affordable Price

lightweight compact strollers for outdoors


  • This stroller has a large storage basket at the base area
  • The front wheels swivel and are lockable
  • Folding the stroller is easy, and you can do it with one hand
  • The canopy is expandable for ample shade


  • The baby’s tray is located close to the seat.

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If you need a stroller to use when traveling with your baby, this stroller is the right choice worth considering. The stroller has quality tires that can maneuver on multiple surfaces. You don’t have to worry when walking in unknown areas as the stroller will still serve you.

With a weight of just 11 pounds, moving around with this stroller is relatively easy since it is portable. Also, you can fold it to a compact size to pack in your car. The seat reclines to different angles, plus has five-point harnesses to ensure the baby is comfortable and secure on the stroller.


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4. Best with All-Terrain Tires – Baby Jogger City Mini GT Lightweight Stroller with Adjustable Handlebar

all terrain strollers for jogging use


  • The handles of this stroller are adjustable for easy reach
  • Can carry heavyweights
  • The stroller is foldable with a single hand
  • The canopy has a window for easy peaking to check on the baby


  • This stroller does not have a baby cup holder

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If you are an outdoor person, I bet this stroller will suit you when traveling with your baby. The stroller only weighs 22 pounds, and you can fold it with one hand to pack in your car. However, note that this stroller has quality material construction such that it can carry a baby weighing up to 60 pounds.

The stroller has three wheels, each measuring 8.5 inches wide for smooth moving on multiple terrains. This stroller’s seat has plush material plush padding that is easy to maintain and provides excellent support to your baby.


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5. Best For Toddlers – Meinkind Baby Foldable Jogger Stroller with Snack Tray 

jogging strollers for all terrains


  • Has premium material construction
  • Features a stable and robust frame
  • The canopy of this stroller is adjustable for ample shade
  • Features a large and robust storage basket


  • This stroller could be better if it has parents drink tray

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This is a multifunctional stroller that you can use when jogging and taking your baby out for strolls. The lightweight plus folding form makes transportation easy since you can easily fold the stroller to carry in your car. The compact size ensures the stroller does not take up too large space in your car.

This stroller’s wheels are quite sturdy and do not produce annoying noises even when you move on uneven and rocky areas. Another crucial point worth noting is that the front wheels of the stroller swivels. So, turning the stroller while on the move is easy and fast.


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6. Best with Reversible Seat – Graco Modes 3 Lite DLX Stroller with Car Seat Combo

best jogging strollers for all terrains


  • Supports a baby weighing up to 50 pounds
  • The seat is convertible to multiple designs
  • Folding the stroller is relatively easy and fast
  • The kid can sit facing forward and rear while on the stroller


  • This stroller has a heavy frame, so it may be a bit challenging to carry for some parents

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A stroller that you can utilize in more than one way and yet does not cost you a lot is worth investing in. This portable and foldable stroller can be used in nine different forms. The stroller works as a car seat, and stroller and you can also reverse and utilize it as a bassinet.

Hence, I would suggest the stroller for newborns since it provides excellent support and comfort. This stroller’s aluminum frame is strong such that the stroller can carry a baby weighing up to 50 pounds. This stroller has adjustable curve support so your baby can get excellent feet to support while seated.


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7. Best Heavy Duty – Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller with Easy Folding Design

jogging strollers with canopy


  • Has quality steel materials
  • Can carry a heavy load of 30 pounds
  • The seat is washable using cold water
  • The wheels are wide to move on multiple surfaces


  • The storage basket is too small does not fit a lot of things

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This stroller has patented technology that makes folding it easy and quick, such that you can do it with one hand. It is made of strong alloy steel material that is resistant to rust and corrosion. Maintaining the stroller is easy since the seat is detachable for cleaning and takes less time to dry up, so you can put it back in the stroller.

The stroller also features 85-inch terrain wheels, which are non-deflatable for smooth moving on rocky and rough areas without getting stuck.


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8. Best Pram and Stroller Combo – Baby Stroller Reversible Stroller with Extra Large Canopy For Summer

all terrain use compact strollers


  • Relatively stable
  • Can convert to a stroller that can carry a newborn to 6 months babies
  • Foldable
  • The stroller pack comes with a warranty that guarantees a money refund


  • This stroller is a bit large, so folding it is not easy

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Although this stroller is crafted in a lightweight frame, it has wide rear wheels that ensure the stroller is stable while on the road. The front wheels have shock-absorbent plus are lockable for easy control of the stroller while still on the move. Does your baby want to take a nap while on the road? The seat of this stroller is adjustable to form a bassinet so the baby can take a nap.

The stroller’s seat has thick padding to ensure the baby has enough cushion for safety while moving for long distances. Its handle is crafted for different heights since the length is adjustable to accommodate even taller individuals.


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What is a Lightweight All-terrain Stroller?

The lightweight all-terrain strollers are foldable strollers designed with either three wheels or four wheels that are air-filled for smooth maneuvering on different terrains. These strollers’ wheels are also wide such that you can quickly push the stroller even on the roughest roads when taking your baby out for a stroll. Moving the stroller to different locations is easy since they have a lightweight design and are foldable to a more compact size.


How to Pick the Best Lightweight All-terrain Stroller?

all terrain strollers with lightweight design

The canopy

A good canopy comes in handy when it comes to the safety and comfort of your baby. If possible, choose a stroller with an adjustable canopy to ensure that your baby gets enough shade from the outdoor weather.

The wheels and tire design

The wheels and tires in terms of size will determine the performance of the stroller. A suitable lightweight all-terrain stroller should have wide wheels that can smoothly move on multiple surfaces, and the front wheels should swivel for easy moving the stroller in different directions. Choose a stroller that has bicycle-like tires since it can move on any surface.

Choose a seat

The seat should have excellent padding to provide comfort to your baby, and it should recline so your baby can get a comfortable sitting or sleeping angle.

Foldable design

Always go for a foldable stroller since they save much space and are easy to carry around. A stroller that you can comfortably fold with one hand is a plus since you can fold it while still holding your baby.


Lightweight All-terrain Stroller Vs. Jogging Stroller

The all-terrain strollers are bulkier than the jogging strollers because they are crafted with sturdier frames, plus the large and air-filled wheels also add bulkiness to the item.

All terrains strollers are made with either four or three wheels, while the jogging strollers are mainly crafted with three wheels for smooth movements at high speed and ease control.

The all-terrain strollers are crafted with larger wheels than the jogging strollers to make sure they can smoothly move on all terrains.


Tips on Using Lightweight All-terrain Stroller Safely

  • If you have to inflate the wheels before using the stroller, make sure they are well inflated as this will determine the stroller movements on the roads.
  • Test if the brakes are functional before you put the baby on the stroller for safety purposes while outdoors.
  • Make sure the baby is harnessed well on the stroller before you move.
  • If you are going far, ensure you have packed enough essentials such as diapers for your baby, and keep the items well to prevent loss.



These are the top 8 best selection for lightweight all terrains strollers worth considering on the market. The strollers have quality wheels and frames for easy moving on multiple roads. They have safety mechanisms such as lockable wheels for safety. So, find the right stroller for your baby from the above review.

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