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Top 6 Best Foldable Stroller For Travel Reviews 2022

Traveling can be stressful, and traveling with a toddler in tow is outright challenging. You will have to deal with getting the baby, the stroller, and your bags through security and onto the plane. Thankfully, travel strollers make all this a little easier. A travel stroller is a lightweight, easily portable, and compact folding stroller that is ideal for air, train, subway, or car travel.

Another thing, travel strollers are easy to open, comfortable for your child, and do not take up much space. Therefore, they are convenient to store when not in use. Travel strollers can easily be found for newborns to children weighing about 50lbs. Read on to find out more about foldable travel strollers.


Why Do You Need a Foldable Travel Stroller?

You may already have an excellent and bulky jogging stroller or another standard-size stroller, but there are numerous reasons why you need a foldable travel stroller. Firstly, the airport security will not allow you to gate-check a bulky or heavy foldable stroller

A stroller that weighs more than 20lbs is considered significant, while the non-collapsible strollers need checking at the ticket counter. To avoid such stress and even trauma of traveling without your baby, you need to get a foldable travel stroller.

Another reason is you sure do not want to log an expensive and heavy jogging stroller on your next vacation. Bulky strollers may feature luxurious accessories and offer a smooth ride, but they are not walking in the park when brought on a trip. With the airline not being very delicate with the baggage, your expensive stroller may be damaged in the process.

Moreover, most rental car trunks are usually small and are likely not to accommodate your large stroller. It is, therefore, not worth lugging around these strollers. And that is where foldable travel strollers come in handy. They will surely save you a massive loss.



The 6 Best Foldable Stroller for Travel Reviews

#1. Best For Airplane – Jovial JPC20BK Portable Folding Baby Stroller

best foldable travel stroller

Why Choose It:

  • Spacious and comfortable seating
  • Accessible bottom storage
  • Extra slim foldable design
  • Retractable sun visor
  • Reclining baby seat
  • Adjustable canopy

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Jovial JPC20BK Portable folding baby stroller will meet your traveling needs. This upgraded stroller features an air-light aluminum frame that makes it ultra-light for more convenience. Moreover, it incorporates high tech materials that ensure your child is comfortable.

Underneath the stroller is a large storage space for all your other items, including baby things. This baby stroller comes with a carry bag for easy travel. This stroller was also designed with small spaces in mind and is therefore ideal for car travel, plane, vans, trains, and so on. It can be folded to a compact size for storage convenience.

On top of that, this baby stroller has unique one-hand steering that gives you a comfortable time maneuvering around the city. Moreover, it features an easy-open mechanism that quickly gets things rolling. This stroller features a reclining seat, a leg rest, a five-point harness, and a retractable sun visor for the baby’s superior comfort and safety.


  • The five-point harness keeps your baby safe.
  • Features a rugged and durable aluminum frame
  • Features a one-hand folding operation for quick setup
  • Has an extra-slim foldable design for more travel convenience
  • The canopy is of high-quality catatonic fabric and is conveniently adjustable.


  • Not car seat-compatible

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#2. Best Lightweight and Compact – Kolcraft Cloud Plus Travel Stroller

compact travel foldable stroller

Why Choose It:

  • All-terrain wheels
  • Ultra-lightweight and foldable design
  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Front suspension

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Satisfaction is guaranteed with the Kolcraft Cloud Plus travel stroller. It has an ultra-lightweight and foldable design that makes it ideal for travel and day trips. This stroller has all the essential features of a full-size stroller in a convenient compact fold. The seat features multiple reclining positions that keep the child comfortable. It is also equipped with a front suspension and all-terrain wheels to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. This stroller was built with your baby’s safety in mind, thanks to the five-point safety harness.

Besides that, this travel stroller is designed for a simple one-hand fold for more convenience. Moreover, it features a three-tier, extended canopy that offers your child maximum sun coverage. It also features a parent tray with two drink holders that provide additional storage options for keys and phones. There is also a removable child tray that features a dual juice box and cup holder. The sizeable accessible storage basket accommodates all your belongings for quick errands and day trips.


  • It is easy to use with the easy one-hand fold.
  • It is designed for the family on the go with an ultra-lightweight design.
  • This stroller features a large storage basket for all your belongings.
  • The extended canopy offers maximum sun coverage.
  • Multi-position reclining seat for comfort


  • Lacks brakes function

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#3. Best For Twins – BABY JOY Double Stroller with 5 Point Harness

best twin folding travel stroller

Why Choose It:

  • Five-point safety harness
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Storage bag and cup holder
  • Lockable swivel wheels
  • Front bar restriction
  • Adjustable canopy

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BABY JOY Double stroller will exceed your expectations. This stroller has a sturdy steel frame construction for extended durability. It has a compact and lightweight design, weighing only 18 pounds- this stroller is well suited for travels. Moreover, it is fitted with a five-point harness that ensures your children’s safety. This stroller lacks the front bar restriction, so it accommodates your growing babies and thus maximizes your investment. The adjustable canopy works to protect your baby from harmful ultra-violet radiation or sudden showers.

Another thing is, this stroller is fitted with a 360-degree swivel, foot-activated rear brake system, and shock-absorbing front wheels for easy control. It is also built to maneuver all types of terrain and offers a smooth and comfortable ride. There is a cup holder on the handle where you can place your drinks and a handy storage bag for other necessities.


  • The wheels are well suited for any type of terrain and ensure a smooth ride.
  • It is designed to adapt to the weight and size of your infants throughout their early life.
  • The adjustable canopy comes in handy to protect your baby from sudden rain and UV rays.
  • There are a storage bag and cup holder for additional storage options.
  • This stroller is safe and comfortable for the baby.


  • The handlebars are not adjustable.

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#4. Best Affordable – BABY JOY Lightweight Foldable Stroller For Travel

compact foldable stroller

Why Choose It:

  • Lockable wheels
  • Adjustable canopy
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Large mesh basket
  • High-quality finish

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BABY JOY Lightweight stroller is the ideal travel companion with your baby. This stroller has an adjustable canopy design that protects your young one from sudden rain and harmful sun rays. It is ultra-lightweight with a collapsible design making it travel-friendly.

Moreover, this stroller features a large mesh basket that accommodates all your belongings. The stroller frame is made of a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame for more convenience. Furthermore, the front swivel and the rear non-swivel wheels ensure a smooth ride.

What’s more, is, this stroller features a five-point harness to ensure the safety of your baby. There is a cup holder to accommodate your drinks or baby bottles with you. The other high-tech materials ensure your baby’s comfort during the ride. Folding this stroller is a breeze for a better user experience.


  • This stroller folds easily.
  • There is a large, enough storage space.
  • This stroller is ultra-lightweight for great convenience.
  • The adjustable canopy protects the baby from rain and sunshine.
  • The lockable wheels and five-point harness ensure the child’s safety.


  • It is not car seat compatible

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#5. Best with 4-position Recline – Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

foldable stroller for travel

Why Choose It:

  • 4-position recline
  • Lightweight stroller
  • Adjustable and removable canopy
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Lockable rear wheels

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Summer 3DLite Convenience stroller is a significant investment. This durable stroller is made of a stylish and lightweight aluminum frame for user convenience. The frame is easy to fold, and it features a carry strap for easy transportation. The seat easily reclines to offer the baby superior comfort with a five-point harness adjustable to three height positions to added safety. Moreover, this stroller provides you plenty of storage with an extra-large storage basket for all your belongings.

Additionally, this convenience stroller features a large and adjustable canopy that works to protect your baby from harmful sun rays. Also, there is a rear storage pocket and a cup holder for your drinks and baby bottles. Furthermore, this stroller features anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels for a smooth ride and the baby’s safety. This stroller is the ideal travel stroller offering excellent convenience to families on the go.


  • Easy compact fold
  • It offers plenty of storage options.
  • Features a durable, lightweight, and stylish aluminum frame
  • Ensures safety of the baby with a five-point harness and lockable wheels


  • The short ride is not comfortable for older children.

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#6. The Smallest – Gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller For Air

fold up travel stroller

Why Choose It:

  • High-quality aluminum frame
  • The secure, adjustable harness system
  • Lockable front swivel wheels
  • Rear-wheel parking brake
  • Padded handlebars

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Gb Pockit lightweight stroller is designed for the family on the go. This stroller is conveniently ultra-compact with an innovative two-step folding technique for a better user experience. It is ultra-lightweight, weighing only 10.7lbs, making it ideal for travels. Moreover, this stroller features an adjustable harness system that can be fastened or loosened for a secure and cozy fit. It also features an adjustable sun visor with UP50+ to protect your child from the harmful sun rays.

On top of that, this lightweight stroller has a convenient storage basket that accommodates your belongings up to 11 pounds. It is strong enough to support children with 55 pounds. The handlebars are padded for your comfort and a better grip while pushing. This stroller also features lockable front swivel wheels and rear-wheel parking brakes for a comfortable and smooth ride.


  • It has a durable construction.
  • Ensures baby’s safety with the safety harness system
  • Offers storage options with the sizeable accessible basket
  • Padded handlebars for comfort and secure grip
  • It is the most compact stroller ideal for travel.


  • The seat does not recline.

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How to Choose the Best Foldable Travel Stroller?

Choosing the best foldable travel stroller may not be an easy task. And that is why we are here. Here are some of the factors you need to put into consideration when purchasing a foldable travel stroller.

using foldable stroller for travel

Size and weight

Travel strollers are different from the other baby carrying devices because of their lightweight and compact nature. Ideally, the stroller should be small enough without compromising the available space for your young one. You also need a compact stroller that can fold up small and light enough for easy carrying around the airport and public transport.

Material and durability

The travel stroller needs to be strong enough to endure air travel rigors and, most likely, public transport. Sturdy aluminum or steel frames are more durable than plastic ones. Also, it should be made of nylon or other rip-proof material for extended service use. Moreover, this material should be water-resistant to some degree and should be easy to clean.

Your child’s age

Newborns should lie flat in their strollers. Even those who are between 3 to 6 months old need to be gently elevated. Those who are not old enough to walk need strollers that offer to pad and added extras.

Folding and portability

When you are looking for travel strollers, you need one that you can easily carry around. They should therefore be foldable and lightweight for enhanced portability. Some of them even come complete with a handle, carry strap, or even a case to be tucked in. moreover, you should look for strollers with easy folding mechanisms- such as those that can be folded one-handed. That is essential, especially if you are carrying your toddler and other luggage.

Safety and comfort

The stroller should be equipped with a secure 5-point harness as well as shoulder straps. These keep your little ones safe. The seats should be reclining, breathable, and padded for comfort.


The optimal price point will come down on your budget. These strollers are available in a wide range of prices. The basic strollers are inexpensive and will offer you a seat, a small shopping basket, and four wheels. The high-end strollers provide more features and functions.


What Size of Foldable Stroller Can I Take on a Plane?

Many of the airplanes have some restrictions when it comes to the size and weight of the stroller. You are therefore advised to check the stroller policies of the airline before you make a booking. For instance, according to the America Airlines policy, the stroller can be checked at the ticket counter over 9kgs or 20lbs.


How to Fly with a Foldable Stroller?

how to use foldable stroller for travel

Bringing a stroller during trips may be a little daunting. These are the choices you can pick on flying with a foldable stroller depending on your needs.

You can choose to check the stroller with your baggage. Many parents opt to leave the stroller and switch to the baby carrier. You can pair the front carrier with a backpack style diaper bag to keep your hands free.

The other option is to check the stroller at the gate. That is if you want to use it until you board the plane. Here, you will check it with the gate agent for tagging and then find it outside the aircraft door.

The last option is to stow the stroller on the airplane. Some strollers can be folded to a compact size to fit a backpack or the overhead bin for air travel. That eliminates the hassle of having to wait for it at the baggage claim.


What Kind of Foldable Stroller Can I Take on a Plane?

Many strollers are well suited for taking on a plane. From the strollers than you can fold up with one hand to compact ones that can be worn like a backup, they are sure to meet your needs. You need to keep in mind that the kind of stroller you should take on a plane should match the one on the airplane’s stroller policies. You need to check with the policies before carrying any stroller with you.

Travel strollers are ideal and well suited for air travel. These are lighter than the standard strollers, easier to fold, and compact when collapsed. Travel strollers have full-size amenities such as large sun canopies, cup holders, and a storage basket.

The stroller should fold up small for the journey but still offer enough space to be comfortable and useful when you get there.



How do I protect my stroller when flying?

Bringing with you a stroller on the plane is not a big deal. For stroller protection, you will have to abide by the authority’s instructions.

First, you need to follow the airline stroller policy. You should be conversant with the policies and ensure the stroller is matching the imposed policies. Also, you can choose to use a stroller bag for added protection. It may mean more weight, but it provides the overall protection to your stroller.

Another thing is that you are advised to go for the padded stroller bags. These are proven to be more durable and are lightweight, suitable for air travel.

Remember to store the stroller on the aircraft if it is small enough and carry it. That reduces the chances of losing it if you are connecting flights. During stroller checking, you can request a polybag. This bag will keep it clean when it is in the cargo hold.


How do you carry a stroller on a plane?

As a general rule, you can carry with you a foldable baby stroller at no charge. These are usually carried in the aircraft’s hold. The stroller can be taken right up to the aircraft steps from where it will be stored in the aircraft hold by the flight attendant.

You will then be needed to carry your baby to the aircraft entrance. You will be handed back the stroller immediately after you land. However, some strollers can fold into compact sizes enough to fit in a backpack or the overhead bin. Here, you can stow it with you in the cabin.


Is it better to check your stroller at the gate or during check-in time?

This decision solely depends on your needs. If you are traveling alone with the child, you may want to keep him on the stroller until you are ready to get on the plane. In this case, you will check it at the gate at the last minutes. It is convenient as you can still use it as you wait in line at various points to contain your child and other things.

However, if you do not require the extra helping hand, you can go ahead and check it at the counter together with your luggage. You will have the stroller waiting for you after the long flight as you pick the rest of your bags.


I’m worried about the weight of these strollers. Will it be too much to handle when I’m traveling with my child?

Foldable travel strollers are incredibly lightweight, particularly when you compare them to the bulky jogging strollers and traditional strollers. And to put it into perspective, many stuffed diaper bags weigh heavier than these strollers. You have nothing to be worried about, especially if you can carry a full purse; these strollers are a breeze.


Should I have a separate stroller for travel and home?

This decision will depend on your needs as well as where you live. Most of the foldable travel strollers can work well as an everyday option. If you need one, it is advisable to go for an ultra-light travel stroller instead of a jogger. For mothers who have decided to invest in a fancy and luxurious stroller, you most likely do not want to damage it in the plane and therefore have to get a backup travel stroller.


Can I take my stroller directly onto the airplane?

Unfortunately, with most of the strollers, this is never an option. The airlines will require you to either check it curbside, at the gate, or counter check-in. The strollers will, therefore, not be allowed in the cabin with you. However, if you can find a stroller that can fold into a purse or carry-on size, it could probably fit in the overhead bin.



The right stroller can make all the difference in the ease and accessibility of your daily life with the baby. For on-the-go, foldable travel strollers are precisely what you need. The above strollers are a real-life helper for parents. They are sure to come in handy on your next family vacation.

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