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Top 8 Best Cheap Foldable Stroller Reviews with GREAT VALUE

The cheaper foldable strollers should not be misunderstood about its functionality due to their more affordable prices. Still, they can make a difference regarding the accessibility and ease of your daily activities with your baby.

Finding a cheap foldable stroller is a good move depending on your lifestyle; therefore, you should have the necessary information about it before making any step of acquiring one.

With our detailed information, we will guide you and recommend some of our unique selected brands.

What Are the Best Cheap Foldable Strollers that Worth Buying?


How to Choose the Best Cheap Foldable Stroller?

Making a decision on which cheap foldable stroller you should go for is not an easy task.

You will note that the modern market is flooded with different kinds; therefore, there are essential considerations that you should take into account before making your purchase.

cheap foldable strollers

1 Safety issues

Safety is the crucial factor that should be noted when buying a cheap foldable stroller. Several safety issues include a suitable restraint, strap, parking brakes, and more.

However, the first step is to ensure that the cheap foldable stroller is certified, indicating that it has satisfied all the safety standards.

Confirm whether it has a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) seal, which means that the manufacturer is involved in a safety certification program. It is also essential to consider visiting the JPMAs website to confirm that the brand is certified.

2 Storage space

The storage compartments have a vital role, especially when traveling. You will need a cheap foldable stroller with adequate storage compartments to keep your necessities, including the diaper bag, handbag, or even shopping bags.

You might also consider a cheap foldable stroller with a cup holder where you can keep your keys, drinks, or even your cell phone. Though they have different storage spaces, go through their specifications, or if not, you can enquire from the manufacturer or the stores.

3 Seat comfortability and canopy

There is nothing that discourages you most than having your baby restless due to an unaccommodating stroller seat.

Therefore, the seat should be extra-padded with the right side and back support to offer your baby a nice place to lean on. Similarly, having a cheap foldable stroller with an adjustable canopy feature will keep your baby against UV rays, wind, or even rain.

Still on the comfortability, if your baby has special needs, you will be required to pay attention to the seat size and the flexibility of the cheap foldable stroller.

4 Baby’s age and size

The cheap foldable strollers are often designed for different ages and the baby’s size bracket; therefore, you might buy a smaller size or a larger one that won’t accommodate your baby comfortably if not careful.

Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines to get a child recommended height and weight limits before making your decision.

Generally, for the cheap foldable strollers with storage spaces, don’t consider the one with your baby’s exact weight but ask yourself how the shopping bags will impact your stroller’s maneuverability.

5 Budget size

Even though we are talking about the cheap foldable strollers, you should know that their prices do; therefore, there’s a need to consider your account.

So, start by sampling out the cheaper ones, then compare their specifications but stick to your budget. Once you have picked your preferred choice, you can also compare the prices of different stores.


Best Cheap Foldable Stroller Reviews

1. Best For Air Travel – WELSPO Lightweight Stroller with Canopy – Around $120

cheap price foldable strollers


  • Affordable
  • Wide storage space
  • Recline ability
  • Easy to use
  • Portable


  • Might not be well appropriate for rougher surfaces

Buy It Now

WELSPO is a lightweight stroller that makes it the best to travel since you can easily fold it and carry it with you.

With this brand, you are assured of a long-lasting stroller as it is designed with durable aluminum; therefore, it could be your best choice.

Similarly, the comfort provided by WELSPO is impressive as it allows 3-position recline ability; thus, your baby can comfortably sleep in it. Regardless of the terrain, WELSPO has anti-shock front wheels that make your baby experience less bumpy pathways.

Uniquely, it doesn’t require any skills to use, you can easily fold it with a carry strap, and the auto-lock makes it easier for you to store it.

What makes it unique is the storage compartments and adjustable canopy, all impacting simplifying your work. You won’t need an extra bag to carry your baby’s essentials and cover your baby against the sun.

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2. Best Compact – Summer 3Dlite Foldable Stroller – Around $70

mini cheap foldable strollers


  • Cheaper
  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of storage
  • Recline ability


  • The storage basket carries a minimum load.

Buy It Now

Suppose you are looking for a cheap stroller with maximum comfortability. In that case, this could be your best choice; Summer 3Dlite offers a 4-position recline ability to keep your baby comfortable and carries a maximum weight of 50 pounds.

Apart from the comfort equipped with, safety is evident as it has lockable rear wheels and a canopy that protect your little one from wind, UV, and even rain.

When it comes to the storage spaces, then the 3Dlite stroller offers plenty of storage where you can store your diaper bag, baby bottles, and even your purse, but your load should not exceed 10lbs.

It is also lightweight, making it comfortable for you to carry around, especially if you travel a lot. Additionally, the compact fold with an auto-lock and a carrying strap makes it simple to store.


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3. Best Umbrella Stroller – Summer Compact Foldable 3Dmini Stroller – Around $50

cheap foldable strollers


  • Cheaper
  • Portable
  • Compact fold
  • Plenty of storage


  • Not easy to control on uneven surfaces

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Summer 3Dmini is a lightweight stroller that makes it portable to carry around. The developer also majored in your baby’s comfort since it has a multi-position recline and a padded seat back; hence, your baby can comfortably sleep in it.

Consequently, it is easy to use it, and its compact fold allows you to store it. It also has plenty of storage; therefore, you can store all your necessities, including your purse, baby’s essentials, keys, bottles, and more, but be cautious not to overload it since it will affect its stability.

3Dmini is also equipped with an adjustable canopy that protects your baby against harsh weather, including the wind, sun, and more.


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4. Best Lightweight – Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller For Travel – Around $70

cheap price foldable strollers


  • Portable
  • Recline ability
  • Cheaper
  • Compact folding


  • Doesn’t accommodate the car seat

Buy It Now

Kolcraft Cloud Plus is designed to offer a great experience in your home. It is a travel-friendly stroller as it is lightweight, and its dimensions make it simple for you to carry it in your small car space.

Similarly, it is built with a large storage basket that can hold various necessities since it also has a cup holder and a juice box holder; hence with this brand, you don’t need to have an extra bag.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller has a reclining seat that accommodates a child of up to 40 pounds; hence could be your best choice.

Consequently, it has an adjustable canopy, which guarantees reliable protection against UV rays.


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5. Best with Canopy – Disney Baby Winnie Cheap Foldable Stroller – Around $30

best cheap price foldable strollers


  • Portable
  • Cheaper
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Compact fold


  • Lacks storage compartments

Buy It Now

If you want to buy a cheap brand, this could be your best choice and designed with sophisticated features.

However, this brand is certified by the JPMA as it meets all the required safety standards. The Disney Baby Winnie Stroller is a three-point safety harness and can comfortably hold up to 40 pounds and still maintains its stability.

What makes it unique is the adjustable canopy, which ensures that the baby is in the right weather conditions as it blocks the sun’s effect.

Consequently, it is lightweight, making it portable; therefore, this brand will get you covered if you like traveling.


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6. Best Safe – Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Foldable Stroller – Around $50

black foldable strollers


  • Affordable
  • Compact folding
  • Large canopy
  • Adequate storage compartment
  • JPMA certified


  • Lacks shock absorbers

Buy It Now

Baby Trend Rocket is a portable stroller with a compact fold that makes it easier to travel with and store.

Similarly, it has a large basket, which simplifies your work as you can easily keep your baby essentials without requiring another bag to carry them. The basket space is enough to hold your items, including the keys, purse, shopping bags, and more.

Consequently, It is also equipped with a large canopy that can easily be adjusted hence providing adequate protection against harsh heat and the wind.

With this brand, you are assured of good safety as it possesses safety features, including the activated parking brake and a comfort grip handle.


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7. Best with Cup Holder – Jeep North Star Stroller with Mesh Seat – Around $50

umbrella foldable strollers


  • Cheaper
  • Portable
  • Storage baskets
  • JPMA certified


  • Not convenient for uneven surfaces

Buy It Now

Jeep North Star is a JPMA certified stroller designed to offer comfortability and safety to your baby. It is a lightweight stroller, making it portable; therefore, you can easily fold it and carry it with one hand.

This brand’s manufacturer also included the parental features, which consist of a parent’s cup holder and plenty of storage baskets allowing you to keep the baby necessities and belongings.

It can support children of up to 40 pounds, and the swiveling wheels make the maneuvering easier.

Therefore, Jeep North Star can satisfy all your needs and will probably offer a comfy ride due to its padded seat that can be rolled up to provide a fantastic headrest and backrest.


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8. Best with Large Storage Bag – Baby Joy Umbrella Foldable Stroller with Cup Holder – Around $80

lightweight foldable strollers


  • Affordable
  • Large storage space
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Portable


  • Doesn’t offer flat recline ability

Buy It Now

Baby Joy has a good quality design enabled by the features constructed with. It is equipped with a large and adjustable canopy to block the UV from reaching your baby.

When it comes to safety, this brand has lockable wheels and a 5-point harness designed for safety such that the lockable wheels are safer than the one that doesn’t have.

If you are looking for an outdoor-friendly stroller, then Baby Joy Stroller will be the best option as it is lighter, and the compact folding will make it easier to be stored even in a small space of your car.

Also, its lightweight will make it easier for you to carry it around. Additionally, the storage space is large enough, which can hold your necessities.


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How Much Does Cheap Foldable Stroller Costs?

The cheap foldable strollers’ prices often vary depending on the brand and the features equipped with, but generally, they often fall between $20 to $300.

Therefore, regardless of your budget size, you won’t miss one! However, it is crucial to know the contributing factors to the varying price, which they include;

foldable strollers recommend

The wheels:

This often dictates the maneuverability of the cheap foldable stroller. However, when we talk of the wheels, we focus on the material used and the ability to accommodate a quick change of direction.

Generally, the cheap foldable stroller with rubber wheels is often sold at a higher price than the plastic ones.


The lightweight, cheap foldable strollers are portable hence priced higher compared to the heavier one. It is because of how easy it is to carry around whenever you have folded it.

Manufacturer’s warranty:

Not all the cheap foldable trollers have the same warranty coverage. If you compare a stroller with a coverage of up to 3 years with a 1-year range, you will realize the cheap foldable stroller with a more extended coverage will cost higher.

Fashionable features:

These features include the themes designed with colors and prints. A stylish, designed cheap stroller costs more than the less fashionable one.

Advanced features:

They include the modular seats and the ability to change the direction your baby face. The cheap foldable stroller will cost slightly higher than the regular cheap foldable one.


Features of a Cheap Foldable Stroller

The cheap foldable strollers are designed with technical features to offer the ultimate convenience for usage.

We are going to categorize these features based on the comfort and the safety of your baby. These features are also important when choosing the best brand since some might lack some necessary features.

1. Equipped with Canopy:

This plays a vital role in blocking the sun, rain, harmful UV rays, and wind from reaching your baby.

The canopy also has a window to which you can monitor your baby through it without necessarily walking around to the front.

2. It Comes with an outfitted shock:

Many of the cheap strollers are designed with shock absorbers such that the little one won’t experience a bumpy ride.

So, this is important, especially when strolling along a rough or bumpy pathway.

3. Padded seats:

It provides maximum support and comfort for your baby. Some come with a seat insert, ensuring that your baby maintains the same position while having a ride.

4. Recline ability:

With this feature, if your child falls asleep, you can smoothly recline the backrest to protect against feeling any back or shoulder pain.

5. Storage compartments:

Many cheap foldable strollers have basket-like designed storage spaces to help you carry your baby essentials. They are accessible; thus, you can quickly put things or remove them.

6. Brakes and locks:

The cheap foldable strollers allow you to easily lock the wheels on the foot brakes, lock, or at the handlebar, thus ensuring maximum safety. Also, some have a front-wheel lock to provide adequate stability.

7. Light Frame:

Even though some of the cheap foldable strollers have a heavier frame, they all play an essential role in providing ample protection and are also manageable for you to handle.

8. Good quality straps:

There are different types of belts, including the chest straps, waist straps, and crotch straps directly secured to the seat or the frame to hold your child securely from falling while riding.

9. Wheels:

Some have swiveling wheels while others have fixed wheels, but they all make the maneuvering easier. The fixed one will be more appropriate for the rougher surfaces unless the swiveling wheels have a locking mechanism.

10. Some have toy attachments:

These make your baby entertained throughout the ride.


Who is a Cheap Foldable Stroller Designed For?

If you are a mother or expecting a baby, then the cheap foldable stroller will be best for you.

With it, you will probably reduce the stress of holding your baby the whole day, but having an excellent cheap foldable stroller, you will realize your activities will run like usual.

Similarly, if you are a baby sitter, you should consider going for this type of stroller. It serves multiple uses, including the means of carrying your baby without feeling tired, offers the right station for changing the diapers, parents’ physical activities, provides a suitable setting for the baby to sleep, and more.


What is the Difference Between a Luxury Foldable Stroller and a Cheap Foldable Stroller?

If you are hoping to invest in a foldable stroller, it is essential to differentiate between the luxury and a cheap foldable stroller.

Generally, the luxury foldable stroller is equipped with lush features such as the toy extension, themes, colors, and more.

However, the cheap foldable stroller is only designed with the necessary features that offer essential functions.

However, there are various aspects that we can use to distinguish between the two, which include the price, wheels, design, the canopy, material used, among others.


The luxury foldable strollers’ price is higher and often costs more than $1000, but for the cheap foldable strollers, their costs usually start at a low price of $20, which indicates that there’s much difference.


When it comes to the wheels, the luxury foldable stroller is more extensive with the all-wheel suspension to offer a sturdy ride over rougher terrain.

Still, if you check on the cheap foldable stroller, you will note that its wheels are sometimes plastic made and are smaller, which makes it unfavorable for uneven surfaces or rough terrain.

Storage space

When you compare their storage baskets, the luxury foldable stroller accommodates many loads, even up to 20 pounds. Still, it has minimal space when it comes to the cheap foldable stroller, which houses a load of up to 10 pounds typically.

Again, for the cheap foldable stroller, their stability when loaded often changes, but its stability is maintained for the luxury foldable stroller.


If you compare the maneuverability, it is evident that the luxury foldable stroller offers a superior movement facilitated by the tight swivel radius, which can be steered by one hand.

Still, for the cheap foldable stroller, maneuverability might not be stable, and impossible to drive it with one hand while having your baby and other baby essentials.


Can My Newborn Safely Use a Budget Foldable Stroller?

It is possible to use a cheap foldable stroller for your newborn, but not all are favorable for them.

It is essential to know the type of cheap foldable stroller that will be comfortable for your newborn since they cannot sit up or hold their heads up.

You might be wondering what features are favorable for them, but here are they;

cheap price foldable strollers for travel

Full recline ability:

A cheap foldable stroller should be able to recline fully to support the newborn head and the back.

A well-padded seat:

Your inexpensive stroller selection should be extra padded so that the infant cant experience any pain.

Easy opening:

Ensure that the cheap foldable stroller can easily be opened without with one hand while holding the baby in the other hand.


Should have all safety features and certified to prevent any cause of accidents. An adjustable canopy will also be useful.

Shock absorbers:

It should be armed with shock absorbers so that whenever you are on the rougher or uneven surfaces, the newborn won’t feel a bumpy ride.


Is It Worth Buying a Cheap Foldable Stroller?

When it comes to buying a cheap foldable stroller, spending less is more beneficial, just like spending more on them. So, do not be mistaken that the more inexpensive foldable strollers are fewer performers.

Still, I can assure you that you won’t even recognize the difference between the cheaper foldable stroller and the expensive one. Here are fundamental reasons why you should go for the cheap foldable stroller.

  • It is more convenient, which gives a good experience, especially when going out with your children due to its folding mechanism, lightweight, easy to use, and more great features.
  • It last longer since it is well constructed, but you should not exceed the storage compartments capacity, and it will eventually last longer than you expected.
  • They tend to have a better resale value. At a point where you don’t need it anymore and having maintained its condition, you will be surprised to sell it a fair amount.
  • It has useful functionality due to its features such as sturdy wheels, adjustable canopy, compact folding, portability, and more.



From our guide, having a cheap foldable stroller also guarantees you the best functionality; therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about their lower prices.

However, it is also advisable to have all the necessary information concerning these cheap foldable strollers to handle and understand every feature’s primary usage.

Consequently, don’t be confused when choosing which cheap foldable stroller you should go for but arm yourself with the necessary considerations, and you will probably land in a fantastic brand.

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